Biking is a great habit to maintain and combining it with the perk of living in San Francisco? Well, you are not just on the right track but in the right place to bike, too! We have listed the best biking trails in San Francisco which caters to different bikers’ needs and interests when riding.

San Francisco is known for its amazing architecture and beauty, and by riding a bike, you will surely fall in love with it even more!

1. Glen Canyon Park

By Marc Liyanage from San Francisco, USA

If you love biking with your kids or families, this 60-acre park is a place to be. It is a hidden gem in San Francisco that is totally worth seeking for. It has at least 3.7 miles of trails that will fill up your family’s biking bond. Bikers who are nature lovers will definitely put this well-vegetated park on their biking trail list.

The perfect season to bike here? During spring where stunning wildflowers are in full bloom, making your biking relaxing and pleasing to the eyes!

2. The Great Highway and Recreational Area at Fort Funston

By Michal Pechardo

Do you love dogs and biking? Then, this is the right trail for you! Just cycle the Great Highway path from the windmills of the Golden Gate Park and you will reach Fort Funston’s recreation area. As this area is one of the few beaches that allow dogs, you can bring your paw friends here and enjoy an awesome beach day with them.

While watching your best friend mingle and enjoy the salty water, you can also picnic in this area or embrace the perfect weather.

3. Marina Boulevard and Crissy Field 

By Bill Larkins

New to biking? Need not worry as beginners and easy riders can enjoy practicing along these trails. Take the Marina Boulevard through the Marina along the bay, down to Crissy Field. Slow down your pace and turn once you are in Fort Point.

Though you will ride along with automobiles, don’t hesitate as painted bike lanes are available here. The pavement is flat, making it one the best biking trails in San Francisco where newbies can hone their biking skills.

4. Golden Gate Park

By King of Hearts

New to the Bay? The Golden Gate Park offers not just stunning views and picnic areas, but also seamless biking trails. It is car-free on Sundays and cycling your way around here will not just give you a perfect dose of San Francisco ocean breeze but a getaway from the buzzing traffic as well.

As bike rental shops can be found near and around the park, you can continue your biking activities here even if you are just visiting for a few days or just transferred to a new place in the Bay and your bike is not with you yet.

5. San Francisco Bay Trail 

By San Francisco Bay Trail Project

Stressed and looking for a cheap yet striking place to chill and hang around? The San Francisco Bay Trail is your biking place to be! As it is along the bay, one can get relaxed while riding their way here.

A 500-mile trail transverse the entire Bay. Just bike along the bay area and use the street signs to reach your destination. For an astounding view of the Bay Bridge, move over on the eastern span. As they have flat tracks, nice water view, and docks. It is a perfect and frugal way to chill or hang around for a cold drink or great company.

6. The Wiggle: SF Bicycle Route 30

By Schwoagl – Own Work

A two-wheel commuter? The Wiggle, one of the best biking trails in San Francisco, takes your safety at heart. As this road is intended for bikers, The Wiggle has protected bike lanes along the trail. Ride your way and visit the Golden Gate Park from here — either to jog after biking or just lie down to rest.

7. Oakland Hills- Oakland

Fizbin – Own work, Public Domain

Looking for scenic views? Oakland Hills offers a relaxing ride for your legs. It has thrilling trails but is also tolerable for practice. As Oakland offers beautiful views, you will enjoy the picturesque scenery it will feed your eyes while riding uphill and downhill.

8. Grizzly Peak at Berkeley

By Arfactor – Own work

Want to hone your skills before taking the heart-stopping trails? Difficult ride that is manageable is what Grizzly Park offers. Head up to tree-lined Claremont Ave in Berkeley or Redwood Rd in East Oakland, until you reach Grizzly Peak Road.

The uphill and downhill road of this trail will help you manage your agility and speed, and can help you prepare for the beast-like trails.

9. Hawk Hill Top

By Šarūnas Burdulis from USA – San Francisco downtown from Hawk Hill in Marin Headlands

Seeking for an adrenaline rush and scenic views to balance the thrill? One of the best biking trails in San Francisco, Hawk Hill Top is a must-try hill trail experience! Go straight to the Golden Gate Bridge and follow the signs to Marin Headlands. The ride will truly be heart-stopping, but the superb vistas, height and sun view will make you forget your heavy sweat and tired legs. Enjoy the breeze!

10. Mount Diablo

View of Mount Diablo By Trurl66 – Own work, Public Domain

Experienced cyclist and a daredevil? The name itself suggests that this trail is NOT for beginners. The 3,489ft mountain in East Bay will fill your adventurous desire for biking.

One of the best biking trails in San Francisco, Mout Diablo will offer you killer views and gushing adrenaline. Prepare your bike and your sunblock as this trail will challenge you to your limit. You don’t want burn in the Diablo, right? Bring loads of water at it is extremely hot in the Contra Costa County.

Explore the Glen Canyon Park, tour the Marina Boulevard, and hone your biking skills in Grizzly Park. If you think you’re up for the challenge, conquer Mt. Diablo and wear that badge of victory with pride.

San Francisco has so many trails to choose from for every biker: whether you are a beginner, finding a place to relax, a daredevil or just an easy rider. So, if you live in San Francisco or just around for vacation, why not try biking your way around the Bay?

Surely, you won’t regret it!

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