Renowned American manufacturer of sports equipment, Oakley, proudly presents a new addition to its line of high-quality sports apparel and accessories — the Oakley DRT5. This new model was built and designed and advised by Greg Minnar. Minnar is a South African athlete and one of the best downhill cyclists in the world.

What makes the Oakley DRT5 different?

As part of Oakley’s exclusive selections of mountain bike accessories, the Oakley DRT5 boasts several features that every biker will love:

MIPS Technology

Oakley’s unique Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology is designed to protect the cyclist’s brain in a crash. It does this by reducing pressure points around the brain during a strong impact.

BOA FS1-1 Fasting System

The Oakley DRT5 features a BOA FS1-1 fastening system that guarantees a perfect fit and comfortable fit. Surrounding the helmet is a corrugated silicone gel seat protector that effectively transfers the sweat to the back of the body.

Seamless Integration with Oakley Glasses

Perhaps one of the most appealing features of the Oakley DRT5 is its ability to integrate Oakley glasses seamlessly. This gives ever biker the ability to personalize his Oakley helmet. This bike helmet can carry the glasses firmly even on rugged downhill rides.

This gripping system can be found outside the helmet. It’s made up of two silicone clips, located in an area which Oakley dubs the “Landing Zone”. These clips keep the glasses hooked up to the helmet.

Why buy the Oakley DRT5?

The Oakley DRT5 bike helmet is the epitome of functionality and design. It’s an excellent helmet made up of high-quality materials. Since the inner pads are made up of silicone (which is not absorbent), this bike helmet is easy to clean and don’t smell like other traditional cycling helmets.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your own Oakley DRT5 now!


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