Best Hybrid Bikes For Under $500

Have an excellent riding experience with a perfect budget friendly bike

If your desiring to have a bike that does well on concrete, then it is worth your while to invest in a performance hybrid bicycle. Hybrid bikes are designed to handle paved roads with ease and have a sturdier frame for an easier transition from paved to grassy terrain. The frame is more comfortable than road bikes and doesn’t have suspension features that can weigh a bike down and make it slower.

The following information will help you decide which hybrid bike is right for you. Insight on the best hybrid bikes $500 and under and tips on how to shop for your bike are also offered here. If you want the most out of your hybrid bike experience, the following information should help you make an informed decision.

Out Top 5 Best Hybrid Bikes for 2018

1. Nashbar Flat Bar

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The Nashbar Flat Bar is a sophisticated hybrid bike that has truly made a name for itself as a quality performance bike.  Don’t let the retail description of this bike as a road bike fool you. This hybrid bike is more like a performance hybrid bike than anything else. With its triple butted frame, carbon fiber fork and aluminum steer tube, this hybrid packs durability in a lightweight composition.  The bike comes with Shimano Altus shifters, double walled alloy rims, Formula hubs and 24 gears to use, so you get a bike that puts out quality performance. As far as the derailleurs are concerned, you can always go to a bike shop to get them tuned if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

2. Diamond Insight

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The Diamond Insight has been around for quite some time. It is very affordable but does not shy away from having premium features.  This hybrid has high durability and is created to function much like a road bike. With alloy wheels (double-walled) and alloy frame, you can take a trek through a public park with no problem (although this bike is more suited for paved roads).


3. Sport Hybrids

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Like the Schwinn Searcher, sports hybrids are becoming the most sought-after hybrids on the market because they are great for all types of terrain (both mountainous and road).  They come with sturdy brakes, hardtail frame, fat tires and other features (like front travel shocks) to make this one tough hybrid bike. It may not be as tough as a mountain bike, but it does enough if you are looking for a hybrid bike that is affordable and aggressive.

4. Fuji Traverse

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The Fuji Traverse is a colorful, sports hybrid bike that can travel on a bike trail and paved roads.  It doesn’t have the durability of a mountain bike, but it can perform satisfactorily on non-paved surfaces. If you want an affordable bike (often priced at $500) that does well for off-road excursions and has a distinct look (like having a curved down tube frame), then this hybrid bike is the ideal choice.

5. Schwinn Searcher

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This hybrid can be accurately called a sports hybrid bike. It has the quality known to be expected from the reputable Schwinn brand. Its lightweight design is due mainly to having triple-butted aluminum frame, upright bike riding position, and alloy rims and wheels. Schwinn has brought you a hybrid that packs superior quality compared to most hybrid bikes with alloy components.

Becoming A Well-Informed Hybrid Bike Shopper

It is quite easy to find a $500 or under the hybrid bike with good features. At this price, you can get a nice bike, but many people have problems with trying to find a bike that fits their needs. The problem doesn’t lie in the type of frame used for the bike model. The problem often deals with figuring out what type of styles are blended for the hybrid style, which is why the most popular hybrid bikes were discussed in this article.  So, with the above hybrid bike descriptions in mind:

  1. Make sure the bike you are selecting is really hybrid: As stated earlier, a hybrid bike will be a harmonious blend of two bike styles, but that may not necessarily mean both mountain and road bike for some brands. Your goal is to look for a brand that is a blend of the two styles (or two other styles that you prefer).
  2. Know that most brands tend to favor certain bike styles over others: There is a growing trend to create subcategories for hybrid bikes, so people won’t get confused trying to find a bike that has their preferred styles. For instance, you may see descriptions such as pavement-eating performance, well-balanced dual sport, trail-friendly sport, etc. to describe a lot of hybrids like the ones mentioned in the most popular list above.

Hybrid Bikes: An Investment Worth Taking

The nice mixture of features found on most hybrid bikes will make them the most sought-after bikes in the next five decades.  It doesn’t matter if you are using a bike for sport or for transportation because these bikes can handle all your needs.  However, you will soon realize that not all hybrid bikes live up to their performance promises. Some really don’t work well at all for traveling and just have a fancy name. Therefore, having the right information on the types of hybrids available and how to shop for them should help you make a decision that will be well worth your investment as a bike enthusiast.

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