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Clipless pedals are one of the most significant innovations in biking. Inspired by skiing gears, clipless bike pedals provide better transfer of energy from your foot to the pedal while offering instant entry and release. Below are some of the best clipless bike pedals we can find for you.

The Best Clipless Pedals to Buy for 2020

Funn Mamba Clipless Bike Pedals

The Funn Mamba Clipless Bike Pedals are an SPD compatible clipless bike pedals. These pedals engage immediately — thanks to its single side clip design. Made from high-quality materials, these super durable bike pedals are best for Freeride, Enduro, All Mountain, DH, and other types of off-road biking.

It also features Funn’s patented Grease Renew System (GRS) that lets you put grease on the pedals without worrying about getting dirty.  Just simply insert your grease gun into the GRS port and that’s it!

The Funn Mamba Clipless Bike Pedals are fully serviceable. Rebuild kits are readily available in case yours break down.  These amazing bike pedals come in gold, red, purple, orange, green, pink, and blue.

Funn Ripper

Another quality product from Funn, the Funn Ripper features a spring-loaded Angular Engagement System (AES) that lets you clip in without much effort. Once clipped in, you can enjoy great pedals support and feel — thanks to its rigid platform design. You can also install studs based on your preference.

Made from CNC’d 6061 aerospace grade alloy, these durable pedals can be used for any type of off-terrain rides (i.e. all-mountain, free ride, DH, and endure). The Funn Ripper pedals are built to last with fully serviceable parts. Rebuild kits are also available!

The Funn Ripper comes in orange, pink, blue, green, purple, red, and gold. 

Shimano SPD

The Shimano SPD enhances SPD (Shimano Pedalling Dynamics) whether you’re riding or walking. Various shoe and pedals styles make pedaling more efficient while walking is enhanced by recessed cleats.

These pedals boast a unified power system which is achieved by eliminating toe-clips and integrating the pedals and outsole into a single unit. SPD also offers greater efficiency, stability, and comfort when riding.

The Shimano SPD Pedal system boasts a mud-shedding design that flushes out debris and mud when you step in. 

Look Keo Tour de France

The Look Keo Tour de France Pedals are limited edition clipless bike pedals that feature an effortless system for clipping in and out of your bike. The composite body is made from high quality, lightweight, and durable materials.

These clipless bike pedals are ideal for all types of road cycling, off-terrain riding, and even casual use. Each pedal only weighs 139 grams and already comes with Look Keo’s patented cleats. Thread size is 9/16 x 20mm.

The Look Keo Tour de France Pedals are perfect for beginners and seasoned bikers who are looking for a large surface area bike pedal for stable and comfortable biking. 

Shimano PD-T400 Click’r

Another quality product from Shimano. The Shimano PD-T400 Click’r pedals features a “click’r” lightweight design with an easy-to-engage clear sping that makes clipping in and out of your pedals a breeze. Just simply put a foot down fast when stepping out or casually step in when you’re ready to ride.

Compared to other clipless bike pedals, the Shimano PD-T400 Click’r  Pedals require a lesser amount of heel twist to disengage the pedals — helping you hop in and out sooner and easier.

These amazing bike pedals work best for all types of activities like bike touring, leisure riding, commuting, road cycling, off-terrain trekking, etc. 

Venzo Dual Function

The Venzo Dual Function are made from a die-cast aluminum alloy body. It rides smooth — thanks to its sealed bearings and lightweight design (weighing only 580g per pair). These clipless bike pedals also come with SPD compatible cleats that work with any Shimano SPD MTB pedals systems.

The Venzo Dual Function pedals are a dual function clipless bike pedals. You can ride with clipless shoes if you want to efficiently transfer more energy to the pedals (for example when you are road biking or riding these awesome trails). If you want a more casual ride (like bike touring or commuting), you can also opt to use these pedals without clipless shoes.

These amazing bike pedals are also adjustable. Just twist the screw on the side of the pedals for that perfect cleat tension!

Origin8 Dual-Sport

The Origin8 Dual Sport pedals are made from high-quality extruded aluminum with a CNC Chromoly spindle. It boasts a smooth-riding performance, thanks to its sealed bearing and bushing. The Origin8 Dual Sport are one side SPD compatible and comes with fully adjustable tension cleats. 

Shimano SPD-SL PDR540

The Shimano SPD-SL PDR540 feature a wide pedal platform that offers better foot or pedal stability than other clipless bike pedals on the market. These awesome pedals owe its smooth-riding performance to its low maintenance sealed axle. While easy access is made possible by its low profile, open design.

The Shimano SPD-SL PDR540 are easy to clip into for more pedal power when riding. 

HT Components T1

The HT Components T1 feature sturdy construction of CNC machined aluminum for the body and CNC machined Chromoly for its spindle. These robust design and superior cleat retention make the HT Components T1 ideal for off-terrain riding, enduro, and all-mountain bike events.

These lightweight clipless bike pedals are surrounded by replaceable pins that strengthen the platform and provides a powerful grip in case you miss your clip-in. The HT Components T1 only weighs 368 grams a pair and won’t weigh you down when riding. 

Wellgo WPD

With raving customer reviews, the Wellgo WPD are a great choice for beginners and seasoned cyclists. The body is made from lightweight aluminum while its spindle is CNC machined Chromoly.

The Wellgo WPD are compatible with 98A or Shimano 51 cleats. These packages already come with 98A cleats out of the box. 

BW USA Rock Garden Clipless Pedal

Made from CNC machines aluminum body, this clipless bike pedals features a durable chromoly axle. It also comes with sealed bearing that are smooth rolling and long-lasting. 

BW USA Rock Garden Clipless Pedal is very light at only 180g each. This pedal is SPD compatible.

Exustar Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals

The Exustar Mountain Bike Pedals feature a black aluminum body with chrome-molybdenum alloy for binding. These clipless pedals are double-sided SPD with fully adjustable binding tension.

The Exustar Mountain Bike Pedals are perfect for these mountain biking trails. And its liquid painting-coated surface is meant to last a long

Clipless Pedals Frequently Asked Questions

What makes clipless bike pedals different from other pedals on the market?

There are at least three types of pedals on the market:

Platform bike pedals are just the regular pedals you see on most bikes.

Toe-clips pedals, as the name imply, come with toe-clips mounted to the front. These toe-clips lock into your foot and help you generate more power during the “upstroke”.

clipless pedals which did away with toe-clips. Instead, it’s replaced by a small catch that receives the cleat of your shoe when you hop in and instantly releases when you hop out.

Are there different types of clipless pedals?

There are! There are at least two types and we’ll discuss each of them here.

  • Walkable clipless systems – these variants are the most popular one. The cleats are recessed into the soles of your shoes allowing you to walk normally. You can even use it for hiking! Walkable clipless systems make a good choice for commuting, touring, off-road biking, and century rides. Many of these systems feature a double-side pedal that allows you to click into without looking down.
  • Road clipless systems – as the name suggests, road clipless pedals are made specifically for road bikes where aerodynamics, maximum efficiency, and weight are critical factors. The cleats of road bike shoes don’t recess into the sole of the shoes, making walking difficult. Unlike walkable clipless pedals, road clipless pedals are usually single-sided. This means you need to look down and find the correct side before you ride.

What are the benefits of clipless pedal systems?

There’s a reason why many beginners and seasoned bikers love using clipless pedals. Below are some of them:

  • They keep your shoes in place, making it easier to pedal.
  • Clipless bike pedals optimize the connection between your foot and the pedal. This makes energy transfer more efficient with every stroke. A must-have feature for accelerating, climbing, or long-haul rides.
  • Many clipless bike pedals come with a float feature that helps mitigate knee problems by allowing your feet to self-align.
  • They make hopping the bike easier in case you have to clear curbs, rocks, and logs.
  • Unlike toe-clips, clipless pedals don’t snag on roots, sticks, and other debris along the trail.
  • Clipless pedals are easier to get into.
  • A more natural and simpler release system makes the clipless pedals safer than toe-clips.
  • As long as you have the right shoe, clipless pedal systems are very comfortable to ride on.
  • Compared to toe-clips, clipless pedal systems don’t have straps that restrict blood movement and cage that cuts into your shoes or chafes your foot.
  • Clipless pedals are lighter. 

What is a float?

This is a common feature among clipless pedals. Float refers to a few degrees of built-in lateral space the enables your feet to slide and find the most optimum position. A float system makes sure that your feet and knees are aligned to prevent injuries.

Remember that it’s still important to align your cleats properly and not just rely on the float system. 

What is tension adjustment?

Tension adjustment is all about fine-tuning. Many competitive riders want their pedals to be very firm so their feet don’t pop out when sprinting. On the other hand, mountain bikers want their pedals loose so they can hop in and out easily when needed.

When you are just learning how to use these pedals, we recommend that you start with the loose setting first. 

How do I get used to riding clipless pedals?

Practicing is key when you are just starting with clipless pedals. This is a must if you’re used to toe-clips and straps pedals which uses a different foot motion to hop out.

Remember that you need to swing clipless pedals outward to get your feet out.  Practice clicking your right foot first and remove it 40 times. Do the same with your left foot.

Practice this motion while standing over the bike. Don’t sit or ride (yet). You can use a lawn or soft surface if you’re worried about falling over.

Once you are comfortable clicking in and out of your bike, go for a short ride around your neighborhood. Remember, the hardest thing to do the first time is twisting your heels — not pull back!

We hope this buying guide has helped you find the right clipless pedals for you. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy biking!

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