Colorado is one of the top destinations in the US. In this state, you will find a lot of beautiful scenery, mountains, tourist spots and even places for your recreational activities, like biking, all year round! You may have heard about the perfect summer and winter getaways here for your vacation and skiing hobbies, but how about the best biking trails in Colorado?

Colorado has beautiful climate and vegetation that makes it biking-friendly. Colorado offers trails for all types of bikers. For a change, let us start with the most complicated ones to the easier ones.

Mount Evans Road

Length: 48 miles

With 5,540 feet of elevation, this mountain is not an easy task. But don’t be surprised why many cyclists dare to ride this biking trail in Colorado. Mount Evans road will offer you two things: adrenaline rush and gorgeous scenery.

The Mount Evans trail runs through forested glades and high- altitude tundra. This bike road will test a trained and advanced cyclist’s skills when it comes to balance and agility. The top will show the views of Rocky Mountains and notched peaks. As it is a daredevil trail, make sure to be fully aware of dangers before committing to a trip.

Biking hint: This is a challenging trail so make sure to bring your most reliable bike tools in case of emergency. Also, watch out for the changing weather and temperature due to the elevation!

Trail Ridge Road – Rocky Mountain National Park

Length: 28 miles

National parks are known for its vast vegetation, and being one, Trail Ridge Road is a sight to behold. This biking trail in Colorado offers shady pine trees and beautiful sceneries. But do not get too comfy, as it can be as rocky as its location’s name is. Aside from its rocky peaks, the trail is a combination of straightways and twists. Keep an eye out for the local flora and fauna as well!

Biking hint: Be cautious with vehicles when cycling along this area. Make sure to bring bike tools for emergency purposes. There is also a snack bar at the Alpine Visitor Center where you can rest and grab a quick bite while enjoying the view.

Independence Pass

Length: 37.6 miles

Independence Pass is up to 12,095 feet at the summit. Ride the trail just before the fall closure for a chance to see the aspens’ perfect gold and orange foliage. This trail may be quite high and lengthy, but the views and experience make it worth it! Relax and distress from the long ride with the available establishments in Aspen, one of the ride’s endpoint.

Biking hint: Unfortunately, this route is only available during Memorial Day and Labor Day due to high altitude and winter road conditions.

Peak to Peak and Historic Byway

Length: 55 miles

Riding the lower ridges of the Front Rage is the best way to see the beauty of Indian Peaks and Long Peak near Allenspark. As the name suggests, the Peak to Peak biking trail in Colorado runs along the peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

If you travel from north to south, you will reach Black Hawk and Central City. The trail ends at the Rocky Mountain National Park when you take the northbound route.

Biking Hint: If you are staying in the city and want to keep your biking habit active, take this trail as the closest towns like Black Hawk, Estes Park, and Central City are all within a short trip from Denver.

Loveland Pass

Length: 19 miles

Denver locals’ shortcut to ski areas, Loveland Pass is a popular route. Cyclists tend to go here and conquer this switchback- heavy route during great seasons such as spring, summer, and autumn. This pass maybe named “Loveland”, but it’s not that lovey-easy at all! The road here is a constant climb and if you ever get tired from pedaling through it, rest at Keystone.

Biking Hint: It is best to avoid cycling here during winter and rainy days.

colorado biking trails

Colorado Biking Trails for Beginners

Hunter Creek Trail

Length: 2 miles

Start near downtown Aspen and run alongside Hunter Creek. Do not worry if you cannot see the peaks yet, as beginners, enjoy the gorgeous views this trail will give. Hunter Creek trail’s shaded path crosses several bridges and climbs more than 700 feet in the first mile.

Biking Hint: This trail offers gorgeous wildflower meadows along the way. Enjoy it!

The Bone Yard

Length: 7 miles

Get ready to sweat on this accessible trail located in the west of Vail. The Bone Yard may be short, but it has downhills and short climbs that add up to the adrenaline. Tight-turning singletrack jogs through thick woods before going to the sloping sagebrush fields.

Biking Hint: Check out Eagle, CO photo-trail navigation feature to see every part of the trail.

Buffalo Creek Trail

Length: 14 miles

A bit longer for beginners, this trail is a favorite! One of Colorado’s top biking trails, Buffalo Creek’s loop rests in the foothills of south Denver. With its slick rock sections, twists and astonishing rock formations, Buffalo Creek attracts cyclists from all over the country!

Biking Hint: Always wear the right biking shoes and the proper biking helmet when riding!

Colorado is a beautiful state! If it is the perfect state to ski, consider it as a biking destination, too! Start planning your next vacation make sure to put one or more of these biking trails in Colorado on your list!

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