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Reform Saddle: The Bike Saddle that Fits You Perfectly

Finding the right bike saddle can be challenging. A good bike saddle should support the sit bones, not your butt. Make it too wide and you’ll increase your risks of chafing. Too narrow and you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a knife!

What if there’s a saddle that changes its shape to fit your body PERFECTLY?

Enter Reform, the world’s first thermal moldable bike saddle. This unique bike saddle uses pressure mapping technology to identify pressure points in the saddle surface. Heat-activated segments are sandwiched between the leather-covered upper foam layer and lower carbon shell. When heated, these segments become moldable and adapt to your body shape.

After the molding is complete, you can enjoy improved weight distribution, increased comfort, and elevated biking performance for longer periods.

reform cycling saddle

How do you create your custom-fit Reform Bike Saddle?

Creating your own custom-fitted Reform Bike Saddle is just a bike in the park, literally. In three easy steps, you can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable cycling saddle that’s designed exactly for you.

Step 1: Heat It

Attached the saddle on your bike. Plug it in and heat it. After 5 minutes, unplug the saddle and it’s ready for molding!

Step 2: Mold It

Ride your bike. Move through all your riding positions. This will help you create a bike saddle that’s dynamic. Do this for about 10 minutes and your saddle will be ready to go!

Step 3: Cool It

Hop out of your bike. Let your Reform Bike Saddle cool down and do its magic.

Experience the comfort of Reform Bike Saddle

You’re good to go. Conquer these toughest cycling ascents in the USdaredevil trails in Arizona, or enjoy New York with these top biking trails around the city. 

Note: The Reform bike saddle is available in 145 and 155 widths.

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