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BMX or bicycle motocross started in America during the seventies. Designed to introduce kids into motocross, BMX soon became a sport of its own. Below are some of the best BMX bikes that you can order online today! 

The 6 Best BMX Bikes for 2020

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

With over 45 years of experience, Mongoose has been one of the leading bike manufacturers in the world. The new Legion series give bikers, young and old, the opportunity to enjoy the classic BMX bike. The Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike sports a high-tensile strength frame, removable brake mounts, and a tapered headtube. Perfect for beginners, this BMX has everything you need to start hitting the streets and popping off the curbs.

Features of the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

High-Tensile Strength Steel Frame – the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike comes with a very durable and lightweight steel frame. The top tube length is 20.25 inches — perfect for riders between 4’8” to 5’4”.

Premium Drivetrain and Chainring – this BMX bike’s drivetrain sports 170mm one-piece steel cranks forged to perfection. The chainring, on the other hand, is made from 25% alloy with ball bottom brackets.

Amazing Wheelset and Hubs – the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike’s wheelset comes with 20 x 2.3 inches tires. These premium tires are mounted on a single wall aluminum rim. The front female axle hub has a diameter of ⅜ inches coupled with a 9T cog sealed bearing cassette in the rear.

Performance-Level Handlebars and Stem – the handlebar and fork of the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike are made from high-ten steel joined together by a 50mm stem. Its aluminum U brake provides awesome stopping power while its threadless sealed headset offers precise steering and control.

What Others Say About the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Perfect for my needs!

Being an avid fan of skateboarding, I purchased the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike to give BMXs and biking a try. This BMX bike is perfect for my needs. The frame, cranks, and forks of the bike are really strong. I don’t see myself breaking the bike anytime soon! If you are looking for a BMX bike to get started without breaking the bank, get this!

Schwinn BMX Bike

Schwinn is a local bike brand founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1895. Known as Americas’s most loved bicycle brand, Schwinn has always been on a mission to provide high-quality bicycles and accessories to pros and enthusiasts — young and old. This classic Schwinn BMX Bike is available in Sting Pro and Predator Team variants. The bike is ideal for riders between 4’8” to 5’4” in height.

Features of the Schwinn BMX Bike

Classic BMX Bike Design – the Schwinn BMX Bike sports the iconic 1989 bike frame design that Schwinn rolled out. The design features a classic handlebar, laid-back bike seat, and top tube pad. And for the cherry on top, the Schwinn BMX Bike also sports a classic paint job and decals for that awesome vintage look.

Low-Maintenance Riding – the Schwinn BMX Bike comes with rear caliper brakes that provide more than enough stopping power. The bike is powered by a single-speed drivetrain that is very easy to maintain.

Lightweight Modules – this BMX bike sports aluminum rims which are strong but lightweight. Expect the same strength and quality from its tubular crankset that provides fast acceleration.

What Others Say About the Schwinn BMX Bike

I love this bike!

I fell in love with my Schwinn BMX Bike the moment I saw it. This BMX bike is exactly what I was hoping for out of the box — it’s stylish, durable, and affordable. Its vintage look is always a head-turner wherever I go. The Schwinn BMX Bike also offers a wide range of customization options. You can easily change the stock pedals, bike seat, and brake levers with your preferred models. Overall, the Schwinn BMX Bike is a bang-for-buck ride that is durable and visually appealing at the same time.

Hiland Freestyle BMX Bike

Hiland boasts that they put their heart into the bicycles they make. And it shows. The Hiland Freestyle BMX Bike is a BMX bike that will exceed your expectations in terms of quality and performance. Available in orange color, this BMX bike is perfect for riders between 4’4” and 5’4” in height.

Features of the Hiland Freestyle BMX Bike

Premium Materials and Construction – the Hiland Freestyle BMX Bike frame is made from high-tensile steel wish is strong and durable.

360 Degrees Rotor – the handlebar of the Hiland Freestyle BMX Bike is equipped with a 360 degrees rotor that allows you to turn the handlebar completely around.

Ready for Your Tricks – aside from the 360 degrees rotor, this BMX bike also comes with 4 pegs out of the box. So, get your tricks ready! You’ll be showing it off in no time with this bike.

Amazing Gear System – Thanks to its 25x9T gearing, this bike is also very easy to ride even for beginners.

Easy Assembly – the Hiland Freestyle BMX Bike comes 85% pre-assembled out of the box. Assembling the rest of the box is a no-brainer and all the tools you need comes with the package.

What Others Say About the Hiland Freestyle BMX Bike

A great purchase!

I just bought the Hiland Freestyle BMX Bike and trust me, this bike looks so much better in person than in the pictures. This bike is great for its price. Assembling the rest of the bike should take you about 30 minutes to an hour depending on your experience. If you have not assembled a bike before, don’t’ worry. The Hiland Freestyle BMX Bike arrives with assembly instructions to guide you through. Overall, this is a great purchase and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a budget ride.

Mongoose Title Mini BMX Bike

The Mongoose Title Mini BMX Bike is a professional BMX bike designed for beginners. This trophy-worthy ride sports tectonic aluminum frames with internal routing cables — all at one affordable price. The Mongoose Title Mini BMX is for riders between 4’2” and 4’10” in height.

Features of the Mongoose Title Mini BMX

Lightweight Aluminum Frame – the Mongoose Title Mini BMX sports an all-aluminum bike frame crafted from T1 aluminum. The frame comes with internal cable routing and an integrated headset for clean aesthetics. The frame only weighs 2.69 lbs.

Premium Drivetrain – this BMX bike’s drivetrain comes with 140mm three-piece Chromoly cranks with euro cartridge bottom bracket and 39T chainring.

Excellent Steering Performance – the Mongoose Title Mini BMX features a high-tensile strength Chromoly handlebar and fork joined together by a 30 mm stem. This coupled with a sealed bearing headset offers amazing control and performance. Braking power is supplied by a linear-pull brake and brake levers.

Arisen Wheelset – the Mongoose Title Mini BMX sports the Arisend XLR8 20” wheelset. The tires are mounted on an aluminum double-wall rims. The rear hub sports a 16T cog while the front sports an aluminum ball bearing.

What Others Say About the Mongoose Title Mini BMX

Great ride!

This is a great ride! I bought this bike a few months ago for my son and he is very happy with it. The assembly of the bike was very easy. Out of the box, you can tell that the Mongoose Title Mini BMX is very well made. The aluminum bike frame and components make this ride very light. If you have teens who want to start popping off the curbs, get this one!

Elite BMX Bike

The Elite BMX Bike is a great mid-level contender. You can get this BMX bike 20” or 18” variants. The elite will not let you down on the street, park, or dirt. Get this today before it runs out!

Features of the Elite BMX Bike

High-Quality Bike Frame – this BMX bike’s frame is crafted from high-tensile steel that’s durable and lightweight. It comes with a Chromoly fork joined together by a 50mm alloy stem. The Elite BMX Bike also comes with an integrated sealed bearing headset for awesome steering and control. The bike comes with 1 set of pegs installed at the rear.

Premium Drivetrain – the Elite BMX Bike sports a one-piece crank made from Chromoly, unsealed American 19mm bottom bracket, and ½” thread platform pedals. Stopping power is provided by Tektro Alloy U brakes.

What Others Say About the Elite BMX Bike

Very sturdy bike!

The bike arrives 85% assembled. Putting the rest of the bike is very easy — thanks to the tools and instructions that come with it. My son loves the quality of the Elite BMX Bike. It’s very sturdy and rides like a high-end BMX without costing you a fortune. Kudos to the fast delivery too!

Redline Proline Pro BMX Bike

Are you ready to get more serious about racing on a BMX bike? The Redline Proline Pro BMX Bike is designed to take your BMX experience to a whole new level. Offering great performance, this BMX bike is crafted from Redline’s proprietary aluminum alloy frame. Perfect for riders between 5’3” and 5’8” in height.

Features of the Redline Proline Pro BMX Bike

Proprietary Bike Frame – the Redline Proline Pro BMX Bike is made with the company’s “top secret” alloy frame with an integrated head tube.

Full Chromoly Fork – the forks of this BMX ride is made from 100% steel butted Chromoly with a tapered design. This increases the performance of the bike without affecting its weight.

High-End Drivetrain – the Redline Proline Pro BMX Bike sports a two-piece 175mm alloy forged cranks on a 24mm Chromoly Spindle. This bike comes with a 16T cogset, an aluminum fully sealed cassette rear hub, an aluminum fully sealed front hub, a KMC Z6 bike chain, and Tektro linear-pull brakes.

What Others Say About the Redline Proline Pro BMX Bike

The best BMX bike in town

In my opinion, the Redline Proline Pro BMX Bike is the best high-end BMX bike that you can find online. It rides fast, super light, and the quality is just superb. All parts and tools you need to fully assemble the bike come in the box. Keep in mind that this bike is built for racing so the included bike seat doesn’t have a lot of cushioning in it.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best BMX Bikes

What does BMX bike mean?

We’ve heard the word BMX a million times but what does it really mean? BMX actually stands for Bicycle Moto Cross, a popular sport that originated in America in the early 1970s. BMX was first designed to introduce kids into motocross — eventually, BMX blew up into its own category.

Can an adult ride BMX bikes?

Yes. Most MX bikes are ridden by kids, teens, and adults alike. The minimum age for this style of bike is eight years old. Just check with your manufacturer to make sure that your height and weight are within the bike’s limits.

What the different types of BMX bikes?

There are three main categories of BMX bikes in the market:

True BMX bikes – these are the original ones that were introduced in the 70s. Designed as knockoffs of motocross motorcycles, original BMX were made for racing in the dirt. These bikes are usually made from aluminum or Chromoly steel.

Freestyle – these bikes are designed for flatland tricks and street riding. Because freestyle bikes are made for getting vertical at skateparks, super-strong construction is key. And this often comes at the cost of weight.

Jumpers – from the name itself, these bikes are made for taking flight. Jumpers bridge the gap between True BMX and freestyle bikes. These bikes are lighter than freestyle but beefier than the original BMXs. Jumpers usually don’t come with front brakes.

Happy biking!

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