Best Urban Bikes For Commuting 2018

The ultimate urban bike buying guide

Ever thought about taking your bike to work? A choice like this is very economical and a good source of exercise. This means you won’t have to dedicate to an exercise regimen if you are doing this every day for work.

If you choose this option for traveling to work, just remember that a quality bike—one that will be built for daily use while also being comfortable to ride—is a worthy investment to prevent bodily injuries. Therefore, your best bet is to get a quality mountain bike.

But you may still be wondering which type of urban bike is worthy of your investment for going to work every day. Hopefully, the following options will help you make an informed decision on which type of bike is suited to both your needs and your budget.

Our Top 5 Best Urban Bikes for 2018


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The Diamondback Haanjo is a very affordable bike that can almost travel anywhere.  It has an exciting design and handles gravel with ease. The bike allows you to sit upright (thanks to the 70-degree head tube) and has a light frame (weighing only 23.5 pounds).  This aluminum framed bike has a sealed cartridge bottom bracket and a 46T/36T FSA Gossamer crankset.  It also features Sora shifters and derailleurs.

  • Upright frame
  • Maneuvers well in rain and dirt thanks to TRP (or Avid) disc brakes
  • Handles various terrain well
  • Has CX-style gearing
  • Aluminum frame with carbon fork accents.
  • Crankset needs improvement
  • Poor quality saddle (lacks durability)




The brand named Urban bike is our top choice for commuter bikes. The frame is nice, and the design helps it blend in well with the urban scene.  Popular features for this bike are lights, bags, and other accessories. The sleek and simplistic design makes this one clean bike.  This bike is easy to maintain and can last a long time. Here are some of the qualities you can expect from an urban bike:

  • The tires on the Urban bike are a lot wider than what you would expect on a traditional urban bike and help the bike ride smoothly and safely across paved roads. The seat is also upright for more comfort and visibility.


  • Urban bikers love this bike because there is no need for the standard derailleur since the bike has an internally geared hub. The bike has less complex design and is easy to upkeep. You can also shift gears while not moving. The bike also has no suspension which makes it a lot easier to change speeds.


  • Accessories like baskets and racks are found on these bikes, which make them perfect for carrying your work materials (purse, briefcase, laptop, spare set of clothes, unbreakable bike lock etc.).
  • Nice accessories for carrying materials
  • Ease of acceleration and deceleration due to no suspension
  • Clean chain line with no need for derailleur.
  • Can handle traveling on gravel, wetlands and other rough terrains
  • Not an all-terrain bike (not suited for mountainous regions)



The Breezer Downtown is among the top bikes well suited for urban traffic. It has an integrated chain guard and a high-tension steel frame (diamond-shaped).  This old-fashioned-style bike has lots of speed (has 5 speeds) and an upright position that promises comfort while traveling.

It has an internally geared hub (Nexus) that also shifts while the bike is not in motion. Five speeds are enough for city traffic. It has adequate tires (35c tires with 700c wheels) and a luggage rack that is attached to the back of the bike.

  • Comfortable upright position
  • Has big wheels and tires for good maneuvering
  • Has 5 speeds
  • Vintage-style design with paint and integrated chain guard
  • Bike is heavy compared to most bikes used for commuting



The Folding Bike Brand

The folding bike solves the problem of limited space that you often experience when trying to store your bike in an urban setting.  You can place a folded bike in a car’s trunk or a closet in the house.  Although some people feel the folding bike is not durable enough for city travel, the bike performs well when used to commute to and from work, and it can be used for long trips.  These bikes usually don’t have variable speeds, but they do come in a variety of sizes.

So, how does the folding bike compare to its non-folding counterpart?

The folding bike is worthy of being used for commuting just like the non-folding models. The bike may lack gears, but it does have up to 30 speeds it can manage. The bike has the bonus of being lightweight and easy to tote with one hand.


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If you can deal with the slightly irregular frame, you’ll love how the Montague Crosstown is easy to fold and save space.  There is a release lever located on the top tube for rotating the frame. This 27-pound bike has no suspension, and the seat is in the upright position.  It has Tektro dual pivot brakes and Alex wheels. You can also shift gears while not in motion.

  • Foldable
  • Has Shimano Altus rear derailleur with Tektro dual pivot brakes
  • Has Formula hubs and Alex wheels
  • No gears



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This bike by far is known for handling rough terrain, which also makes it a great bike for handling the paved roads of urban traffic. It resembles a mountain bike (wide handlebars, front forks, and big tires), and maintains high durability without sacrificing comfort. It has nice, smooth disc brakes, which makes it ideal for handling variable traffic.


The Urban Bike

Urban bikes are some of the best types of bikes around for bike lovers and biker sports fans. They are just as good as a motorcycle when it comes to speed and ability to move. But when it comes to everyday city traffic, these bikes offer no comfort because they have sports components like drop bars (which help perform stunts) But not all urban bikes are created equal. There are some types of urban bikes that are comfortable enough for daily commuting.

Finding Your Subcategory

We have a lot more options when it comes to the types of urban bikes available on the market. There are subcategories of urban bikes that are great for commuting to and from work, but you first need to sort out the features to expect from the various subcategories. Hopefully, this information will help you make the right choice on what type of bike fits your specific needs.

·              Straight Bar Handles Work Best

Bikes with drop bars are not well suited for everyday commute. So, if you want to have the most comfortable fit for your bike, get one with straight bar handles (like the ones you often see on mountain bikes). The straight bars allow you to remain upright and allow you to see better while on the road.

·              Decide Which Group Set You Want

The group set is the combination of features that come packaged from a specific manufacturer. Features within the group set are derailleurs, brakes, crankset, chain, and shifters. You will also see different levels of group sets that will relate to how smooth the bike shifts.

·              Avoid Uber Carbon Fiber

Aluminum or Chromoly frames are the best frames to choose when using a bike for commuting. It has better durability and bigger tires than that found with carbon fiber urban bikes. Carbon fiber bikes also tend to easily get muddy, which may mess up your clothes before you get to work.

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