Roads and adventures are not only for men but for women as well which is why we can see more and more women who become into biking nowadays. When it comes to the bikes as you hit the road, the Frequently Asked Question is, “Are there any bike distinctions from what men and women use?” Well, they are quite the same in purpose however, there is a bit of distinction between them- versatility and design. A typical woman’s bike is, the top tube of the bike is slanted or shorter this is due to the fact that women have short torsos and long legs compared to men. For a man and women of the same height, the woman’s bike will likely be shorter in length, but the seat will be higher up. But, if a woman prefers to use a man’s bike, then she can do so as long as she feels comfortable with it.

Do you already have a bike? Well, if you do, it is essential to note that there are different things to take into consideration if you are going to buy a road bike for women. When choosing the bike, of course, you will not just look at the overall build and design of the bike as the sole factor in choosing your bike. Yes, there may be shiny and wonderfully designed new bikes in the market but mind you, you should not be overwhelmed with these options. Thus, before you get one, make sure to understand the basic Buyer’s Guide for bikes. If you do not know where to start, then this article will help you out in every possible factor you have missed out when choosing one for you.

Our Top 5 Best Women’s Road Bikes

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Complete Road Bike

This bike is ultimately one of the bestselling bikes in this year 2017 because this model provides the biker with a smooth and easy maneuver. This bike is specially designed to bring forth a speed thus, this is considered to be the best option for cyclists who are up to racings and competitions. Its aerodynamic performance is so great that it will help you reach your best time and efficiently reduce the wind resistance while you travel on the road.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile bike frame

The testers and users of this bike said that they are impressed with this bike’s versatility. What makes it versatile is its alloy frame that us very stiff, light and fun to ride. Moreover, testers were super impressed by the frame’s responsiveness, even during hard efforts on large group rides. Where many other inexpensive bikes can feel sluggish or soft, the frame felt snappy and quick. Plus, its overall design keeps the cyclist close to the bike to easily cut the wind resistance as you hit on the road.


  • Alloy fork

This bike model brings to you a good handling and utmost stability that you are looking for in a bike. This bike is made from the top-quality alloy fork which gives you more control over the bike. If you are looking for a full and effortless control of your bike, then this feature will give it to you 100%.


  • Shimano Shifters

A good shifter increases the overall bike performance. This bike model features a Shimano shifter which is well-known amongst the best bike riders. Of course, this type of feature is better than the standard shifter of typical bikes. Plus, you can be sure that the Shimano shifter is a very reliable one and is definitely the best kind.


  • Extra Gearing

While the regular bikes have the standard gears, this model has an extended range cassette that provides an additional gearing. The standard number of gears is already a big bonus what more for another extra gear.


  • Disc Brakes

If you desire an efficient stopping power for your bike, then this brand brings to you the most effective brake you are looking for. With the disc brakes of this bike, you can ensure good brake even if you are going too fast. This brake means a whole lot to great riders.



  • It is very cost-effective. What you pay is what you get. Thus, if you want to save some money, this is an excellent option.
  • Diamondback is known for their quality for their bikes, and it shows with this bike. Made from top quality materials which guarantee strength and long-lasting life.
  • This model not just give you its fine features for utmost performance but it provides you with the greatest comfort you can imagine in a bike.
  • The aluminum frame of this model is very light and sturdy.
  • This bike works with any types of bike riders because it is highly versatile and user-friendly.


  • You still need to assemble this bike. In this case, you may need the assistance of the expert if you do not know how to do it by yourself.



Nashbar Flat Bar Women’s Road Bike


This model is more versatile than the other bikes on the market. This is considered to be the perfect road bike for women since it is specially designed specifically to cater them.  This bike is easy and comfortable to ride, which is great for those looking for a bike to use. No matter if you’re cross-training, riding to work, or just need something for a nice day, this is an excellent choice.  The higher speeds make the bike perfect for any women to get around in any environment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Flat Bar

The flat bar provides unwarranted comfort while you’re riding, and you will have more control over the bike.  The flat bar also makes shifting your gears easier, which is good when you must deal with a lot of hills on your routes. This road bike is perfect for riding on any type of road, and provides excellent performance when you’re riding.  It has a flat bar that makes it better to control and maneuver when you’re riding.


  • Mixed Frame

The frame is durable and lightweight.  You can reach your top speed easily when you’re using the bike for your preferred riding method. The mixed frame construction makes the bike a combination of a cross-training bike and a leisure bike.  You can ride it like you’re exercising, or you can ride it to cool down after a tough ride.  It’s a comfortable design that will work for your preference.


  • Aluminum

The bike is lightweight because it uses more aluminum than other bikes.  There is aluminum for the fork and the seat stem, allowing you to take it anywhere.  Even when you need to walk it up a hill, you won’t struggle since you can push it easily.


  • 24 Speeds

What makes this bike so good is that it has 24 speeds for you to choose from.  No matter if you’re riding around with your friends, or trying to do laps on a track, you can use the speeds to your advantage.  It’s the perfect way to get your exercise in, especially on your way to work.



  • The bike is built for women in mind, and you can tell by the design.
  • The smaller frame makes it comfortable and easy for women to use.
  • It is very lightweight
  • Easy to ride


  • This may not be for everyone especially for persons with large sizes.



Mercier Elle Sports Women’s Specific Road Bike

This bike model is very versatile since this is best suited for any type of riders. It looks beautiful also since its overall design has bright colors which can make you stand out in the crowd.

Highlighted Features:

  • Semi-Compact

The bike has a semi-compact design which makes the bike perfect for smaller women.  The semi-compact design of the bike makes it comfortable and easy to maneuver, especially in tight areas. Not only that, but the overall design makes it more comfortable to ride whether you choose a quick or long ride.  Moreover, it is a combination of an exercise and leisure bike to uphold versatility.


  • Double Walled Rims

The double walled rims are specially made for the sole purpose of providing extra durability while you’re riding.  The tires won’t burst easily and you can avoid getting a flat tire which every rider avoids to encounter on the road.

Not only that this bike has durable wheels but this model also includes all the gears you need to climb over steep hills.  It’s an excellent option for those looking for a bike they can use for calmer rides. Hence, we can say that this is good for those that ride on streets where anything can be on the road or on a steep hill.


  • Aluminum Frame

The aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight, which helps you a lot when you need to carry it around.  In addition to this, the materials where the bike is made of are of tough and best quality to make sure that the bike will last longer. The frames won’t rust at all even in high moisture conditions. Thus, you won’t have to worry about keeping your bike outdoors because the weather will not be able to damage your bike.


  • Stem Shifters

Some bikes have shifters that are on the pedals, and this can make shifting difficult.  Since the shifters are right on your fingers, you can shift quickly and easily to get over a hill. The gears are easy to use, and it has the right gears for getting up steep hills.  You can ride the bike all day long and be comfortable.


  • Vibrant Colors

Aesthetics still play a role in your bike although the main purpose of riding is not to show off the beauty of your bike. This bike model has vibrant colors to make the bike stand out, and though it doesn’t affect how the bike rides, it is still nice when you can ride an appealing bike.  You can choose from green, pink, or orange to add some flavor to your bike.  It’s a good way to make a statement to the way you ride.


  • It easy to assemble and is not confusing.
  • The frame and the overall bike is very lightweight for easy carriage
  • Fun to ride and has an overall great impact


  • The grip by the shifters may be too big


Gama Bikes Women’s Metropole Road Bicycle

This bike is beautiful, tough, long-lasting, and has an amazing feel which is why this would definitely capture the hearts of the bikers especially leisurely riders. What is special in this bike is it retains the traditional bike frame. This design is kept so that riders will feel free to ride it anytime with the ease of carrying it. The price is just right so, if you are looking for a pleasant morning or afternoon bike, then this model is suitable for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Aluminum Alloy Frame

This bike is engineered with the finest quality of aluminum alloy frame which is very lightweight to ensure easy carrying or riding. Hence, if you are living in an apartment or transport the bike by carrying, it would not be a hassle because of its weight. Furthermore, this frame also guarantees a smooth and swift maneuvering and the bike itself secures an easy steer.


  • 8 Speeds

This gamma bike is fully equipped with a great speed since this bike is manufactured with a Shimano Altus 8 speed shifter. Hence, if what you desire for a bike is a cruising bike, then this is definitely the cruising option. This does not only provide you with the standard six gear speed shifter but an additional of two gears in case you need more. For certain, women would love to take this bike out for a quick ride.


  • Great Wheels

The key to the best bike ride is the wheels. Now, if you are looking for a bike with great wheels, then this is the right option for you because this Gamma bike provides a smoother and faster ride through its wheels. The great wheels of this bike is characterized by a size larger than the standard. This only means that as you travel, the bike becomes more stable and can carry the momentum of the ride with no difficulties at all. Thus, when you decide to travel on a rough terrain, the wheels will support you. Moreover, the wheels are 700c which are comparatively better than the average bikes.


  • Contour Design

Comfort should not be sacrificed when choosing a bike. This bike model brings to you a superb contour design which is specially made for bikers who love an athletic riding position. The contour design gives you a comfortable riding position even during long hours of biking.


  • Vinyl Cover

When the weather gets feisty and becomes wet and cold during your ride, then you do not have to worry about your bikes for it is made with solid vinyl covers to cover up the bike. Plus, this Gamma bike has stainless steel rivets that locks the moisture from reaching your bikes which is good to prevent rusting.


  • This bike has a good quality in terms of strength, performance, and durability.
  • If you are a city biker, then its standard gears will work best for you.


  • This bike may need to be assembled but it is not that difficult to do so. However, for some who lacks expertise and first-time bikers, the process of assembling is quite confusing and may need further professional assistance.

Giordano Libero 1.6 White/Pink Women’s Road Bike


If you are someone who bikes to get fit or to have an exercise routine, then this Giordano Libero bike is great for you. This is for people who want to have a good exercise and a leisure ride. The overall look of this bike may seem to appear as designed for professional athletes but it is something like a bike to get into shape which has a relaxed feel added to it.


Highlighted Features:

  • Aluminum frame

Since aluminum frames are lightweight, we can say that this bike is easy to carry. You do not have to pull this up so hard especially when you are living in a place where you have to carry it up or down the stairs. Another food thing about this is, the bike frame is handcrafted meaning you’re going to have better attention to the frame where you will need it the most.

  • Alloy Stern

Every biker needs a bike which is very easy to control thus, you have to choose this bike model since its alloy stern gives you easy control of your bike. Plus, the alloy stern of this bike guarantees a quick response as you navigate your way through traffics than the other types of forks.

  • 16 Speeds

The 16 speed Shimano shifter equipped with this bike gives you the sufficient power to get up and over the hills on your rides with less effort. Its shifter also ensures easy gear adjustment meaning, this makes a suitable option for picking up a speedy pace or even make you hit the target times of your specific travels or races.

  • Water Bottle Mounts

Water should be taken everywhere as you ride thus, you need a kit. Now, if you do not like to bring bags on your ride, then this bike provides you with an easy alternative. With this bike’s water bottle mounts, you can keep yourself from hydrated without bringing your water bottles inside your pack. Now, the bike gives you two water bottle mounts so you can go on for long bike rides. The design is dual so you can keep an extra water bottle as you go.


  • It is very easy to assemble
  • The materials are of good quality
  • Includes a kickstand


  • The brakes are not that great compared to other bikes.
  • This model may need to be tuned up for some alignment.
  • You may have to replace the seat because it is uncomfortable.


The Tips and Tricks for Buying a Bike


  1. Identify what bike types suit you

There are different bike types for women. This can be mountain, road, hybrid, or city/commuter. Each type mentioned serves a different purpose. If you prefer road and mountain adventures then what you need is a mountain bike. This kind of bike is good for riding in different terrains. The typical mountain bike structure has wide, knobby tires for balance and strength, a flat handlebar for easy, comfortable maneuver, strong brakes and shock-absorbing suspension that’s made for rough, unpredictable trails.

The second type is the so-called hybrid bicycles. They are specialized road bikes because they are made from the blended features of the different bike types. This kind of bike is especially made to serve a general purpose and applications which is to cover a distance with paved or unpaved bike trails. Although it is said to stand a huge spectrum of riding conditions, you should bear in mind that they are not supposed to be used in a rough road trail because hybrid bikes are not as efficient as the mountain bikes and are usually heavier in comparison to other bike types used for off-road biking. A typical characteristic of the hybrid bikes are bikes have front suspension to smooth out small bumps but some are fully rigid.

The last type of bike is the commuter or city bike. The name itself implies that this kind of bike is used for transportation. They cover distances but they are not intended for long rides and the bike itself do not have extra features. This bike is fit for riding every day in the home or in the office.

This factor, which is selecting the type of bike that best suits your needs entail to answer the questions “What distance would I want to cover?” and “What usual terrains do I ride when I use the bike?”. These questions will help you choose the best for you.

  1. Bike Features

After identifying what bike type is your preference, you will have to decide next the appropriate bike features. This decision is vital because it will define the overall performance of your road bike.

  • Wheels

As it has been said wheels can either make or break your ride thus, choosing your bike’s wheel is essential in buying your bike. As a general rule of the thumb, the wheel should only have the right size—not too big and not too small. Remember, commuter bikes use the standard wheel size because they just entail smoother trails however for rough terrains, you must remember to use a larger and more stable wheel to keep your balance and ensure durability in case of accidental and natural wheel prick.

In addition, since getting stuck with an exploded or torn wheel is very impractical, then as a biker, you should ensure the durability of your wheel. Most bikes nowadays come with double walled surfaces to make sure the wheel will not easily tear or explode. Again, you should take note that it is all about the terrains. Of course, you need sturdier and thicker wheel type if you will travel some rough terrains. Also, you should know that a tire with a lot of treads is great for off-road adventures.

  • Suspension

Also, as to how much suspension you need, it is all up to you. Most suspensions range between 4 and 8 inches of travel. Furthermore,

  • Frame Materials

Your riding style should also match the kind of frame your road bike will have. The normal frame material used in bikes is aluminum. The key characteristics of aluminum are it is lightweight and durable. Another type of frame material used for bikes is steel. In comparison to aluminum, the steel weighs a lot more. Carbon fiber is also another type of frame material used for bikes; it offers the best lightweight flexible and strong features. This is recommended for persons who bike for adventures and trailing, however, the disadvantage of carbon fiber frames is they are not cheap. It will cost you a lot of money but if you will consider your bikes as an investment, then this is the right one for you.

  1. Seat

Every rider desires a comfortable feel during each ride thus, it is very practical to choose and change the seats that comes with the bike if you do not feel relaxed with it. The typical bike seat is made from tough materials which will cause you an uncomfortable feeling when you ride most especially in your travel adventures. The best solution to this is to change the seat depending on your preference. Make sure that when choosing one, you will not just feel comfortable but also no pain when riding.

There is what we call an ergonomic seat which promotes 100% comfortability as you ride. This type of seat prevents your back from stiffing when you are hitting the road. This seat has well-padded seats to protect your butt from bumps.

  1. Brakes

Another vital component of a bike are the brakes since they control your ride. There are basically two types of braking systems. The first one is the traditional brakes with levers in your handles. This kind of break is very easy to use most especially when your aim is to stop the bike quickly. The second type of braking system is the one on the pedals.

Furthermore, we have the general types of breaks—padded and disc brakes. The common type is the padded breaks. You can easily see and replace the padded breaks while the disc brakes are not. However, the good thing about the disc brakes is they last longer and they have a better response time as compared to the latter. To get a more comprehensive view about bike brakes, you need to research some more on the specific details and tips.

  1. Gears

Whatever type of bike you possess, you need your gears. Some other bike users may not understand what gears are for but these gears are mechanical instruments that allow you to speed up along flat surfaces or give strength and power to your bike as you climb on high steeps or during rock climbs swiftly with less difficulty.

The question now is, do you know how to use your gears? If not, then you should at least know the basics so that you can use or equip your bikes with a smooth, fast and fun ride in all your adventure trips and travels. It requires constant practice to make a skill perfect and since using bike gears needs skill, then you should spend time to practice it. Start by learning how to switch gears. First timers find it hard to change gears but at some point, you will get used to it through constant use and practice. If you learn how to switch gears, try to hit on the road.

Typically, most of the bikes will have two sets of gear cogs. The front set, known as the chainrings, will give you big changes in gear. The front derailleur that shifts the chain between these chainrings is controlled by the left gear lever (or shifter).

The rear cogs (or sprockets) together form the cassette, and the derailleur that shifts the chain up and down these is controlled by the right shifter. If you’re planning on getting a bike with a gear shifter, you should look for one that has at least 21 speeds to ride in different terrain.

As a last tip, it is good and fitting to remember that you should not change your gears to quickly because it will cause the chain to jump off the gears which only means messy and greasy fingers. To avoid this, shift the gears gradually to ensure that the chains engaged in each new gear. Each bike has different gear systems hence, you should get to know your bikes, test your gears out to know when to shift and how sensitive your bike when it comes to shifting gears.

  1. Aerodynamics

Biking into stiff winds is very much exhausting and every bike rider knows about this. Hence, one should be able to push the mass of air in front of her (wind resistance) so that he can move forward. As it is said, it requires a lot of energy to do it. Thus, as a remedy, bikes depending on the models and types have this so-called aerodynamic efficiency so that the air will be cut for a smooth, speedy and easy ride. Aerodynamics is one factor that a cyclist should consider before buying a bike. Good aerodynamics mean faster performance in terms of speed with just little effort in doing so.

As of today, there are so many bike models with great improvement of bike frames and components to increase aerodynamic performance. In connection to this, a cyclist should always remember that wind friction and drag caused by wind resistance are not just reduced through improved bike structures but also through appropriate body positioning. Take note that reducing the frontal area helps riders increase their speed and their efficiency over time. In addition to positioning, small details like clothing can also make a big difference in reducing “skin friction.” This is the reason why tight-fitting synthetic clothing are specially designed for professional riders to improve aerodynamics performance and increase riding comfort.

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