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You can ride your bike in any shoes. Heck, you can even ride barefooted if you want to! But as any experienced bikers and bike commuters would say, you can benefit a lot from shoes designed specifically for biking.

If you’re after for maximum comfort and safety, then wearing bike shoes when you ride to work or for a weekend trip is a must. Bike shoes ensure efficient energy transfer from your foot to the pedal — thanks to stiffer soles designed for such purpose. You can’t achieve the same effect with athletic shoes, much more with office shoes.

Different Types of Bike Shoes

Road Bike Shoes

You can easily distinguish road bike shoes by their super stiff soles. They’re made this way to maximize the transfer of energy from your foot to the pedal. Despite their exceptionally stiff soles, road bike shoes lightweight. They also feature smooth outsoles and the ventilation is superb.

The stiff soles and lack of traction of road bike shoes make them unfit for extended walking. Premium models make use of carbon fiber and other advanced materials to make the soles more rigid without compromising the shoes’ weight.

Best Road Bike Cycling Shoes for Men 2020

Gavin Road Bike Mesh Cycling Shoes


Perfect for weekend group rides and your next indoor cycling class. Compatible with many home stationary exercise bikes. Stylish with a black and grey neutral color scheme that will match any cycling kit. The Gavin Road Bike Mesh Cycling Shoes features rigid stiff soles, threaded inserts for attaching cleats, molded heel cup, and reinforced stitching. This bike shoes don’t come with laces too.


This bike shoes is compatible with 2 or 3 bolt Look Delta (Peloton compatible), Look Keo, SPD, SPD-R & SPD-SL cleats.

Giro Men’s Treble II Cycling Shoe

A favorite among pro and hobby bikers, the Giro Men’s Treble II features a classic design, durable construction, and universal compatibility without breaking the bank.


For your maximum comfort, the Giro features a molded EVA insole to improve the efficiency of your pedaling while at the same providing cushion to your feet. The upper of the shoes is made from breathable synthetic materials to keep your feet cool while riding.


To ensure maximum fit, Giro comes with three hook and loop straps that you can easily adjust even while on the fly.

Aegis Anti-Microbial Treatment:

Smelly feet? Yuck! Not with Giro. Their patented Aegis Anti-Microbial Treatment technology ensures that your shoes stay smelling fresh and brand new for as long as possible.

Santic Cycling Shoes


The Santic Cycling Shoes is made from imported, breathable, and comfortable materials. It also comes with precision buckle on the top that works in perfect unison with the Velcro straps to offer precision ergonomic fit, adding comfort and security to all of your rides.


This bike shoes is compatible with all standard cleat types.  

Fizik R5B Biking Shoes

The Fizik R5B is the most budget-friendly bike shoes of the Fizik racing line. Made with a carbon-reinforced outsole, the Fizik R5B is not only power-efficient, but it’s also lightweight and durable. A stiff outsole is necessary to transfer the maximum amount of pedaling power to the road.


Fizik features a Boa Volume Control. A single dial that allows you to change the shape of each shoe. This means that you get that perfect fit you need optimum comfort and performance.

In addition to the Boa Volume Control, the Fizik R5B also boasts a micro-strap closure at the bottom to make sure that the shoes fit securely while you ride. The diamond-shaped perforations facilitate optimum airflow and temperature control.


The body of the shoe is made from microfiber material hard, light, and resilient enough to handle the demands of a long ride.


The Fizik R5B is compatible with 3 hole cleats.

Best Road Bike Shoes for Women 2020

Louis Garneau Cycling Shoe

The Louis Garneau Women’s Multi-Air Flex Bikes Shoes are made with women in mind. These shoes are perfect for any type of rider — whether you are a casual biker, a bike commuter, or a pro.


The ventilated EVA insole provides through-and-through airflow to keep your feet from overheating while riding. These bike shoes also offer good toe support for walking.

Hook and loop fastener straps does only provide good support; they also allow for easy adjustments even while on the go.


The Louis Garneau Women’s Multi-Air Flex features an HRS-80 retention cup that keeps your heels in place as you ride while facilitating the efficient transport of energy from your feet to the pedals.


These biking shoes are compatible with SPD cleats.


The Louis Garneau Women’s Multi-Air Flex comes with heel reflectors to keep you safe at night.

Shimano SH-RP2 Women’s Road Biking Shoes

Made for beginners, the Shimano SH-RP2 is lightweight. Its fiberglass-reinforced soles ensure efficient transfer of energy from your feet to the pedals.


The Shimano SH-RP2 features supple padded tongue which provides great comfort to your feet when riding. While its tripe asymmetrical straps prevent uncomfortable pressure on your feet and ensure a snug fit.

Integrated air intake keeps your feet dry and fresh even after a long day ride.


The Shimano SH-RP2 works best with Shimano PD-A520, PD-R550, PD-540-LA, and PD-R540, bike pedals. SPD pedals can also be used using the SM-SH40 adapter.

Mountain Bike Shoes

Though not as stiff as road bike shoes, mountain bike shoes also have stiff soles for better and efficient pedaling. Distinct to their design, however, is rubber-lug outsole which provides good traction when walking along rugged or slippery trails.

Mountain bike shoes also have cleats. But unlike their road bike cousins, these cleats are recessed into the soles for easy walking. Mountain bike shoes may also come with a rip-and-stick systems, a lacing system, or straps and buckles system, for adjusting the fit of the shoe. 

Best Mountain Biking Shoes for Men 2020

Shimano Men’s Mountain SPD Cycling Shoes

The Shimano Mountain SPD Cycling Shoes is perfect if you are riding off-road for the first time or after a long biking hiatus. Made from synthetic, high-quality materials, these biking shoes are meant to withstand the most rugged terrains you’ll ever encounter.


The Shimano Mountain SPD Cycling Shoes’ upper is highly breathable. Two hook-and-loop straps offer a perfect fit while making sure your shoe never falls off while riding.


This mountain biking shoes’ insole is flexible enough to support various foot shapes. Its rigid midsole and high traction outsole efficiently use every ounce of energy you pump out when pedaling. They also combine to provide you with maximum comfort when walking.

The midsole is made from polyamide, reinforced by fiberglass. While the outsole features durable rubber treads for traction.

Giro Carbide Mountain Bike Shoes

Need to replace your worn out bike shoes? The Giro Carbide Mountain Bike Shoes is perfect for tackling that rugged trail. These shoes are for everyone — for those who are veteran trail bikers and for those are still testing the waters.


These bike shoes boast molded EVA insole for a perfect fit. The upper is made from synthetic leathers, breathable enough to keep your feet smelling fresh even after a long ride. Three hook and loop straps provide maximum closure and fast adjustments even while riding. It also boasts a foot cradle support to minimize fatigue.


Effective power transfer is done through a co-molded rubber and nylon outsole, giving the Carbide a stiffness comparable to carbon-soled bike shoes.


The Carbide is compatible with 2-bolt mountain bike pedals. 

Best Mountain Biking Shoes for Women 2020

Giro Riela R Women’s Cycling Shoes

Looking for that perfect shoe to tackle the rugged trails? The Giro Riela R mountain biking shoes are up for grabs. Featuring Giro’s classic styling, these mountain shoes won’t shy away from post-ride gatherings.


The upper is made of breathable synthetic leather designed to keep your feet fresh and dry even after a long ride. The footbed is made from molded EVA and features medium arch support to ease fatigue. Three hook and loop straps ensure full closure and fast adjustments even while on the road.


The Reila R’s outsole is made from injected nylon, stiff enough to facilitate an efficient transfer of leg power to the pedals.


The Reila R has 2 pre-drilled slots to accommodate 2-bolt mountain cleats.

Shimano Women’s Mountain Cycling Shoes

Want to go off-road? Make sure to take these Shimano Women’s Mountain Cycling Shoes for a spin. Made with women in mind, these biking shoes features a reduced volume, smaller toe box, and narrower heel cup.


The upper is made of breathable synthetic mesh to keep your feet fresh and dry. Cross X-straps minimizes pressure when walking and Velcro straps provide a perfect fit while on the ride.


For excellent pedal grip, the Shimano Women’s Mountain Cycling Shoes features mud-shedding polyurethane outsoles. The sole is filled with fiberglass-reinforced nylon to improve pedaling efficiency.


The Shimano Women’s Mountain Cycling Shoes works best with PD-M520 pedals. 

City Bike Shoes

Are you an urban biker? Boy, we also have great shoes for you! Bike shoes that are designed for city biking is usually a hybrid of casual footwear and biking footwear. 

Best City Bike Shoes for Men and Women 2020

Shimano Commuter Biking Shoes

The Shimano Men’s Commuter Biking Shoes features a sporty look that you can’t resist. Its casual shoe design makes it ideal for daily commute or weekend ride around the city.


This biking shoe sports a casual sneaker design. It’s very comfortable. Thanks to its highly cushioned sole!


Inside the shoes is a shank plate which provides the necessary stiffness for efficient power transfer. The midsole, which is made from EVA, maximizes comfort. The upper is made from high-quality materials that are built to last. Additional ventilation is added to keep your feet cool.


These biking shoes are optimized for SPD cleats. 

Tommaso Urban Commuter Shoes


The Tommaso Urban Commuter Shoes are designed and tested for urban biking environments. It feels like a sneaker while making sure that there’s efficient power transfer from your legs to the pedals. This bike shoes feature recessed cleat areas so you can still walk normally when you’re not on your bike. 


The Tommaso Urban Commuter Shoes is compatible with all major 2-bolt cleats system brands.

Parting Words

Wearing the best bike shoe can greatly improve your biking experience. Whether you want to ride off-road, go on a long road trip, or bike commute around the city, choosing the right biking shoes is crucial for your safety (as much as your helmet and bike lock), comfort, and enjoyment.

Shoes designed for cycling can help you cover great lengths without expending loads of energy. They’re all made to maximize every pedal. You can’t simply achieve this performance using casual athletic shoes or work shoes.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your own pair of the best bike shoes today and have fun riding!

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