Going to another cycling adventure comes handy with a bike trailer. Bike trailers help you experience a more comfortable ride by removing the weight of the things that you bring with you on your back during the ride. We have gathered useful information that might help you in deciding which bike trailer you should buy. Check it out!

Determine the Purpose of Your Bike Trailer

How will you use your bike trailer? Knowing the purpose of your bike trailer beforehand will surely save you from future headaches while on the road. Planning will help you choose a version of a bike trailer that best fits its purpose.  Try to consider these points:

  • Are you going to bring equipment for a long-distance tour?
  • Are you going to use the trailer for hauling the items you bought in the grocery?

Remember that the cargo that you bring with you will essentially add up to the trailer’s weight.

Know The Different Types of Bike Trailers

Before digging deeper, let’s get to know the two types of popular bike trailers in the market: the bike cargo trailer and the bike trailer for kids.

Bike Cargo Trailer

This cargo trailer is perfect for hauling heavy items and bulky gears while going on a long-distance bike tour. With its attached wheels, the trailer’s load is lighter than having the load on the bike.

Also, bike cargo trailers are equipped with hooks that can easily be uncoupled from the bike. This cargo trailer can serve as a cart once removed from the bike, perfect for grocery store shopping, and then unloading them straight into the house.

We recommend adding suspensions on your bike cargo trailers when touring on rough and bumpy roads to keep your load from bouncing around. These suspensions put less stress on you, on the bike, and the trailer making it easy to maneuver.

Bike cargo trailers typically available in two types: the single-wheel cargo trailer and the two-wheel cargo trailer

The single-wheel cargo trailer creates less drag compared to the two-wheel trailer. It is also perfect for tracks that have narrow spaces. Meanwhile, the two-wheel cargo trailer keeps your load balanced and stable, giving you fewer worries about balancing the whole trailer while loading and holding it steady while on the go. This two-wheel trailer has more room to put extra items but occupies a larger space in when turning corners.

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Bike Trailer for Kids

This type of bike trailer is attached at the rear portion of the bike and lets your kids comfortably sit and enjoy while you ride along with them. Preferably, children aged 1-6 years old can use this trailer.

Bike trailers for kids are usually made of aluminum bars on both sides and bottom for protection and reliability. A fabric top, mesh windows, plastic base, and a zip door offers protection against insects and harsh environment on the road. 

These bike trailers are safer than a mounted seat on a bike frame. It has full roll cages that protect your kids in an accident.

Many have asked about the proper age of kids riding on a bike trailer. Before they are allowed on a bike trailer, kids’ recommended age is one year old and older. By this age, the child should be able to sit upright and hold their head up while wearing a bicycle helmet unattended. If you feel that your child cannot withstand sitting correctly on a trailer with a helmet, I prefer that you wait until your child is old enough to do so. 

best child bike trailer

Features of a Bike Trailer for Kids

Harness. A child bike trailer has many features that safeguard your child during the ride. One of them is a harness. The harness of a bike trailer is similar to that of a car seat. It comfortably holds the child in place while moving. Other expensive branded models have comfortable seat reclines, which allows them to rest and nap during the ride.

Suspensions. These suspensions help smoothen the hard bumps on the road, reducing your child’s stress while on the go.

Storage Pockets. Storage pockets are an ergonomic feature of a child bike trailer. These pockets allow you to put snacks and drinks on the pocket and trays along with your keys or backpack.

Seating Capacity. Usually, a child bike trailer can carry one child, but other models can have two passengers.

Brakes. Brakes are one of the features that you’ll want to check when buying a bike trailer for kids. The brakes on the trailer prevent it from rolling away. There are cheaper trailers that use a bar that pushes against one of the wheels. I discourage you from buying this kind of brakes. Instead, I encourage you to look for trailer brakes that lock the hub completely, as they are the most secure ones. 

Window and Sunshade. The majority of all bike trailers for kids have a retractable window and sunshade made of plastic or mesh fabric.

Several bike trailer models are convertible. These trailers can be transformed from a bike-towed trailer to a stroller, jogger, and even a ski trailer. 

Always Make Safety a Priority

Safety should be the priority in buying a child bike trailer. You must check if the bike trailer meets the safety regulations in your state. There should be no suspicious certifications or approval. If you are not confident with a particular bike trailer for kids, do not buy them. 

Sometimes branded and more expensive bike trailers are ideal to buy than those cheaper and risky ones. Do not jeopardize your child’s safety.  Remember that you want what’s best for your child. 

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Happy biking! 

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