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There are a lot of good reasons why you need to take up biking. And once you’ve got your bike sorted, you’ll need to get the essential accessories such as a bike pumpbike lock and bike lights before hitting the road. After bikes, a bike helmet is the second most important equipment a bike rider should get.

13 Best Bike Helmets For 2020

JBM Adult Bike Helmet

The JBM Adult Bike Helmet is made of tough, durable PVC, PC, and EPS foam which help absorb the force of the impact of an accident. Certified by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), the JBM Adult Bike Helmet comes in a standard size that can be fitted using a dial system and side straps.

The helmet also features aerodynamic ventilations which allow air to flow freely as you ride, keeping your head cool without affecting your speed. 

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

The Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet features 20 flow vents to keep your head cool as your ride. For on the fly adjustments, the helmet comes with a dial-fit system and side straps adjusters. The Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet also comes with a snap-on visor for protection against the elements. 

Razor Full Face Youth Bike Helmet

The Razor Full Face Youth Bike Helmet comes with a spacious eye port and 17 vents for optimum airflow and cooling. It features a full-circumference padding and vented mouth protection.

The Razor Full Face Youth Bike Helmet is ideal for kids ages 8 to 14. It fits heads between 21.5 – 23 inches.

Bern Unlimited Jr. Nino Summer Bike Helmet

The Bern Unlimited Jr. Nino Summer Bike Helmet fits head sizes between 20.5 – 21.5 inches. Made from zip mold liquid foam technology, this kids bike helmet comes with smaller helmet size compared to those made from standard EPS.

The Bern Unlimited Jr. Nino Summer Bike Helmet is approved by the CPSC and comes with a flip visor for protection against the elements or for sporting a hipster look.

GoMax Aero Adult Bike Helmet

The GoMax Aero Adult Bike Helmet is a lightweight helmet, weighing only 250 grams. Made using in-mold construction technology, the helmet features a polycarbonate casing and EPS liner for maximum protection against impacts.

The GoMax Aero Adult Bike Helmet comes with a dial-fit system and adjustable side straps. It also boasts a rear LED tail light system for extra visibility at night. It also features a built-in detachable visor which offers protection during sunny or hot weather.

Flybar Kids Bike Helmet

The Flybar Kids Bike Helmet is certified by both CPSC and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Ideal for biking, skating, and longboarding, this classic helmet is built with a strong ABS outer shell and EPS foam lining.

The Flybar Kids Bike Helmet comes with an adjustable spin dial for a perfect fit. It boasts 12 wide vents to keep your kid’s head cool when riding.

Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet

The Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet features thickened multi-density EPS foam on the inside to absorb impact and minimize risks of head injury during a crash. It also sports an extended rear shape to protect the back of the head. This mountain bike helmet is US CPSC certified. 

Lightweight with optimal ventilation, the Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet only weighs 280 grams. It has 18 air vents that provide more than enough airflow when tacking these challenging trails. This helmet is comfortable to wear, thanks to its single-hand dial retention system. 

The Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet also comes with a reinforced sun visor to protect your eyes under broad daylight, leaves, and other elements. There are several colors to choose from. 

Outdoor Master Cycling Helmet 

ASTM and CPSC certified for safety, the Outdoor Master Cycling Helmet is built for both comfort and impact resistance. Thanks to its heavily reinforced ABS shell couple with a thick and shockproof EPS core. This bike helmet also comes with 2 extra removable liners for that snug and comfortable fit. The liners are washable too. 

To maximize fit, the Outdoor Master Cycling Helmet comes with an adjustment dial and a skin-friendly chin strap. This bike helmet offers ample space for ventilation. 

Bell Z20 Adult Bike Helmet

Sporting a unique design, the Bell Z20 Adult Bike Helmet is constructed from a fused polycarbonate shell and EPS foam liner. Equipped with a Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) feature, this bike helmet sports the leading slip-plane technology that reduces rotational forces from impact. 

Made from quick-drying materials with real silver fibers, this helmet is designed to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria. The brow pad is also made to pull moisture away from your eyes. 

Bell Formula LED Bike Helmet

Another quality product from Bell, this bike helmet is made using an innovative fusion in-mold process. This manufacturing technique bonds the helmet’s outer polycarbonate shell with the EPS foam layer to create a more stable and durable cycling helmet that can withstand impacts. 

Equipped with the MIPS technology as the Bell Z20, the Bell Formula LED Bike Helmet is designed to reduct rotational forces that can result from certain crashes. Thanks to its easy to turn rubber dial that’s integrated with MIPS, you’ll have no trouble fitting the helmet. 

Mokfire Adult Bike Helment

The Mokfire Adult Bike Helmet sports a modern, sleek design that offer ample ventilation for the rider. Recessed channels inside the helmet pull cool air in from the front and pushes it through an air-channel matrix to reduce overheating. Made from high quality polycarbonate shell and high-density foam, you can ride assured that this helmet will protect your head from impacts. 

The Mokfire Adult Bike Helmet also comes with an LED light on the rear so you are more visible at night. Thanks to its soft lining and full in-mold construction, you can wear this bike helmet all day. Fitting the Mokfire Adult Bike Helmet is easy too — thanks to its one-handed headmaster fit system that adjusts the height and circumference of the helmet intuitively.  

Team Obsidian Bike Helmet

The Team Obsidian Bike Helmet is designed with safety in mind. This bike helmet is made by forming the exterior in the mold, reinforcing it with a skeleton, and then adding a dense foam. This three-step construction process makes sure that you are protected in case of an accident. 

Aside from its top of the line shock absorption design, the Team Obsidian Bike Helmet also comes with 22 massive air vents for ventilation and cooling. The helmet is lightweight too at only 0.6 lbs (S/M size) and 0.63 lbs (M/L size). 

Created for avid riders, the Team Obsidian Bike Helmet comes with a classy look, a detachable visor that protects your eyes from the elements, washable pads, and a skin-friendly chin strap. It also has a dial fit system at the back so you can easily achieve that snug and comfortable fit while on the road. 

PHZ Bike Helmet 

The PHZ Bike Helmet is CPSC certified. The helmet is made from a thick EPS foam core fused with an outer polycarbonate shell for better shock absorption in case of an accident. This bike helmet also comes with a built-in rechargeable LED light at the rear with 3 lighting modes (fast flash, slow flash, and steady) to make you more visible at night. 

Offering good ventilation, the PHZ Bike Helmet comes with 22 large vents that help circulate the air and avoid overheating. Inside the helmet are removable and washable pads for easy cleaning. The helmet features a dial fit system at the back that allows you to easily adjust the height and tension of the helmet while on the road.

Bike Helmet FAQs

1. What are the features of a good bike helmet?


Biking helmets with vents keep your head cool as your ride. Vents also make helmets lighter!


Mountain bikers love the sun-shielding benefit of visors on mountain bike helmets. A visor, however, can add weight and some wind resistance when riding.


Straps make it easy to buckle and unbuckle your helmet. It secures your helmet when riding.

Hair Port

Perfect for women with ponytails!

Full-face Protection

This added protection is preferred by many for park riding and downhill mountain biking. 

2. How do I find the right helmet size?

A good fit is crucial to choosing the right bike helmet. To find your helmet size, wrap a tape measure around your head, about 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) above your eyebrows. You can also use a string or a ribbon and then measure its length using a yardstick or a ruler.

General Bike Helmet Sizing Table

Extra SmallBelow 20 inches (51 cm)
Small20 – 21.75 inches (51 – 55 cm)
Medium21.75 – 23.25 inches (55 – 59 cm)
Large23.25 – 24.75 inches (59 – 63 cm)
Extra Large(63 cm)
One size fits all (men)21.25 – 24 inches (54-61 cm)
One size fits all (women)19.75 – 22.5 inches (50 – 57cm)
One size fits all (kids)18 – 22.5 inches (46 – 57 cm)

If you find yourself in between sizes, choose the smaller size. You can also opt for the larger size but make sure to wear a beanie or cycling cap to improve its fit.

3. How do I adjust a bike helmet?

A good fitting helmet is crucial to your safety when riding. A perfect fit is snug and comfortable. If it is annoyingly tight, then you’re doing it wrong.

The helmet should sit level on your head. The front edge of the bike helmet should sit an inch (or less) above the eyebrows. This makes sure that your forehead is well protected. If the helmets shift considerably when you push it back and forth or side to side, you need to adjust the fit.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Expand the sizing wheel before placing the helmet on your head.

Almost every bike helmet comes with a sizing wheel. Once the helmet is on your head, tighten the sizing wheel until you feel a snug fit.

Step 2. Secure the chinstrap.

Buckle and tighten the chinstrap. Adjust the straps until you get a comfortable fit.

Step 3. Open your mouth as wide as you can.

This may sound silly but it’s a must. Open your mouth with the chin strap locked. If you can’t feel the bike helmet pressing against the top of your head, tighten the straps again. Repeat this step until you get a comfortable, snug fit.  

4. Hot to maintain a helmet?

To keep your bike helmet in its optimum working condition, do the following:

  • Use only a sponge or a soft cloth with mild soap and water when cleaning your helmet. Avoid using chemical solvents.
  • Excessive heat can damage a helmet. Avoid storing your helmet in areas where heat can easily accumulate such as in the car trunk, garage, or attic.
  • Don’t loan your bike helmet to others. You will never know what kind of damages they might cause to it.

5. When to replace a bike helmet?

If you have never been in a bike crash, replace your bike helmet every 5 years as wear and tear, UV light, and pollution can weaken its integrity. A helmet that has been damaged in a crash must be replaced right away even if everything looks ok. 

6. Why Wear a Bike Helmet?

Well, for starters, 900 bikers die each year from bike accidents in New York City alone. And 75% of these deaths come from head injuries which could have been avoided with a bike helmet.

Aside from safety, another good reason to wear bike helmets is the law. Most states require that riders should wear a helmet when they are riding especially if you are below 14 years old. You don’t want to get fined, do you? 

Different Types of Bike Helmets

Whether you are a leisure rider, a pro biker, or a bike commuter, there’s always a bike helmet that suits your needs. There three types of bike helmets: 

Recreational Bike Helmets

Also known as casual or multi-use helmets, recreational helmets are perfect for leisure riders and bike commuters. These helmets often include visors and are very popular among inline skaters and skateboarders. 

Mountain Bike Helmets

Specifically designed for tackling rugged terrains, mountain bike helmets are distinguished by their secure fit, enhanced head coverage, and visors. These type of helmets are made to ventilate well at low speeds. Some mountain bike helmets offer full face coverage — a favorite among park riders and downhill bikers. 

Road Bike Helmets

Aside from keeping the weight low, road bike helmets don’t have visors to provide unobstructed view when in a crouched riding position. These helmets are designed with generous ventilation and aerodynamics in mind.

Most biking helmets are constructed using two main parts: (1) A shell which is made from puncture-resistant plastic and is designed to slide on impact to protect your head and neck from the crash. And (2) a liner which is usually made from polystyrene foam that’s designed to dissipate the force of the crash to protect your head. These parts are usually fused together using an in-mold construction technique.

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