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Training is important to almost everything we do. We train for work, hobbies like dancing, singing, and most for sports activities. It’s amazing how the human body can gain a lot of power just by maintaining a proper diet and having awesome training for a specified activity such as cycling.

Biking is one of the most empowering activities we have that anyone can enjoy but, if you plan to take biking on a professional level, you must put an extra effort to be ready for it. Your senses and body parts are all busy whenever you cycle but the main source of power comes from your legs. To keep that pedalling skills fired up at any bike events, here are the best leg exercises that can improve your biking prowess.

Leg Exercises For Bikers

Single-Leg Reach

Put three cones or water bottles in front of you in a triangular position then stand inside the area with one leg. Squat using your standing leg and reach the bottle or cone to your left. Yield to your standing position, do the squat again and reach towards the cone in the center and go back to a standing position. Repeat the steps and reach the last cone or water bottle to your right. Repeat the routine with your other leg.

Jump Squat

Runway models use this amazing exercise because of its amazing benefits. It can make your body fitter, your butt sexier, and your legs fired up with power. To do the jump squat, you need to stand on both feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your arms on the side. Squat then lower your hips until your thighs are in line with the floor. Jump at full force like you won the lottery while you try to reach the ceiling. Step back to the ground then squat again. Repeat the stunt to power up your legs and hips.

Skater Step Up

You can do this exercise with or without dumbbells. If you are not using dumbbells, you can place your hands on your hips and perform the routine. With the dumbbells, stand beside a step with one leg bent and your other foot on the step/box. In one movement, straighten or stretch your bent leg, lift yourself up while swinging the unbent leg out to the side as high as you can. Return to previous standing position and complete the routine by switching sides. This is not just a leg exercise, it is also fun to do!


What makes this exercise challenging are dumbbells. Prepare a step that’s not too high — you may start with 6 inches. You may use an aerobic step adjusted for your height. Hold your dumbbells at shoulder height, place one foot on the step. Once you’re sure that the foot on top of the step is firm and can support your whole body, raise your trailing leg up in knee fold. This leg exercise enhances balancing – which you need when cycling.

biking leg exercises

Split-Squat Jumps

Remember that squats can make your body fitter and your butt firmer? This exercise does the same but has the additional benefit of training your legs at a time. Begin by standing in a split-squat position. Put one foot forward and one foot at the back. Bend your back foot down and swing your elbows at the back- as if you are about to jump on a cliff. The, jump as high as you can with your hips and arms. Land to reposition and repeat the routine.

Forward Lunge

Strengthening your muscles is important when you are an active biker that is why lunging is a cyclists’ favorite. Forward lunge will help develop your lower body strength. Find light dumbbells and hold it at shoulder’s length, stand straight and take a long step forward to a lunge. Revert to your standing position and repeat this leg exercise with your other leg.

Lateral Lunge

Keeping your hips moveable and powerful can aid you a lot when cycling that’s why it is important to include lateral activities to keep it in shape. Lift a pair of dumbbells at shoulder level and lunge on the side, go down with your hips and go up as you lunge on the opposite side. Repeat this leg exercise to keep your hips in shape and ready for that long ride.

Box Jump

Prepare a step/box that is hard enough to carry your weight at least 12- 18 inches. Position in a squat, pointing backwards then jump up, swing your arms forward for balance and motion. Step down and repeat the routine for a full set. The goal is to enhance your leg power and balance so be careful not to fall!

Figure-4 Bridge

Lie down facing up then bend your knees to 90 degrees with your feet flat on the floor. Push into your left foot then press your hips into the air so your body becomes parallel from the shoulders to the bent knee. Go back to start then repeat the routine for a full set. Switch on the other leg and perform the leg exercise again.

There you have it! We hope these leg exercises will help you become a better biker than yesterday. Happy biking!

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