A couple of weeks ago, it was Road Safety Week in the UK – an annual event that highlights road safety issues and campaigns. With the number of bikes on UK roads increasing by 28.9% since 1997, it’s more important than ever for all road users to take extra care. We all need to have respect for other road users, including motorists, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians.

The Highway Code exists to give all these road users the information they need to deal with different road conditions, be mindful of other traffic, and complete their journey safely.

You might have learnt about it if you took your driving test in the UK, but it’s likely you’ve forgotten about some of the details. It’s easy to slip into bad habits when you’re just trying to get from A to B. But road safety should be a priority for all of us.

Do you know whether it’s against the law to not wear a helmet? Can you cycle on the pavement? Do you know if cyclists should be riding two abreast? Test your knowledge of the UK’s Highway Code. You’ll get all the answers.

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