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Have you ever experienced numbness in your fingers while riding? How about pain in the wrists? How about soreness in your arms? If your answer is yes, then you are most likely suffering from poorly-designed bike grips. These signs of fatigue are very common in stock handlebar grips that come with your bike. Getting the right grips is important if you want to stay comfortable and competitive especially on long rides. There are a lot of bike grips out there. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled the best MTB grips you can get in Amazon today. Read on! 

The 7 Best MTB Grips for 2020

Bobilife Bike Handlebar Grips

The Bobilife Bike Handlebar Grips come in three colors — black, blue, and red. These soft handlebar grips are designed to give you more comfortable riding experience. The Bobilife Bike Handlebar Grips help minimize fatigue in your elbows, wrists, and hands especially during long-haul rides.

Features of Bobilife Bike Handlebar Grips

Compatible with most bike handlebars — these grips can fit most bicycles with handlebars that are 22.2mm in diameter. They are compatible with standard road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, and folding bikes.

Amazing durability – made from high-quality aluminum lined with sponge and rubber, these MTB grips are guaranteed to last long.

Easy to install – you only need one tool to install these bike grips. And it’s already included in the package! The Bobilife Bike Handlebar Grips feature a non-slip design. They come with high-quality plastic end caps and double aluminum locking alloy systems to keep them from falling off.

What others say about Bobilife Bike Handlebar Grips

Great for its price!

“The Bobilife Bike Handlebar Grips feels great and installation was super easy. The grips lock onto the width of your handlebars for that secure fit while riding. Perfect for my needs!”

RaceFace Half Nelson MTB Grips

The RaceFace Half Nelson MTB Grips come in several colors —black, blue, green, red, white, grey, and turquoise. So, choose one that best complements your style! Designed to give you that tacky feeling right out of the box, these handlebar grips are a must-have if you don’t have one yet or if you are looking to grow your collection!

Features of RaceFace Half Nelson MTB Grips

Lightweight – these bike grips are super light. Weighing only 4.8 ounces, these grips are perfect for those who focus on speed.

Slim profile – these grips boast a slim and low profile design. It’s so thin you won’t even know its there!

Moisture management – sweaty palms? Don’t worry. The RaceFace Half Nelson MTB Grips come with topographic moisture channels that safely route away moisture from your palms so you remain comfortable on long rides.

What others say about RaceFace Half Nelson MTB Grips

Perfect size!

“Not too thick nor too thin. The RaceFace Half Nelson MTB Grips offer a solid response with or without gloves. I love the tacky feel and they come with just the right amount of cushion. I love that there are several colors to choose from too!”

Fifty-Fifty Mountain Bike Grips

The Fifty-Fifty Mountain Bike Grips are made from soft yet durable rubber that’s designed to absorb shock and vibrations. These bike grips help reduce the strain on your hands, wrists, and arms especially during long rides. These MTB grips come in several colors — turquoise, black, blue, brown, green, grey, orange, and red. The Fifty-Fifty Mountain Bike Grips fit most handlebars with a diameter of 22.2mm.

Features of Fifty-Fifty Mountain Bike Grips

Dual lock-on – worried about your grips slipping off? Don’t be. These MTB grips come with dual lock-on clamps to make sure that your grips stay secure even during your most challenging rides.

Amazing grip – boasting a texture, non-slip pattern on its surface, these handlebar grips are super tacky even when wet.

Fast install – the Fifty-Fifty Mountain Bike Grips are very easy to install and already come with integrated end plugs.

Light and compact – weighing only 3.45 ounces, these grips are perfect for those who want to maximize their speed.

What others say about Fifty-Fifty Mountain Bike Grips

Awesome tacky feel!

“The grips feel sticky in a good way. And it locks on both ends easily! I love that I have lots of options in terms of personalization. Installation was quick. In fact, taking off my old grips is much harder!

Ergon GE1 MTB Grips

The Ergon GE1 MTB Grips are designed for the word’s fastest enduro riders. Made from German-made and TÜV certified rubber compound, these bike grips are undoubtedly soft, grippy, and durable. Comes in black, blue, deep moss, orange, risky red, red, sand storm, and yellow.

Features of Ergon GE1 MTB Grips

Very ergonomic – true to its name, the Ergon GE1 MTB Grips are designed with ergonomics in mind. The rubber surface makes sure that your hands or gloves will not slip. It also cushions your hands against vibrations that can easily cause fatigue. These bike grips maximize control and pressure distribution on the thumb area to reduce your risks of cramping during extreme rides.

Custom-fit – these MTB grips come with low-profile aluminum clamps that allow you to adjust your grip angle as needed. Once tightened, the clamps will make sure that your grips stay in place.

What others say about Ergon GE1 MTB Grips

An excellent product!

“These are the grips that you will only need. They are very easy to install and the grips don’t move at all when tightened. Its ergonomic design helps a lot with fatigue and hand pain. Very happy with these!”

Ergon GA3 Bike Handlebar Grips

Another quality product from Ergon, the Ergon GA3 Bike Handlebar Grips sport an innovative “mini-wing” design that helps reduce arm pump, sore wrists, numb fingers, and hand pain. Its main purpose is to support the hand and wrist so they stay in an ideal and ergonomic position while riding. This amazing MTB grips come in several colors —berry, black, juicy orange, midsummer blue, night ride blue, purple reign, red, risky red, and yellow mellow.

Features of Ergon GA3 Bike Handlebar Grips

Ergonomic design – these MTB grips are designed to match the natural contours of the hand, giving you a very ergonomic grip and increased feedback, comfort, and control when riding downhill and over challenging terrains.

High-quality materials – The Ergon GA3 Bike Handlebar Grips are made from super soft TÜV-certified rubber in Germany while its clamps are crafted from black anodized low-profile aluminum.

Custom-fit – the aluminum clamps of these handlebar grips can be custom-fitted and adjusted to any angle you want. They are compatible with carbon handlebars too!

What others say about Ergon GA3 Bike Handlebar Grips

Can’t recommend enough!

“I love the low profile look of the Ergon GA3 Bike Handlebar Grips. These grips are soft, compact, and firm. They are also very flexible. I can rotate them easily to a different grip when needed. And for the cherry on top, I no longer feel hand pain! Yay!”

Marque Grapple MTB Grips

The Marque Grapple MTB Grips sports a simple yet effective design. Its multi-directional grip surface is tacky and gives you more control and feedback on the road. These bike handlebar grips have only one size and come in various colors — black (either with blue, red, or grey ring), crimson, glacier blue, green, jungle camo, sky blue, and wildfire red.

Features of the Marque Grapple MTB Grips

Comfortable grip – made from premium and tacky TPR rubber compound, these bike grips are designed to reduce or eliminate hand pains, sore wrists, numb fingers, and arm pumping.

Universal compatibility – the Marque Grapple MTB Grips measure 130mm long and fit most standard bike handlebars that are 20 – 23mm in diameter.

Slim profile – these MTB grips sport a slim profile. They also come with microcavities for that added comfort and tackiness. The Marque Grapple MTB Grips have a single aluminum alloy lock-on ring to keep them in place.

What others say about Marque Grapple MTB Grips

Well made grips!

“These grips feel and look great. They are also very easy to install and lock-on. Compared to my stock grips which would slide and move during the ride, the Marque Grapple MTB Grips stays secure and in place no matter how challenging the road is. And to top it all, it’s the most comfortable MTB grips I’ve ever used.”

Corki Mountain Bike Grips

Sporting double lock rings that offer a more secure lock and tighter control, the Corki Mountain Bike Grips are a must-have for every mountain bikers out there. These cycling grips are made from high-quality TPR and PP rubber that are durable and longer-lasting. These bike grips fit most MTB handlebars that are 22mm in diameter. Comes in black and red.

Features of Corki Mountain Bike Grips

Anti-slip design – featuring a ventilated brick design, the Corki Mountain Bike Grips are tacky. They are also made to absorb as much shock as possible to keep your hands and fingers pain-free on the road.

Comfortable – the Corki Mountain Bike Grips are comfortable and easy to use. The soft materials help prevent numbness and fatigue especially during one of these century rides.

What others say about Corki Mountain Bike Grips

Great texture!

“Nice and comfy, these bike grips have great texture, especially for my sweaty hands. For its price, they are worth it. Easy to clean and install, I have not encountered any issues with the Corki Mountain Bike Grips after three weeks of use.”

Frequently Asked Questions About MTB Grips

What is the difference between lock-on and slide-on grips?

Lock-on grips use collars or rings which you can tighten to prevent them from rotating. Some of the bike grips featured above sport dual lock-on rings for added security. Slide-on grips, on the other hand, just slide on to your handlebar. Because they are made from sticky silicone, they usually stay in place even during intense rides. Slide-on grips are ideal if you are on a budget since they tend to cost less than lock-on MTB grips. They tend to be lighter too.

Should I use a handlebar tape together with my grips?

Definitely yes! Handlebar tapes help cushion against vibrations that may cause fatigue on the road. They also help decrease numbness and add to the overall comfort of your ride. Bar wraps come in different sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Racers usually go for thinner bar tapes to shave off some weight and take advantage of better control and grip. Mountain bikers, on the other hand, prefer thick handlebar tapes to reduce vibrations when tackling technical terrains.

Handlebar tapes are made from different materials. The most common ones are:

Leather – a huge favorite among retro bikers. Leather bar wraps tend to be heavier than modern bar tapes.

Synthetic – most modern bar wraps are made from synthetic materials such as silicone, nylon, and polyurethane. These grips are durable and offer the best grip even for wet conditions.

Cork – offers the best comfort and moisture absorption. Some are made from 100 percent cork while others are often mixed with synthetic materials for added durability.

Do you need help choosing the best handlebar wrap for you? Check out this bar tape buying guide.

best bike grips 2020

Does the thickness of MTB grips matter?

Yes! Mountain bike grips come in different thicknesses for the same reason why bikes come in different sizes. The sizes of our hands vary so you need to find the grip that works best for you. Thin bike grips may cause the rider to squeeze hard, causing discomfort. On the other hand, thick bike grips may be harder to grasp for riders who have small hands.

Happy biking!

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