Are you planning to buy an electric bike? Or have you already bought one? Being an electric bike owner is exciting. This sophisticated piece of technology has revolutionized biking. But like your traditional bike, electric bicycles also need some love and care. Below are some tips on how to maintain electric bikes.  

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5 Tips on How to Maintain Electric Bikes 

The first thing you need to understand is that first and foremost, electric bikes are bicycles. Therefore, they need the same maintenance as a standard bike.

Tip No. 1 Find a bike shop that specializes in electric bikes

Not all bike shops can maintain or repair electric bikes. So, make sure that there is a bike shop around your area that can do this for you. 

Once you have found your local electric bike mechanic, set up a regular maintenance schedule with him. Your bike shop and your owner’s manual should have suggested service levels. Some modern ebikes have a service schedule built into their bike computers that you can refer to. 

As a rule of thumb, get your electric bike tuned by your mechanic at least once a year. You can do the other electric bike maintenance tips below on your own.

Tip No. 2 Learn how to maximize your electric bike’s battery  

Your bikes battery range is determined by several factors: 

  • The charge of your battery – it is a good practice to charge up your battery whenever you get the chance. Don’t worry about your battery health. Most batteries nowadays can be used more than 1000 times before their condition starts to deteriorate. If you are storing your battery for a long time, keep the charge between 30 to 60 percent.
  • Your riding mode – electric bikes come with different riding modes. Low or eco mode extends the life of your bike battery while top or turbo mode drains it quickly.
  • Wind resistance – riding against the wind will slow you down. If you want to keep your speed, you will need to ride faster – – – draining your battery fast. If you are reaching the limits of your battery, consider riding slower to conserve power.
  • Handling your battery – always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines when handling, removing, and charging your battery. Batteries are heavy so be careful.
  • Temperature – lithium-ion batteries used in electric bikes drain quickly on low temperatures. So, make sure to store your electric bike on a warm or heated space come wintertime.

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Tip No. 3 How to take care of your electric bike tires 

Compared to traditional bikes, electric bike frames are stronger because they need to support additional components like the motor and the battery. Because of this, electric bikes are a lot heavier than normal bikes. This extra weight takes its toll on your tires.

Below are some tips on how you can take care of your ebike tires so they last longer: 

  • Keep your tires inflated – before riding out, make sure your bike tire is inflated properly.
  • Learn how to fix a flat – this will depend on what type of electric bike you have. Tire repairs on ebikes with mid-drive motors are like traditional bikes. Electric bikes with hub motors are quite difficult because you need to deal with all the electronics.
  • Get ebike replacement tires – there are bike tires specifically designed for ebikes. These tires provide better traction and are more puncture resistant than normal tires. Ebike tires also have sturdier sidewalls.

Tip No 4. How to take care of your electric bike brakes

The heavier your bike is, the more stopping power it needs. Below are some tips on how to take care of your brakes.  

  • Inspect your brakes regularly – visually inspect your bike brakes for signs of wear and loose parts. Adjust accordingly. If you don’t know how to adjust bike brakes, you can follow these steps or take your electric bike to your local bike shop.
  • Replace worn components promptly – your manufacturer’s guidelines should have specs for wear level that you can refer to. If it’s time to replace your brakes pads or rotors, don’t delay. Your safety on the road should be your priority.

Tip No. 5 Taking care of your bike chain

The weight and speed of your ebike may cause your bike chain to deteriorate faster than normal bikes. So, keep a close eye on it and maintain it regularly.

  • Clean and lubricate your bike chain often – dirt and grime buildup can damage your bike chain. Clean and lubricate your electric bike chains regularly to avoid buildup. Make sure to wipe off excess lube to avoid the further buildup of grit. Follow these steps if you don’t know how to clean your bike chain.
  • Repair or replace your chain – there are tools that you can use to determine the wear level of your bike chain. Repair or replace your bike chain promptly to avoid further damage to the electric bike’s drivetrain.

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If your electric bike runs on a belt system, then there’s no need to clean and oil. All you have to do is to keep a watchful eye on the belt and replace it promptly once it starts to wear out. Replace the belt according to the parts and guidelines provided by your manufacturer.


Electric bikes are great innovations. It makes bike commuting and leisure biking easier and more fun. However, maintaining electric bikes is a bit different than maintaining regular bikes. To summarize:

  1. Find a bike shop that specializes in electric bikes.
  2. Learn how to maximize your electric bike’s battery
  3. Learn how to take good care of your electric bike tires
  4. Learn how to take care of electric bike brakes
  5. Take care of your bike chain

Happy biking!

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