Best Affordable Fat Tire Bikes 2018

Our buyers guide will help you find the best fat tire bike

If you are a bike lover and love fat tires (like many do), then you don’t want to overlook this opportunity to get a two-wheeler bike that has fat tires and other notable features. Some of you may be asking the question: Why do bike lovers love fat tires so much? Well, let’s look at some of the customer feedback on fat tires to find out what really attracts bike lovers to them.

Fat tire bikes have a smooth look and are known for handling urban traffic. And these bikes can handle other types of road conditions: dirt, mud, slippery wet, snow, ice (thin layers) and hail.  The powerful grip makes these bikes both fun and safe to use while hitting the pavement.

Contrary to old notions about two-wheelers being dangerous to use on the street, modern fat-tire bikes are safe and highly functional. The evidence is not only in the style of the bike but also in the retail price, which is well worth it.

So, keep in mind that fat tire bikes are expensive because they are custom made, so the number of units produced is very limited.  The raw materials used to make these bikes makes them a lot more durable than most other bikes, which also contributes to the higher price. To get a cheap fat tire bike might mean getting one that feels heavy, which is not good for road traffic. The following fat tire bike reviews should give you some insight as to why these bikes are popular among bike lovers all over the world.

Our Top 5 Best Fat Tire Bikes for 2018


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The SE Bikes F@E is an economically priced bike that packs a lot of features to make this one of the best mountain bikes on the market. This bike has a lot of stamina and does well on a variety of terrain. In addition to its elegant look, this bike is by far one of the least expensive fat tire bikes on the market right now with prices ranging between $1,100 and $1,200 (and even cheaper than $1000 when you can catch a good clearance sale).

This elegantly styled fat tire bike is lightweight due to its doubled butted tubing and a hardtail frame. It has the Shimano Acera group set with Samox alloy crankset and a fully sealed bottom bracket.  This bike shifts gears smoothly and can handle a variety of terrain.

The lower handlebars and four-inch-wide tires make the SE Bikes F@E one tough bike.  It is available in 3 frame sizes (from 15″ to 19″), and it only weighs 35.7 pounds.


  • Quality features
  • Lightweight
  • Handles multiple terrain and road conditions


  • Currently, there is no negative feedback on this model.




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This mountain bike is relatively young on the fat tire market, and it’s already becoming a biker fan favorite.  The Diamondback El Oso De Acero is also known as the “Steel Bear” because it can handle almost any terrain and road condition (i.e., sand, mud, hail, sleet, snow, rocks, stone chips, grassy regions, etc.). This bike is specially designed to handle winter climates and desert conditions. The steel frame and steel fork are custom-made to suit your needs. Despite this bike is almost 40 pounds, it’s still easy to control.

As extra security, the bike also comes with a lifetime warranty. When you add that to its premium features, you can easily see why this Diamondback is among the most popular fat tire bikes on the market.

This bike uses 26-inch Chaoyang tires (that are 4 inches wide) and has sealed cartridge bearings, a rust-resistant chain and a custom-made rim that is designed to withstand a lot of pressure. Those Tektro mechanical disc brakes are made for rough riding on sandy or muddy terrain. Shimano Alivio derailleurs and shifters allow you to use the 27 gears with ease. There are also other Diamondback models within the El Oso (and El Oso Grande) line that cost more but have higher-level quality than the Diamondback El Oso De Acero.


  • Can handle diverse terrains and road conditions
  • 27 gears
  • Frame is custom-made
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes for smooth riding across rough terrain


  • Currently, there is no negative feedback on this model.


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BMX has done it again with another bike worthy of making the most popular bikes list.  Want a bike that features some of the best features of past BMX creations at a cheap price?  Then you are bound to love the eclectic appeal of the Framed Minnesota 2.0.  It has a classy look with a shorter top tube and 73-5° angle seat tube for easy riding control.  It has 6061 aluminum alloy frame and fork, and the tube is oversized to give this bike a vintage look. The down tube is slightly bent where it connects to the head, and the handlebars are straight.

The tires on this bike are quite large with extensive cut-out rims: 4-inch wide rubber tires on 26-inch wheels. This combination of tires and wheels makes this one aggressive bike that can handle traveling over debris and various terrain. You also get high-quality features like the lower end KT Quando hubs and the quick release skewers.

The SRAM X7 front and X5 rear derailleurs are perfectly matched with the Truvativ double crankset. The bike also features Avid mechanical disc brakes and rapid-fire shifters that are sure to give you maximum control. The bike gives you excellent control with a seat tube angle of 73.5and a shorter top tube.


  • Quality frame for riding control.
  • Travels over rough terrains
  • Nice frame geometry with a seat tube angle of 73.5°
  • Has lower end KT Quando hubs and quick release skewers


  • Currently, there is no negative feedback on this model.




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The Kawasaki brand is a renowned motorcycle company, but they also take pride in making excellent bikes. The Kawasaki Sumo is one bike worthy of mentioning because it combines a host of features to make this one of the best and most affordable bikes in the fat tire bike industry.

The Kawasaki Sumo is a lightweight bike with an aluminum frame, large front fork and alloy riser handlebars.  This is one classy bike with an upright disposition, mechanical disc brakes, and adjustable pedals.  The fat tires (4-in. full tread) and aluminum alloy wheels help this bike sail smoothly, but they are also very heavy. The bike has 21 gears thanks to the EZ-Fire shifters and Shimano Altus derailleurs. Despite the heaviness of the tires (with wheels at almost 50 pounds), this bike does well as a mountain bike and can also handle dirt, mud, and snow.


  • Travels well in a variety of road conditions (snow, dirt, mud)
  • Lightweight frame
  • Very affordable
  • Upright geometry


  • Heavy tires



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The Dolomite is a heavy bike compared to the other fat tire bikes out there on the market, but it is popular with bike enthusiasts because it allows you to have fat tire bike at an amazingly cheap price (under $400).

It may not pack a lot of the features already mentioned about the other brands listed here, but it is still a bike that provides a great riding experience. It comes with the traditional steel frame and fork with oversized tubes and alloy wheels. The 4-inch tires are a generic brand but are capable of handling multiple terrains (gravel, pavement, sand, etc.).

This economical bike also comes with Shimano Altus rear derailleurs twist- grip shifters.  There are 7 speeds that are easy to maintain with routine maintenance. It can even travel in mild snowy conditions, has dual disc brakes and can travel in neutral! As a bonus, this bike has the capability to upgrade a lot of this bike’s features So, how’s that for a bike less than $500?


  • Very affordable with an assortment of features
  • You can ride this bike in a neutral position
  • Feature a standard steel frame and fork with slightly oversized tubes


  • The tires appear to be kind of dark.



All these popular fat tire bikes can be found in major retail outlets. Mountain bike lovers will appreciate the group set features these bikes have at the offered prices available. If you ever wondered why bike lovers love fat tire bikes, now you can see why based on the reviews of these popular brands mentioned here. So, why not try one out yourself and experience the fun many people have already experienced from having these brands?

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