The Pioneer SQX-CA600 Cycle Computer bagged recognitions form the 2018 Interbike Innovation Awards. Specifically designed for cycling, this low-energy Bluetooth bike computer features a GPS navigation, turn by turn guide, map location tracking, and seamless integration with STRAVA live segments.

When connected with Pioneer Power Meter, the Pioneer SQX-CA600 Cycle Computer will monitor your pedaling metrics.

Features of Pioneer SQX-CA600 Cycle Computer

Below are some of the amazing features of the Pioneer Cycle Computer:

Intuitive GPS Function

The Pioneer SQX-CA600 Cycle Computer comes with an easy to follow map. It highlights your route, gives you turn by turn instructions, and gives you a cue sheet for directions. It even has alerts when you ride off-course or if there are any points of interest along the way!

Easy to Setup

The Pioneer SQX-CA600 Cycle Computer comes with Pioneer’s proprietary Cyclo-Sphere Control App where you can manage your cycling computer’s display settings, connections, and firmware. Fingerprint recognition allows you to bring your ride data with you even when you’re not on your bike.

Seamless Connection

This cycling computer connects easily with your smartphone via Bluetooth, WiFi, ANT+, and ANT+ FE-C. With this seamless connection, you can easily upload your ride data to Cyclo-Sphere, Today’s Plan, Training Peaks, and STRAVA. If you want to, you can also display calls, texts, or email notifications.

Monitor Your Progress

With the Cyclo-Sphere App, you can track and analyze every aspect of your ride. The Pioneer SQX-CA600 Cycle Computer monitors not just your progress but also your plateaus and fatigue so you can improve.

Improve Your Pedaling Power

How well do you pedal? You can now measure pedaling imbalances, absorption issues, and power loss in real time. Thanks to Pioneer’s Pedaling Monitor which displays various efficiency metrics like torque vector and force vector.

Grab the Pioneer SQX-CA600 Cycle Computer now!

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