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Why do bikers wear the best cycling gloves?

For many, road cycling gloves are essential bike accessories akin to cycling jerseys and padded bib shorts. Wearing biking gloves improves your grip — giving you better control when tackling these challenging terrains.

Many waterproof cycling gloves also have padded cushions and gel inserts that are designed to protect your hands in case of an accident. There are also areas of the gloves that you can use to wipe away sweat so you can focus on the road ahead. 

The Best Cycling Gloves to Get this 2020

Loius Garneau Men’s Biogel Bike Gloves

The Loius Garneau Men’s Biogel Bike Gloves are made from high-quality polyester. Designed with your comfort in mind, these mountain bike gloves are well-padded to reduce pressure and absorb vibrations on your hand when riding. They also feature x-shaped vents and a perforated palms for breathability — keeping your hands cool no matter how intense your ride is.

Combining spandex and Biogel RX-B’s Power Mesh technology results in great stretchability and comfort. These mountain bike gloves’ padding maximizes handlebar feel. So, don’t worry about losing an ounce of control while riding.

The Loius Garneau Men’s Biogel MTG Bike Gloves are easy to adjust. Thanks to its adjustable cuff and hook and loop fastener that guarantees a snug fit. The gloves also come with a puller at the wrists so it’s easy to slip on.

The Biogel RX-B come with a soft microfiber patch on the thumb area for wiping sweat. Talk about functionality!

Seibertron Dirtpaw Bike Gloves

The Seibertron Dirtpaw Road Bike Gloves are perfect for you — whether you’re a man or a woman. Designed to be extremely versatile, these cycling gloves have built-in safety features. Direct inject rubber graphics and logos found at the finger knuckles and back of the hand aren’t just there for aesthetics. They’re designed to protect your hand in the event of an accident.

In terms of comfort, the Seibertron Dirtpaw Bike Gloves feature lightly padded Lycra finger Gussets with silicone gripper. The gloves also come with TPR hook and loop wrist closure for a snug fit.

The Seibertron Dirtpaw Road Bike Gloves come in three colors: red, black, and white. There are also two variations in terms of sizes: youth and adult. For your ultimate peace of mind, these biking gloves come with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase.

Giro Bravo Biking Gloves

Whether you are bikepacking, mountain biking downhill, or tackling these toughest ascents, the Giro Bravo Biking Gloves are a must have for you.  Made from synthetic leather, these mountain biking gloves have a comfortable feel. They are durable and feature a breathable mesh design to keep your hands cool while riding.

The Giro Bravo Biking Gloves come with a three-panel palm and low-profile Velcro closure for that snug fit. Optimized padding in the palm area makes sure that your hands won’t hurt even after hours and hours of riding.

Talking about functionality, these mountain bike gloves come with a highly absorbent microfiber for wiping wet surfaces. The Giro Bravo Biking Gloves have several colors to choose from. 

Fox Racing Bike Gloves

Do you want total control of your bike without sacrificing comfort? Then the Fox Racing Bike Gloves are perfect for you. Made from 50% polyamide nylon, 40% polyester, and 10% polyvinyl chloride, you can rest assured that the Fox Racing MTG Bike Gloves are durable and of high quality.

Other notable features of this road cycling gloves are its double layer Clarino leather on the palm, low profile wrist closure, and lightweight and hexagon-printed flexible top hand. The fingertips come with silicone grips for easy grabbing.

The Fox Racing Bike Gloves comes in many colors, depending on your style. 

INBIKE Gel Padded Bike Gloves

The INBIKE Gel Padded Bike Gloves are 4 finger waterproof cycling gloves that come with a moisture-wicking, breathable mesh. Made from highly elastic lycra and knitted mesh fabric, these biking gloves are very breathable and comfortable to wear. These road bike gloves come with an extra 5mm gel padding made of non-slip silicone on the palms. The padding is also designed to absorb shock, relieving you of pain and fatigued when riding.

The fabric inside the fingers is made from a highly absorbent microfiber which helps wipe sweat away easily. Durable and functional, the INBIKE Gel Padded Mountain Bike gloves feature reinforced flex zones at the knuckles and fingertips to protect them from accidents. Looking for a snug fit? Just use the hook and loop fastener at the wrist. It’s very low-profile that you won’t even notice it’s there!

Perfect for outdoor riding, the INBIKE Gel Padded MTG Bike gloves come with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it. There’s also a guaranteed 12 months replacement warranty in case of manufacturing defects. 

Endura FS260-Pro Cycling Gloves

The Endura FS260-Pro Cycling Gloves are a favorite among road and mountain bikers. Why? Because they are very high-performance, stylish, and comfortable! These road bike gloves boast a wicking back hand made from highly stretchable material for the ultimate comfort when riding. On the palm side, the Endura FS260-Pro Cycling Gloves feature two molded gel paddings designed to absorb shock and reduce fatigue.

Worried about grip? There’s no need because the Endura bike gloves have finger and palm prints made of silicone. There are also a couple of finger tabs so you can quickly remove the gloves when you need to. Velcro straps make sure that your waterproof cycling gloves stay in place throughout the entire ride.

GIRO Mountain Bike Gloves

Giro’s DND MTB Gloves are designed for riding berms, trails, jumps, and anything else you want to conquer. A very simple cycling glove, the Endura Giro Down and Dirty (DND) is built with comfort, fit, and durability in mind. They are made from high-quality synthetic leather with a 4-way stretch breathable mesh that can wick moisture easily. While the wiping areas of the gloves are made from highly absorbent microfiber.

Boasting a slip-on design, the GIRO Mountain Bike Gloves come with flex zones at the knuckles and reinforced fingertips for protection and comfort. There are several colors to choose from.

HuwaiH Biking Gloves

The HuwaiH Biking Gloves are designed for bikers and sports lovers. They are made from a three-layer mesh clothing and lycra spandex fabric for quick drying, moisture-wicking, and high breathability. The thumbs are made from terry cloth for wiping wet surfaces and sweat.

The palm area of the HuwaiH Biking Gloves boasts a three-gel pad and 2mm foam for comfort and shock absorption. For a snug fit, these road cycling gloves feature a low-profile sticky Velcro buckle at the wrist area. Need to take it off quickly? Don’t worry because the HuwaiH Biking Gloves have pull buckles installed on the fingertips.

These biking gloves come in 4 sizes: small (6.7″-7.5″), medium (7.5″-8.3″), large (8.3″-9″), and x-large (9″-9.8″). There are 3 colors to choose from: black and green, black and orange, and sky blue. 

Gearonic TM Bicycle Gloves

The Gearonic TM Bicycle Gloves are made from 100% brand-new and high-quality materials. The palm area features an abrasive material for gripping with padded foam pads for absorbing shock and minimizing fatigue.

At the back, you’ll find a breathable mesh with elastic microfiber for the comfort and that perfect fit. The Gearonic TM Bicycle Gloves are designed to support the palm and fingers comfortably when riding.

Very versatile, these waterproof cycling gloves are perfect companions for your outdoor adventures. The fingerless open thumb design ensures that you have maximum grip and control of your bike. The Gearonic TM Bicycle Gloves is available for women, men, and kids. There are a couple of colors to choose from: blue, gray, and red. You can also choose whether you want to the full finger design or the fingerless one.

INBIKE 5mm Gel Padded Cycling Gloves

Another quality product from INBIKE, these bicycle gloves are made from knitted mesh and highly elastic lycra fabric. They’re not only breathable but water resistant too! They come with an extra 5mm gel padding on the palm that’s designed to absorb shock and reduce fatigue when riding.

The finger section of the gloves is made from terry cloth for wiping sweat easily. With adjustable, low-profile hook and loop closure, you can ride assured that the Inbike 5mm Gel Padded Cycling Gloves will never fall off.

These mountain biking gloves come in two colors, blue and grey. There are 4 sizes to choose from: medium (19.5-21.5 cm), large (21.5-23 cm), x-large (23-24.5 cm), and xx-large (24.5-26 cm). 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Cycling Gloves

What are the different factors I need to consider when choosing cycling gloves?

Biking gloves are not just for fun and style. They are designed for your safety. Below are some key factors you need to look into when buying waterproof cycling gloves:

  • Comfort – Choose biking gloves with gel inserts or foam paddings. They help absorb shock when riding and reduces fatigue.
  • Grip – Biking gloves with superb grip give you better control of the handlebar. They also makes braking and shifting easier.
  • Price – Of course, you need to consider your budget. But don’t sacrifice quality! At the end of the day, buying high-quality biking gloves is cheaper than paying for an injury.

What are the different types of biking gloves?

There are 4 major types of biking gloves. They are usually divided according to their intended use. For instance:

Fingerless Summer Gloves – these type of bicycle gloves doesn’t have any protection or insulation. But they’re great for bikers who want to feel the air rushing between their fingers when riding.  Fingerless gloves are ideal for recreational activities and casual rides.

Light Full Finger Gloves – these ones are made from breathable mesh and fabrics. They provide good ventilation when riding and offer decent protection from accidents. These gloves are the best choice when you are riding bikepacking, road biking, or mountain biking. 

Extra Protection Gloves – made of highly durable materials, these gloves provide the protection you need for downhill and high-adrenaline rides. Extra protection gloves provide cushion and are designed to resist tearing on impact.

Winter Gloves – these gloves have wind-stopping properties. They keep your hands warm while riding during winter

best bike gloves

How do I measure the size of my hands?

Size matters. Biking gloves are comfortable when the fit is perfect. So, how do you measure the size of hands? Follow these steps:

  1. Determine the width of your palm by measuring its widest part below your knuckles. Don’t include your thumb!
  2. Determine the length by measuring the tip of your middle finger down to the end of your palm.
  3. Take the largest of the two measurements and compare them against the sizing chart of your preferred brand. Pick the biking gloves that are closest to your size.


Choosing the right pair of biking gloves is critical to your experience as a biker. They help absorb sweat, reduce vibration, and protect your hands on a crash. Not to mention they are very sporty looking! I hope this best cycling gloves buying guide was able to help you pick the right one.

Happy biking! 

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