Best Fat Tire Bikes For 2020

Buying fat bikes can be very tricky but with the right guide and the right price range, you can definitely find one that is perfect for you. Fat tire bikes are so much better when you want to experience biking on mud or even snow! If you are seeking this kind of thrill, here are the biggest, best and easily accessible fat tire bikes you can get today.

Best Fat Tire Bikes 2019

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike

Mongoose is a leading bike company that produces not just the best mountain bikes but fat tire mountain bikes as well. This Dolomite Fat Tire Bike is perfect for your terrain-filled riding adventure. It has front and rear disc brakes for quick stopping. Equipped with Shimano 7-speed gear that will help you difficult trails, this fat tire bike is just one of the many good choices you can get.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike features:

  • Wheels are Schrader type at 26 inches
  • Its bike frame is made of quality steel
  • Comes with lightweight and adjustable alloy made threadless headset
  • Fit to conquer sand, snow, rocks, mud and all terrain all year round
  • Made with sport seat and three piece crank — perfectly matched for riders with heights ranging from 5’6 to 6’0 feet

Mongoose Malus Fat Bike

Another addition to top Mongoose fat tire bikes is the Malus Fat Tire Bike. Amazingly stylish in silver, this fat tire bicycle is designed with dark grey rims. With 26” x 4” knobby tires, it is created to help daredevils finish all terrains there is on Earth. It is fun to ride on side hills and is fashionable enough for you to even upgrade its features. This fat tire bike is even friendly for riders with basic mechanical skills.

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike features:

  • Responsive Disc brakes
  • 4” wide-alloy wheel set
  • Fit for long distance rides
  • Equipped with Shimano rear gears with 7 speeds
  • Attached with beach cruiser pedals and 3 piece cranks
  • Cruiser design frame with perfect clearance for any terrain action

Gravity 2018 Bullseye Fat Bike

As bold as its black finish, the Gravity 2018 Bullseye Fat Bicycle is a must have. With 27-inch tires, it is made to bring you miles and miles of bike rides. It has a strong, quality build that can easily be modified and upgraded. Its price is a good buy for someone who is looking for an adventure-filled bicycle without breaking the bank.

Gravity 2018 Bullseye features:

  • 6061 Aluminum Frame makes for a smooth ride
  • Easy to adjust TEKRO NOVELA Disc Brakes with W160MM Rotor
  • Lightweight performance due to SRAM 4X Rear Derailleur & Shifters
  • Integrated chain guard and steel chain rings from Suntour Black Alloy Crank Set

Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Tire Bike

Fiery in red and white, Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Tire Bike is one comfortable fat tire bike you can have. Made from lightweight materials, this fat bike is very easy to control when braving tough terrains. It is also responsive! With such impressive features, this fat tire bike is something you can rely on with your trail adventures if you are a beginner mountain biker.

Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Tire Bike Mens features:

  • Attached Truvativ 28/38t, 175mm alloy cranks set
  • Features Rear Derailleur with SRAM X5 2×9 drivetrain
  • Equipped with 26”x4” 120 TPI Folding All weather Fat Tires
  • Has a lightweight alloy body frame
  • Equipped with Avid BB5 disc breaks for singletrack rides

Framed Minnesota 2.2 Bike

Easy to ride just like its relaxing color combination of black and green, Frame Minnesota 2.2 Fat Bike is another great ride you can buy from Framed. It has the same awesome features of MN 2.0 with added 2×10 gearing. It has an enhanced control system and amazing brake power too!

Minnesota 2.2 Fat Bike features:

  • Made from 6061 Aluminum Alloy for a lightweight and durable frame
  • Its fork has an oversized straight blade, disc mount that exactly matches wheels from 26”x4.8” to 29”x2”
  • Increased performance and reduced rolling weight by FRAMED Minnesota 4.0, 120 tpi folding bead tire w/ lightweight tubes on 80mm 32 hole lightweight Aluminum alloy rims

Mongoose Argus Sport

Another awesome fat tire bike from Mongoose, the Argus Sports Fat Bike is one new riding buddy you’ll not regret buying. Attractive in style and big features, this fat bicycle is easy to pedal and has an appealing color combination that comes in deep orange shade. The quality is unmistakably durable making you feel safer when riding your thrilling trails with it. Its price is affordable for its awesome features and durability.

Mongoose Argus Sports Fat Tire Bike features:

  • Built with 4.8” Huge Arisun Big Fatty wide wire bear tires for extreme action on the road
  • Weight reduction features provided by tectonic T2 aluminum fork with 135mm spacing
  • Comes with Shimano BR- M315 hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors for efficient and easy braking
  • Geared with x9 Shimano Alivio drivetrain with Micro shift front derailleur for smooth fat bike gearing for snowy and slitting single-track rides

Gravity Monster Fat Tire Bicycle

Still can’t get enough of orange bikes? Well, Gravity Monster is another addition to your choice of orangey bicycles. With its high rating from different buyers, this bike is perfectly lightweight and helps you ride like a pro over any terrain. It is also very easy to upgrade and is very durable!

Gravity Monster Aluminum features:

  • Comes with higher 16 Speed SRAM Drivetrain components
  • Powered by Tektro Disc brakes for both froth and rear braking
  • Great price with durable bike frame made from a strong, quality, and lightweight aluminum
  • Perfect deal at below $600 with lightweight body frame that is also firm and reliable
  • Made with 26”x4” High Traction Super Wide Tires making it a best fit your all-day, all-weather ride

SE Fat Ripper BMX

If you are looking for a bold fat bike to buy, SE Fat Ripper BMX Bike is the real deal. It is made with a premium aluminum frame, advanced disc brakes modified to be unstoppable. It is also a bike you can bring anywhere. The SE Fat Ripper is much better than the traditional BMX bike.

SE Fat Ripper BMX Bike features:

  • Its bold maroon color sets a stylish yet strong design
  • Made from 6066 Aluminum for a light yet durable frame
  • Equipped with Avid BB5 Mechanical Disc Brakes for perfect grip in any weather
  • Efficient grip with Cr-Mo Landing Gear Forks

LaMare Carbon Fat Bike

Made from high quality carbon, the 23lb LaMare Carbon Fat Bike is a fat bike to add to your bucket list. It can be easily modified and upgraded without much of a hassle. Also built for many miles, this fat tire bike is available for shipment anywhere in the world at an affordable price! Now that’s great value for a great product.

23lb LaMare Carbon Fat Bike features:

  • Comes in two frames fit for several rider sizes (170mm or 190mm)
  • Built with Carbon LaMere frame and fork
  • 135mm or 150 mm Carbon rigid fork

Mongoose Pug Fat Tire Bike

An amazing, cheap fat bike find at $200, Mongoose Pug Tire Bike is an awesome gift to your kids who want to follow your biking habits. It is known to drive over the thick snow in NY, which definitely makes it more appealing to be added below your Christmas tree this year. The brakes are well-made ensuring the safety of the kids even on winter wonderland.

Mongoose Pug Bicycle features:

  • Oversized tires are made to surpass terrains with stabilized traction
  • Alloy 4” wide wheelset w/ disc brakes ensures great friction for stopping
  • Attached with low rise handlebars for an easier ride
  • 7 speed gear and 3 piece cranks for stability

FAQs on Buying Fat Tire Bikes

Now that you know what the best fat bikes in 2018 are, let us try to dig deeper into how to properly select the right one. As fat bikes are different from your usual mountain bike, it is important to know the things you must first consider before ordering one.

How to Choose Fat Bike Frame?

It is highly recommended to find a bike that fits your height. Why? Because choosing a bike with the right frame size can make the ride smoother. In off-road courses, it is ideal to have the right reach to keep balance and agility while taking on challenging paths on your fat tire bicycle. You may refer to the table below for your future purchase:

Rider height in Feet-Inches Leg inseam in Inches Suggested Frame Size in Inches/Size
4’10”-5’1” 24-29” 14” – XS
5’1”-5’5” 25-30” 15” – S
5’5”-5’9” 26-31” 16” – M
5’9”-6’0” 27-32” 17” – L
6’0”-6’3” 28-33” 18” – XL
6’1”-6’6” 29-34” 19” – XXL

How to Select Fat Bike Tires?

Fat tire bikes that can stand any form of trail — snow, sandy, rocky, or muddy. If you are located in a place where there is more snow than sand or rocks, you can have wide tires of at least 4.8-5” for extreme traction and float. You need to be specific with your target courses to perfectly select the right fat tire bike for you. The key takeaway in buying fat bikes is to look out for the wheel dropout spacing that provides better coverage for a wider fat bike tire. Ideally in tires that are wider than 4”, there must be at least 190-197 mm spacing between rear dropouts while 150mm must be standard between the front dropouts.

Why use fat bikes?

In buying gadgets, we must consider everything before buying one. Will it be highly useful and relevant in your daily activities? The same thing goes when purchasing fat bikes. It is true that it is for off-road courses and adventures but again, we are on Earth where each place differs in climate and landforms. If you plan to ride lots of climbs and rough roads, aim for one that has a rack so you can bring the necessary tools with you while on tour. If you want to train during winter or a model that will stand throughout a year’s ride, focus on suspension, weight, and wheel compatibility.

Why a lightweight fat bike?

As you travel at lower speeds, climbing hills and finding perfect traction can be difficult if your bike is heavier than the ideal. Older fat tire bikes were designed in a heavier set but, thanks to modern technology — materials, style, design, and parts/components choices made it easier to build fat tire bikes that weigh like normal bikes. Aluminum and carbon fiber bike frames are dominant in the market at affordable prices.

Don’t let the snow or mud stop you from enjoying biking. Fat tire bikes are built to stand these challenging terrains while ensuring a safe, smooth, and unforgettable riding experience. Grab yours now!

Happy biking!

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