Nothing beats the thrill of tackling adrenaline pumping trails. And no type of bike serves you best than a mountain bike. Do you know that there are different types of mountain bikes on the market? There are at least 4 common ones:

Type of Mountain Bikes

Trail Bikes

The most common mountain bike. This category isn’t grounded in any type of racing. Trail bikes are great for climbs and descents. Thanks to its equal emphasis on weight, efficiency, and of course, fun.

Cross Country Bikes

From the name itself, this mountain bike category puts its emphasis on speed. It’s also lightweight. This bike is great for those who want to become a competitive racer or would like a faster, lighter ride when tackling local biking trails.

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes have tires that are at least 3.7 inches wide. This biking style is ideal for riders who are looking for strong traction. Fat bikes are the best choice for riding over snow or sand. This bike is also great for beginners!


This type of mountain bike designed for steep descents while being light and powerful enough for uphill rides.

The Best Mountain Bikes You Should Get for 2019

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire

With over 300 raving reviews in Amazon, the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike is a thing of beauty and quality. Tackle any trail with its steel bike frame and rugged 26″ all-terrain fat tire. Going too fast? Don’t worry because the Mongoose Dolomite has front and rear disc brakes to keep you safe.

Featuring a Shimano rear derailleur with seven variable speeds, this mountain bike makes climb easy and smooth. Shift gears conveniently using its Twist Shifters. This bike is great for all seasons and suits adult riders between 5’6 to 6’ tall.

The Mongoose brand is proudly American. Founded in 1974 by Skip Hess in his garage in Southern California. Since then, Mongoose has been manufacturing high-quality mountain bikes for professionals and hobbyists alike.


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Vilano Ridge 2.0

The Vilano Ridge 2.0 features a sporty look and is perfect for beginners who looking to conquer their first mountain bike trail. You can also use the Vilano Ridge 2.0 for commuting to work.

Its double-butted aluminum frame construction makes the Vilano Ridge 2.0 light and easy to control. It comes with a 26″ fork suspension with a lockout and 21 speeds! Mechanical disc brakes in the front and the rear ensures prompt braking when needed.

The wheels of the Vilano Ridge 2.0 is 26” in diameter with rims made from Mag Alloy. Front and rear derailleur are made from Shimano TZ30 and Shimano Tourney TZ50, respectively.


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Merax Falcon

The Merax Falcon is one of the smoothest rides on the market today. Thanks to its dual suspension design. Made from an aluminum frame, this bike is light and very easy to control.

The Merax Falcon comes with a 21-speed Shimano derailleur and easy to adjust gear shifts. Braking is provided by linear pull breaks. This mountain bike comes with 26” wheels.

The Merax brand was established in 1995 specifically for the American market. Specializing in day-to-day products for consumers, the creators of Merax continue to build high-quality bikes with its over 10 years of experience in the industry.


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 Northwoods Mountain Bike

The Northwoods Mountain Bike comes with a full suspension design with 50mm steel crown fork. This bike is lightweight and easy to control, thanks to its aluminum construction. Speed is provided by Shimano Rear Derailleur with 21-speed twist shifters.

The Northwoods Mountain Bike comes with 24” alloy rims and is made from high-quality materials.


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Dynacraft M 7S

The Dynacraft M 7S  is made from high-quality materials for your peace of mind. This mountain bike has a frame made from strong and sturdy alloy. It comes with a front shock fork, a 7 speed Shimano Shifting, and V brakes and levers.

The Dynacraft M 7S also comes with a deluxe alloy finish which makes it looks sporty and modern.


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OMAAI Hardtail

The OMAAI Hardtail is made from strong, lightweight aluminum. The frame is 19” and features 26-speed derailleurs with easy shifting design. Fast and reliable, this mountain bike packs mechanical brakes in both the front and the rear.

The OMAAI Hardtail  comes with 26” wheels with double wall aluminum rims for extra strength. Tackle any terrain with its suspension fork boasting a spectacular 80mm travel.  The OMAAI Hardtail is an ideal bike for beginners and hobbyists looking for a smooth and easy ride on challenging trails.


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Orkan Reinforced Mountain Bike

The Orkan Reinforced Mountain Bike is known for its premium quality and durable construction. Aside from its fashionable design, this bike is lightweight and easy to control. Thanks to its aluminum bike frame and full suspension.

The Orkan Reinforced also features an ergonomic design such as adjustable seat heights for maximum comfort even in long rides.  This bike comes with an 18-speed Shimano drivetrain. Braking is provided by power steel v-brakes. The wheels of this bike are 26″ in diameter with aluminum rims.


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Raleigh Bikes Ziva Women’s Bike

The Raleigh Bikes Ziva Women’s Bike is designed especially for women who want to tackle adrenaline pumping trails. This bike is made from a lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame that’s made for women. It features a Suntour XCT 100mm suspension fork for smooth and comfortable riding.

The Raleigh Bikes Ziva Women’s Bike comes with a Shimano drivetrain that features a 24-speed gear system. Braking is provided by the top of the line Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes. The Raleigh Bikes Ziva Women’s Bike also comes with optional brake levers, saddles, and grips that are made for women.


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Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike is small and suits riders that are short. It boasts a hand-built aluminum alloy hard tail frame that’s been tested and proven throughout the years. It also comes with a custom-made butted tubing that facilitates easy handling and great balance.

The Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike comes with an SR Sun Tour fork suspension system which provides comfort and added control when riding. The drivetrain is from Shimano and provides reliable 8-speed variations. Braking power is provided by Tektro mechanical disk brakes located in both the front and rear wheel.


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Uenjoy Murtisol Mountain Bike

The Uenjoy Murtisol Mountain Bike features a stylish design that you will surely love. It comes in a charming red color on the bike frame which suits any cyclist. In terms of quality, the Uenjoy Murtisol Mountain Bike is made from high strength steel welded using the latest welding technology.

The Uenjoy Murtisol Mountain Bike comes with both front and rear brake discs for control and safety. Built using high-end materials, this bike is very easy to assemble but we strongly recommended that you consult a professional mechanic.


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Xspec Folding Bike

The Xspec Folding Bike is unique because it comes in a foldable steel frame. The frame is made from high tensile steel and is guaranteed to withstand even the most challenging bike trails in the know. This awesome mountain bike folds flat in a matter of seconds without using any tools!

Made from top of the line component, the Xspec Folding Bike comes with disc brake system in front and rear. This braking system offers a stronger and lasting stopping power than the conventional V-brakes.  The Xspec Folding Bike’s shifting and gear system come from Shimano — the leader in the industry.

The Xspec Folding Bike also offers a super comfortable riding experience. Thanks to its front and rear suspension system with shock absorbers that can handle any type of terrain or the daily commute.


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Stowabike Folding Bike

The Stowabike Folding Bike stack pretty well against its competition. It comes with dual suspension for smooth and easy riding, steel V brakes for optimum stopping power, and a 26” steel folding frame.

The Stowabike Folding Bike folds in a matter of seconds and requires smaller space for storage compared to traditional mountain bikes. This bike has 6 speeds. Its wheels have rims made of single wall alloy.


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Camp Alloy Folding Bike

The Camp Alloy Folding Bike is 26″ bike that features a dual suspension frame for a comfortable and smooth ride. The front wheel comes with a quick release system. The drive train of this mountain bike comes from Shimano and boasts 21-speed gears.

Easy to fold, the Camp Alloy Folding Bike comes with removable front handle stem and folding latch for quick storage without using any specialized tools. This mountain bike is recommended for riders 5’3 to 6’2 tall. It can support a maximum weight of 250 lbs.

This bike is ideal for the daily commute, riding in parks, camping, and riding on mountain trails. Comes in White, Red, Black, and Blue colors.


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Common Questions

How do I get the right fit when buying a mountain bike?

Choosing the right mountain bike fit is crucial to your riding experience. Once you’ve decided the type of mountain bike you need, as discussed above, your next step would be to choose the right fit.

Bike sizes correspond to height. There are a lot of charts online that lists bikes according to height. While this is helpful, nothing beats visiting your local bike shop and testing the bike yourself.

What are the different types of braking systems?

There are two types of braking systems:

Rim brakes are the traditional type. They feature pads that grip the rim to facilitate braking. Compare to disk brakes, these brakes are more economical and easy to replace. On the downside, rim brakes gradually wear out the rims of your bike. They’re also less effective when wet.

Disc brakes are the standard nowadays — especially for mid-range to high-end models. These brakes feature brake pads that grip a rotor attached to the wheel hub. This type of braking system comes either in hydraulics or cable-activated.

Compared to rim brakes, disc brakes are more consistent. Also, replacing a worn-out rotor is a lot cheaper than replacing a worn-out rim. They’re also easier to operate and outs lesser stress to the finger.

On the downside, disc brakes are more difficult to replace. Since it’s hidden from view, inspecting whether the brake has worn out or not proves to be more difficult than traditional rim brakes.

What’s the best material for a mountain bike frame?

The bike frame is crucial. It influences the bike’s price, quality, ride, and strength. The most commonly used material for bike frames is the aluminum alloy. Other frames are made from steel, carbon fiber, and titanium. Steel frames are heavy but cheap. Titanium frames are strong and light but are quite expensive.

Happy biking!

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