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It’s important to protect your hands too when you hop on your bike. Even during hot days, biking gloves are a must simply because they help reduce hand fatigue. The best cycling gloves do more than that though. Aside from protecting your hands from scratches and absorbing most of the vibrations, the best bike gloves also help you have a better grip and control over your bike.

If you are looking for a new pair of bike gloves, you’ve come to the right place. We rounded up the best bike gloves you can order online today. Read on!

The 5 Best Cycling Gloves that You Can Get This 2020

MoreOk Biking Gloves

Made of high quality and premium lycra and mesh fabric, the MoreOk Biking Gloves is breathable and comfortable to wear. These cycling gloves come with an anti-slip suede on the palm area to make sure you have complete control of your bike all the time. These gloves come in various colors. For your peace of mind, this product comes with a 12-months warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Features of the MoreOk Biking Gloves

Thick Shock Pads – the MoreOk Biking Gloves come with an extra thick 5mm gel in the palm area so your hands can stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the ride. Silicone material on the surface keeps your hands from slipping.

Soft Micro-fiber Cloth – worried about sweat? Don’t be. These cycling gloves come with high absorbent Terry cloth on the thumb area which you can use to wipe away sweat. On top of that, the gloves are made from a mesh fabric that easily wicks away moisture as you ride — keeping your hands cool and dry.

Easy to Wear and Fit – the MoreOk Biking Gloves come with a pull tab on the fingers so you can easily take them off when you have to. These cycling gloves also feature an adjustable wrist Velcro strap that you can wrap tightly and comfortably on your wrists for that snug fit. The straps are not bulky and are designed to keep give you freedom of movement all throughout.

Multipurpose – Perfect for all types of riders, these cycling gloves are also designed for other outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and climbing. The gloves are machine washable and don’t take a lot of time to dry.

What Others Say About the MoreOk Biking Gloves

Very nice gloves!

Bought these gloves a couple of months ago and I’m loving them! The gel padding feels really good and I love the tacky feeling it gives when I hold my handlebars. Design-wise, I really appreciate the little pull tabs on the middle fingers. It makes taking off the gloves very easy and quick. I ride almost every day and the MoreOk Biking Gloves made a huge difference for me. I no longer suffer from that tingly feeling of numbness that I used to get with my old gloves. Very happy with my purchase.

Tanluhu Biking Gloves

The Tanluhu Biking Gloves are made from durable mesh knitted fabric and super elastic lycra. Designed to support all types of bikers, these cycling gloves are not only breathable but are also comfortable — giving you just the right amount of compression. Available in various sizes, this amazing product comes in black, blue, pink, green, white, orange, gray, and turquoise.

Features of the Tanluhu Biking Gloves

Fits Perfectly on Your Hands – the Tanluhu Biking Gloves come with a velcro adjustable buckle that you can adjust easily to your preference. On top of that, these cycling gloves are made from high-elastic and durable fabric that wicks away moisture so your hands stay dry and cool throughout the ride.

Keep the Sweat Away– you don’t have to bring your face towel with you. These gloves have a built-in, absorbent micro-fiber on the thumb area that you can use to wipe away sweat.

Power Shock Absorption – say goodbye to hand pain and numbness with Tanluhu Biking Gloves. These cycling gloves boast a power shock protection that reduces vibration and hand fatigue.

Easy to Take Off – thanks to the pull tabs at the end of the fingers, you can easily remove the Tanluhu Biking Gloves when you need to.

What Others Say About the Tanluhu Biking Gloves

Amazing bike gloves for its price!

I bike a lot and honestly, these gloves are probably the best biking gloves I’ve ever owned. It’s very lightweight and the padding is just enough to protect your hands without being too bulky. And the pull tabs? I thought they were just a gimmick, but man, these things work! I bought my kid a pair too and the small size works perfectly for him! The Tanluhu Biking Gloves is a must-have!

HTZPLOO Bike Gloves

With raving reviews, the HTZPLOO Bike Gloves are one of the best biking gloves that you can buy online. This amazing apparel is made from 55% polyester and 45% nylon. There are several sizes to choose from — small, medium, large, and extra-large. The HTZPLOO Bike Gloves come in various colors: black, black and blue, black and green, black and gray, black and pink, black and red, and gray.

Features of the HTZPLOO Bike Gloves

Anti-slip Design – the worst thing that can happen during a competitive ride is your hand slipping. You don’t have to worry about losing control with the HTZPLOO Bike Gloves. These cycle gloves are designed with black anti-slip silicone gel on the entire palm area to give you ultimate control.

Lightweight and Comfortable – these gloves are super lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Thanks to its amazing materials and construction, you can enjoy enhanced hand flexibility as you ride. These cycling gloves are soft and smooth. They’re designed to conform to the shape of your hand, giving you a skin-like feel.

Easy to Take Off – don’t worry about turning your gloves inside out. The HTZPLOO Bike Gloves come with two little finger loops that you can use to pull the gloves off.

Deal with the Sweat – these biking gloves are made from breathable materials that wick away moisture as you ride. On top of that, the thumb area is also made of absorbent microfiber that you can use to wipe away the sweat from your face.

What Others Say About HTZPLOO Bike Gloves

These Gloves are Perfect

The HTZPLOO Bike Gloves is perfect for my needs. They look nice and the stitches feel solid and durable. I have used these bike gloves for a couple of weeks now and I ride daily to work. So far, I did notice any sign of wear which is great. The padding on the palm area is just perfect — not too thin nor too thick. And it’s very grippy even when wet. I’m so glad I found this product. Well worth the money I spent.

Giro Strada Massa Super Gel Biking Gloves for Women

Specially designed for women, the Giro Strada Massa Super Gel Biking Gloves for Women sports Giro’s exceptional rebound foam padding. Thin and light, these cycling gloves are designed to eliminate the bulkiness of plush bike gloves.

Features of the Giro Strada Massa Super Gel Biking Gloves for Women

Super Fit and Low Profile – this is achieved by carefully tailoring the palm, fingers, and padding zones to match the shape and size of the hand. This design effectively reduces discomfort and bunching while enhancing the bar feel, effectiveness of the padding, and grip.

Technogel® – Giro boasts that this amazing gel technology offers up to 30% better performance and shock absorption than standard gels found in most biking gloves. The gel doesn’t break down nor harden over time giving you years of lasting performance for your purchase.

Reflective Design – to keep you safe at night and during low light conditions, the Giro Strada Massa Super Gel Biking Gloves for Women features reflective details that increase your visibility.

Support Local – Giro is a local company headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. Established in 1985, Giro Sport Design relentlessly develops new ideas to enhance your riding experience. By buying the Giro Strada Massa Super Gel Biking Gloves for Women you support a local company that continues to strive and innovate.

What Others Say About the Giro Strada Massa Super Gel Biking Gloves for Women

The gel really makes a difference!

Compared to other women cycling gloves that I used, the gel in the Giro Strada Massa Super Gel Biking Gloves is far superior. I have put more than 200 miles using this product and there’s no sign of wear at all — which is a testament to the quality of these gloves’ materials and construction. The gel sits perfectly on my hands. The lower part absorbs most of the pressure and vibrations. The upper part and the fingers are padded as well. Grab these cycling gloves today and you will not look for anything else!

Cool Change Full Finger Biking Gloves

The Cool Change Full Finger Biking Gloves is a full finger cycling glove that lightweight and durable. Designed to offer full protection during your rides, these bike gloves are the perfect choice for hobbyists and professionals who are looking for great functionality without breaking the bank. The Cool Change Full Finger Biking Gloves come in various sizes-small, medium, large, extra-large. These come in red, blue, and black.

Features of the Cool Change Full Finger Biking Gloves

Breathable Construction – these biking gloves are made from a 4-way stretch breathable fabric that wicks away moisture — keeping your hand cool and comfortable even on a hot day.

SBR Padding – the Cool Change Full Finger Biking Gloves come with SBR padding that’s designed to absorb shock and reduce hand fatigue. The thumbs, on the other hand, are made of high-absorbent Terry cloth so you can wipe down dripping and distracting sweat with ease.

Designed to Work on Touchscreens – you don’t have to remove the gloves to use your cellphone. These full-finger bike gloves are designed to work on smartphones and touchable bike computers.

Multipurpose – the Cool Change Full Finger Biking Gloves are not just for biking. These gloves are also perfect for other outdoor activities like camping, mountain climbing, and hiking.

What Others Say About the Cool Change Full Finger Biking Gloves

Comfortable and practical!

These bike gloves fit my hands perfectly! They are very comfortable and practical to use. I personally like full finger gloves because they also protect my fingers while on the road. Only the index finger has touchscreen capability. The padding of the Cool Change Full Finger Biking Gloves works perfectly too. They are not bulky at all. Fantastic purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Biking Gloves

How do I clean my bike gloves?

Most biking gloves on this list are easy to wash and clean. Biking gloves that are made of polyester, lycra, and microfiber can be thrown into the washing machine. You can always refer to the washing instructions in the tag or packaging of your bike gloves to be sure — especially if your gloves are made from materials that are not common.

What are the features I should look for in a biking glove?

Padding – this is probably the most important one. The best padding offers just the right amount of tackiness and grip. Too much padding can affect your control and too little of it can make your hands sore.

Breathability – always go for biking gloves that are made from breathable materials. Biking will make you sweat a lot. Wearing gloves that are not breathable will cause you a lot of discomfort during your ride.

Fabrics – most cycling gloves in the market are made from nylon, lycra, polyester, and spandex. Manufacturers use a combination of these fabrics to keep your gloves stretchy and breathable.

Happy biking!

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