Are you ready to take on some of the toughest cycling ascents in the US?

If you want to be considered as a “real cyclist”, then you mustn’t avoid or regret mountainous rides. Typical bike trails are totally cool, but the real deal and thrill are found in hill climbs. Jeff Louder, Axeon Hagens Berman Cycling team lead once said, “It almost becomes just a battle with yourself to beat the mountain.” And it’s true! If you are determined to get your legs all worked up together with rushing adrenaline, here are some of the toughest cycling ascents is the US.

Mount Haleakala, HI

Ever dreamed of biking on a volcano? Mount Haleakala offers you an epic and thrilling ride. Start at sea level from Maui town then bike your way up the 10,023-foot summit. The climate in Mount Haleakala is weird. Why? Because you can experience different seasons in less than 24 hours of your bike ride here. Sunny tropical at first from the bottom then you’ll meet the snow at the top. No wonder it is a beauty for tourists and bikers alike! Being one of the toughest cycling ascents in the US, climbing this volcano is not an easy feat.

Mount Lemmon, AZ

Curiosity is what often brings people to try out new places. And Mt. Lemmon is a fine example. Arizona doesn’t have many hill climbs and so, many bikers bike around the 29-mile rough and long climb to Mount Lemmon. Added to this is the fact that you can also enjoy other physical activities such as camping, hiking and even food trip at the summit!

Death Valley Road East, CA

The sunny state is also home to Death Valley Road, a great hill climb ride experience and one of the toughest cycling ascents in the US. As hot as it can be, you’ll need to be careful too when visiting Death Valley East Road. It’s not called “Death Valley” for nothing! It’s exciting yet deadly 7,600 feet climb is your ultimate daredevil challenge.

Mount Hamilton, CA

Mount Diablo isn’t your sole best choice in California, south of it is Mount Hamilton that is also a great biking trail for daredevils. It might not be as dangerous and thrilling as Mount Diablo, but it is also worth riding. This trail is surrounded mostly by shades of trees offering a cool ride to the summit. Get on Mount Hamilton Road for 18 miles until you hit its summit where you can see Mount Diablo and the picturesque view of East Bay Valley.

Palomar Mountain, CA

Palomar Mountain offers a great climbing experience to bikers. Located in San Diego, it has an average grade of seven percent. As one of the toughest cycling ascents in the US, the Palomar Mountain offers more than 11miles of trail. This climb is totally popular with bikers also because of the sunny climate and awesome views that California adds to it!

Mount Tamalpais, CA

You can access many ways to this hill climb but the most popular one is from Fairfax Bolinas. Only an hour outside of San Francisco, this is another destination you can try aside from SFO itself. If you wish to escape the bustling city and just relax with your bike while training, this ascent is just perfect for you.

Mount Baldy, CA

A classic 6,000 feet up climb that is popular with bikers, Mount Baldy is one of the toughest cycling ascents in the US. Its most popular route is a 120-mile ride to the finish. As this is used in the Tour of California, you’ll be able to ride the same mountain the pros rode. Truly amazing feels, agree?

Mount Mitchell, NC

The highest point east of Mississippi River is a must ride. With 6,684-feet, it might sound tiresome the  wonderful and natural scenery will tempt you to go for it! You will see an amazing sea of trees at the top, and luckily with clear skies, you can see up on the 100-miles of foliage. It is definitely worth the climb. And you can even rest at it!

Powder Mountain, UT

Powder Mountain earns a slot in our toughest cycling ascents in the US with its challenging 6-mile route.  It might be short in distance, but it is steep! It’s like climbing the largest ski mountain in the US in terms of acreage! Start in Eden and begin the sharp ascent up more than 3,106 feet to the summit.

Mount Evans, CO

Colorado is a beautiful state not just for your skiing needs but for you bike habits, too! Colorado’s very own Mount Evans will take you to an elevation of almost 14,000 feet. The challenge might seem really hard, but it’s not only adrenaline and tired legs that will feed a hungry biker but the astonishing beauty of the Rockies as you passed the Echo Lake Lodge through a forest and rocky tundra.

Mount Washington, New Hampshire

This climb is only one hour and a half from Cornway. Mount Washington offers a windy and thrilling road climb up to 6,288 feet. The summit has steep drop-offs and extensive views across the White Mountains.. The average grade  is 12 percent. This is definitely one of the toughest cycling ascents in the US and can even be named as East Coast’s most challenging ride.

These are just some of the toughest cycling ascents in the US. If you think there’s one worth adding to this list, let us know in the comments below.


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