Looking for the top biking trails in NYC?

Biking is something that never gets old in New York City. A place with vast technological and economic progress, it is hard to find something that remains constant here except for biking. People are still into their biking habits they love every minute of it!

A mixture of neon city lights, picturesque skyline, and remarkable and safe bike trails — New York is a perfect place for cycling. Bikers have lots of places to visit here, day or night. You can bike your way to work, ride along Central Park, visit the boroughs or shop your way along Manhattan.  There are just so many places to go on two wheels at NYC!

New York City is known for its beauty, but bikers will not only love the Empire State, Time Square, SoHo or Manhattan. They will surely love NYC’s top bike trails!

Top Big Apple Bike Trails: Based on Length per Mile

Governor’s Island Trail (2.5 miles)

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Planning to visit New York and want to add biking to the itinerary? Try the Governor’s Island Trail! You can board a ferry and bring your bike with you. Of course, because NYC is a bike-friendly city, you can always find bike rentals in the isle’s easy 2.5-mile path.

Enjoy the views of the mansions, barracks, and the New York Harbor. Aside from the rental bikes, no cars are allowed on this trail making it one of the safest biking trails in New York City.

Highbridge Park Mountain Bike Trail (3 miles)

Next on the list is a bit longer and rougher compared to the Governor’s Island’s 2.5-mile path. This trail might be short still, but it offers thrilling and challenging bike rides. Highbridge Mountain Trail will take the ride up Manhattan’s northern tip where you can explore Highbridge Park’s skills loop, freeride trails and jump park. New York City loves bikers so it is no surprise to find an available speedway trail for beginners here.

Roosevelt Island Greenway Trail (3.8 miles)

As a place that is home to nearly 12,000 New Yorkers, Roosevelt Island Greenway Trail is a safe 3.8-mile bike trail to take while in the Big Apple. This place is perfect for history buffs. Along the trail are the Smallpox Hospital (built in the 1850s), the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, and the Blackwell Island Lighthouse (built in 1872). If you ever happen to visit the place, make sure to bring a bike! You will not regret it!

NYC: Prospect Park to Coney Island Trail (5.5 miles)

Surrounded by trees on one side and the ocean on the other, the NYC: Prospect Park to Coney Island Trail is perfect if you want to end up with sand in your toes. This trail is part of the historic Ocean Parkway Greenway, the country’s very first bike path which was built in 1984. The ocean breeze, the tall trees, flat pathways and great neighborhoods of Kensington and Midwood will make your ride seamless. If you’re new to the biking habit, this trail is a good start!

Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Trail (6 miles)

Level up from your 5.5-mile trail and enjoy the stunning view of the city through the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Trail! Start through Greenpoint and end in Red Hook or vice versa. Or continue riding along the edge of Brooklyn. Bike racks are located in this area — making it a perfect place not just for biking, but for relaxing and taking Instagrammable photos, too! Take a selfie with your bike or just photograph your bike because, why not?

Central Park Full Loop Trail (6.1 miles)

If you are a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, New York, and biking, this trail is perfect for you! The 6.1-mile park Central Park Full Loop Trail offers different bike paths which ride along the interior perimeter. If getting fit is the goal, add laps and take in the Park’s gorgeous views.

A beautiful park in any weather, one can cycle their way around the place where Phoebe and Rachel once jogged like crazies!

biking trails in new york city

Battery Park to George Washington Bridge Trail (11 miles)

You’ll definitely like riding along the Hudson River Greenway, which starts from Battery Park and runs through Chelsea up to Hell’s Kitchen. And though Daredevil or Elektra might not be here, the thrill will still be on as biking here means riding in one of the busiest bikeways in America.

Stretching 11 miles, you’ll absolutely deal with congestion in the Battery Park to George Washington Bridge Trail.  But, don’t worry as this part brings you splendid city views and New Jersey’s skyline- reflecting in the Hudson River.

St. George Terminal to Midland Beach Trail (13 miles)

New York is undeniably glamorous during winter, but if the weather urges you to go to the beach, make sure to go there via the St. George Terminal to Midland Beach Trail! Hop on the ferry to Staten Island (enjoy the Statue of Liberty while on it, of course!), bike along the coast, pass through Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, go through Fort Wadsworth, South Beach and end at Midland Beach.

It might be a long way, but who cares? If it’s the weekend, and the sun is shining brightly — you won’t regret this trip!

One hand in the air for the big city, the other on your bike

Isn’t it wonderful that in a fast-developing city where everything changes in a blink of an eye, there’s something that remains constant like biking? New York is so perfect for bikers that many of them don’t want to leave! New York City cares about their bike trails. So, if you are a skyline, skyscraper, fashion and bike lover in one, make sure to put NYC in your list.

Start your biking journey in the Governor’s Island Trail or if you want some challenge, go and explore the St. George Terminal to Midland Beach Trail. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro biker, The Big Apple has a lot of trails for you.

We also wrote about the top biking trails in Chicago. In case you missed it, check it out here. We have something for San Francisco too!

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