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Comfort is paramount when it comes to cycling. And there are many factors that affect this — your riding position, the quality of your saddle, the suspension of your bike, your bike shoes, the cycling shorts that you are wearing and of course, your socks. In this buying guide, we’ve rounded up the best bike socks that you can get today. Read on!

The 5 Best Cycling Socks for 2020

Paplus Ankle Compression Bike Socks

The Paplus Ankle Compression Bike Socks help you bike and move faster. These cycling socks are designed to promote better blood flow and oxygen flow to your feet — reducing your risks of cramping, swelling, and fatigue. With targeted compression zones, these bike socks can also aid in muscle recovery and plantar fasciitis after a long day ride. By providing 360 degrees protection for your feet, the Paplus Ankle Compression Bike Socks that your ankles are supported throughout the ride and that your feet are protected from all types of injuries. 

These cycling socks are made from a premium breathable nylon and spandex material that is lightweight and highly absorbent. These socks don’t only protect and increase the blood flow to your feet, they also keep your feet cool and fresh by sucking up all sweat and moisture. The Paplus Ankle Compression Bike Socks offer a compression rate of 15-20 mmHg and come highly recommended by doctors for everyday use. 

Top Features of the Paplus Ankle Compression Bike Socks: 

  • Additional support for your ankles and arch – relieves pain from plantar fasciitis and foot injuries
  • Seamless toe closure – helps prevent blisters by minimizing abrasions on toe area
  • Moisture-wicking – these cycling socks are designed to keep your feet dry. Thanks to its highly breathable design. 
  • Achilles protection – ergonomic design keeps your skin from rubbing on your shoes. 


Charmking Compression Bike Socks

Combining fashion and technology, the Charmking Compression Bike Socks provides triple the comfort of most bike socks in the market at a much cheaper price. These cycling socks provide optimal compression and are designed to increase blood flow in your feet — reducing your risks of cramping and fatigue. Compression socks also help in muscle recovery after an entire day’s ride. 

Made for everyday use, the Charmking Compression Bike Socks help you react quicker and move faster without using too much energy. They also help relieve pain and discomfort commonly caused by plantar fasciitis. These cycling socks are made from high-quality breathable materials that wick moisture away while provided reinforced support and comfort on your feet. 

Top Features of the Charmking Compression Bike Socks:

  • Keeps you dry at all times – made from breathable materials with special silver fiber, these cycling socks keep your feet dry and comfy throughout the day. They prevent blisters too. 
  • Designed to prevent injuries – biking these challenging terrains can take a toll on your body. These bike locks are designed to minimize injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, blisters, calf cramps, Achilles issues, pulled muscles, blood pulling, heel cup issues, etc. They also prevent abrasions and foot stress. 
  • Enjoy better performance – compression socks help reduce the build-up of lactic acid. By improving blood flow to your feet, your muscles will have all the energy it needs to help you bike and pedal like a pro

Thirty 48 Bike Socks

The Thirty 48 Bike Socks are unisex cycling socks designed with your comfort and safety in mind. These biking socks are made to keep your feet supported throughout the day without attracting too much attention. With elastic arch support, the Thirty 48 Bike Socks help reduce friction and protect the plantar arch of your foot. Its flat toe seam box designed and extra padding on the metatarsal protect your heels, particularly your Achilles, from blisters, abrasions, and other injuries. 

Featuring a moisture-wicking design, the Thirty 48 Bike Socks are made with the company’s proprietary technology called CatalystAF. This design allows for increased airflow to your feet, keeping them dry and cool for hours. The Thirty 48 Bike Socks are made from 68% polypropylene, 27% nylon, and 5% lycra. There are multiple colors to choose from.  

Top Features of the Thirty 48 Bike Socks: 

  • Foot specific design – these cycling socks are made to fit every contour and features of your feet to help you pedal faster and reduce your risks of developing injuries. 
  • Designed to last – made from premium and high-quality materials, these bike socks will stay tight and bright even after multiple washes. 
  • Designed for pros – these cycling socks feature better airflow to keep your feet cool and dry, and extra paddings key areas to prevent blisters and protect your skin from abrasions. 
  • Form-fitting perfection – elastic arch support provide better sense of stability and control while minimizing friction in the toe box. 

Swiftwick Aspire Four Bike Socks

The Swiftwick Aspire Four Bike Socks are designed with your comfort and performance in mind. Engineered to provide maximum compression with minimum cushion, these cycling socks offer a responsive feel like no other. These bike socks follow and support every contour of your feet to improve blood flow and reduce fatigue. 

Crafted from lightweight and moisture-wicking materials, the Swiftwick Aspire Four Bike Socks are made to keep your feet cool and dry so you can always be at your best — whether you are on your road bike, mountain bike, or just commuting to work. Built-in air channels at the top of the socks couple with a mesh footbed further increase the breathability of the Swiftwick Aspire Four Bike Socks. 

Proudly made in the USA using environment-friendly and modern manufacturing practices, these bike socks come in several colors. 

Top Features of the Swiftwick Aspire Four Bike Socks: 

  • Olefin fiber construction – this lightweight fiber is designed to wick away sweat and moisture, keeping your feet dry and cool for hours. Because there’s less moisture, your risks of developing blisters are lower too. 
  • Contoured fit and firm compression – these biking socks are designed to follow the natural shape of your feet to keep you safe from blisters and abrasions. Its firm compression helps stabilize your muscles and promotes better blood flow to your feet. This steady supply of oxygen to your feet is crucial especially during endurance rides and century races where fatigue and cramping can cost you the game. 
  • Minimum cushion and seamless toe – too much cushion can put you out of sync. That’s why the Swiftwick Aspire Four Bike Socks is designed with as little cushion as possible to make sure that you have the most responsive experience ever. It’s seamless toe design, on the other hand, help reduce friction on your toes when pedaling. 
  • Crew Cuff Height – these cycling socks are not just made to protect your ankles. They’re also designed to protect the area below your calf. 

Thirty 48 Elite Compression Bike Socks

The Thirty 48 Elite Compression Bike Socks are made from premium nylon and lycra spandex materials that reduce bad odor and offer great flexibility when riding. These cycling socks are designed to prevent injuries and help you recover faster. Compression cycling socks help prevent post-ride soreness, shin splints, muscle aches, cramping, and lower leg pains. They also help with muscle recovery by encouraging more blood flow to your legs and feet — delivering more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. 

Not just for bikers, the Thirty 48 Elite Compression Bike Socks is also designed for anyone who is on their feet for prolonged periods (nurses, pregnant women, runners, etc.) These cycling socks are also used to treat symptoms of ankle swelling, metatarsalgia, varicose veins, and deep vein thrombosis. 

The Thirty 48 Elite Compression Bike Socks are crafted from moisture-wicking materials that allow your feet to breathe. These socks follow the natural contour of your legs and feet, providing support where needed. 

Top Features of the Thirty 48 Elite Compression Bike Socks: 

  • 20-30 mmHg of compression – this level of compression dilates your arteries, enhancing blood circulation to your muscles, and improve the rate at which oxygenated and deoxygenated blood is exchanged. 
  • Mid-sole and ankle support – increase pressure around your plantar ligaments and Achilles help keep your leg muscles stable for optimum performance. It also reduces your risks of developing injuries like pulled muscles, shin splints, and blisters. 
  • Highly breathable – made from quality nylon which inhibits bacteria growth, reducing your risks of infection and unpleasant odors. This moisture-wicking design keeps you comfy throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bike Socks

What are the advantages of bike socks versus regular socks?

Most bike socks share common features that make them different from regular workout socks. These are: 

Biking socks are thin and fit snugly

Bike shoes are made to be stiff and tight-fitting. This is to ensure that energy from your legs is transferred to the pedal as efficiently as possible. Because of this, bike socks must fit snugly as well. Most biking socks in this guide come with compression bands around the arches to support your feet in a variety of movements. 

Bike socks wick away moisture

Sweat makes your feet smell icky. It’s uncomfortable and increases your chances of getting blisters too. Most cycling socks are made from materials that can wick away moisture (spandex, nylon, polyester, etc.). Cotton socks on the other hand retain moisture, making them unsuitable for those who really want to get serious with biking. 

Cycling socks are also designed with mesh panels at the top to make it breathable. They also have flat-seam toes that help reduce your risks of chafing. 

Cycling socks come in different heights

Although most are just a matter of preference, there are some advantages to the varying heights of cycling socks. For example, bikers who focus on speed and performance often go with higher cycling socks because of their aerodynamic advantage. Mountain bikers, on the other hand, will benefit more from high cut bike socks because they provide protection against brush, dirt, and gravel. 

How can compression bike socks help me?

Compression socks are made with fabrics that provide medical-grade compression. These bike locks are designed to promote better blood flow to your feet as well as these amazing benefits: 

Reduces the build-up of lactic acid 

Getting oxygen to your leg muscles is important. Not doing so will cause the build-up of lactic acid which can cause cramps, muscle pain, and fatigue. Your muscles produce lactic acid as a backup fuel source when it can’t get enough oxygen from your blood. 

Better leg support 

Compression socks provide cyclists with better leg support that helps you pedal efficiently during intense rides. It helps reduce swelling, muscle soreness, and other leg injuries. 

Does length matter when choosing bike socks?

The debate is still ongoing. Personally, I think it’s just a matter of preference. Cyclists who are minimalists will often go with a pair of socks that are low-profile. The most popular are mid-crew length socks which provide optimum ankle and feet support without feeling too short or too long. 

Those who value aesthetics might go for longer socks as they offer more space for styling and showing off. Longer socks may also help with speed but its aerodynamic qualities only matter to pro cyclists who focus a lot on speed more than anything else.

Happy biking! 

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