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Repairing your bike on your own has its advantages: you save time from trips to the mechanic, you save money, and you get experience. One of the challenges of bike repair is keeping your bike upright while you are performing the task at hand. Fortunately, there are bike stands that can help you in this regard. Here are 10 of them

The 10 Best Bike Stands for 2020

Japusoon Upright Bike Stand

The Japusoon Upright Bike Stand is a high-quality bicycle stand made from heat-treated steel. It features rubber-capped corners to avoid scratching the surface, reduce noise, and resist wear. Functional and space-saving, this indoor bike stand is very easy to use. The Japusoon Upright Bike Stand works well on either front or back insert. Storage problems? No worries. This amazing bike stand can be stored vertically or horizontally, depending on your available space — perfect for apartments, dorms, or areas with limited space. The Japusoon Upright Bike Stand fits nearly all types of bikes — kids bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes — everything with a wheelbase that’s not more than 2.4” wide. This freestanding bike rack is easy to assemble. It takes less than 10 minutes. No drilling required! This bike rack can carry a maximum weight of 66 lbs.  

Bike Hand Bike Stand

Light, portable, and strong, the Bike Hand Bike Stand features heavy-duty aluminum alloy for its body and high-quality plastic for its head and clamps. Very compact when folded, you can store this bike stand anywhere! The Bike Hand Bike Stand comes with a quick-release adjustable height. It can extend from 1 meter to 1.5 meters easily. The tilt and angle can also be adjusted using quick-release strong skewers. Yay! No more awkward working positions for you! The stand’s head is designed to rotate by 360 degrees using the quick release turning knob. Its well-made heavy-duty teeth can hold up to 55 lbs. at any angle. The Bike Hand Bike Stand comes with a foldable magnetic tool plate. You can easily remove the tool plate when storing the bike rack. The Bike Hand Bike Stand is now in the market for over 10 years — proving its reliability and durability over time.

Hasit Bike Floor Stand

The Hasit Bike Floor Stand doesn’t need any drilling. When storing, just simply lift lightly and roll into the groove to store the bike rack either horizontally or vertically. It’s a real space saver especially for apartments, dorms, offices, and rooms with limited storage. After assembly, this bike stand towers at a height of 21.7” and a width of 20.8”. It can fit almost any bikes — just make sure yours doesn’t have a wheelbase of more than 2.4”. High-quality and durable, the Hasit Bike Floor Stand is made from heat-treated steel. The surface of the bike rack is powder-coated to protect it from rust and the elements. At the bottom of the bike, stand are 4 stable plastic bases with grooves that adjust based on the width of the bike tire. It also comes with a top hook — making it one of the most stable and convenient bike rack on the market today. The Hasit Bike Floor Stand is designed for lifetime use. It can carry a maximum load of 66 lbs.  

Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Stand

The Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Stand is compact, lightweight, and durable. It comes with a spring-loaded arm that can easily hold either the front or rear wheels of your bike. The arms’ hands-free design comes with safety features that keep your rims and spoke free from scratches. This bike stand can carry up to 20mm road tires and up to 2.4” mountain bike tires. Compact and stylish, the Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Stand’s base footprint only measures 13.5” x 16”. When folded, the stand is only 3.2” long. The Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Stand comes with an optional spacing of 12, 13.5, and 16 inches. It also comes with a limited one-year guarantee from its manufacturers. 

Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bike Stand

Another quality product from Feedback Sports, this amazing bicycle stand features a patented ratchet-action closure clamp with push-button release. The clamp also boasts micro-adjustability and 360 degrees turn capability for pinpoint accuracy. The Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bike Stand’s clamp has a height range of 42 to 71 inches. It also comes with rubber jaws to protect your bike’s finish from scratches. This bike stand comes with quick-release fittings for easy disassembly and quick storage. It works great for bike maintenance, repairs, and washing. It comes with a stylish tote bag for transport. 

Ibera Utility Bike Stand

The Ibera Utility Bike Stand is a foldable bike rack that’s easy to store when you are not using it — making it an ideal solution for limited spaces like offices, apartments, or dorms. It’s also very easy to set up when needed. This bike rack is great for home use — whether you are simply storing your bike or doing some maintenance or repairs. Most customers use the Ibera Utility Bike Stand for cleaning, adjusting brakes, tuning drivetrains, etc.  It can hold your rear wheel steadily off the ground. The Ibera Utility Bike Stand is also perfect for displaying your bike in stores or at exhibitions. Its adjustable chainstay mounts can hold almost any bike. It can fit wheels between 20-29 inches. The stand’s two-ways axis rotation and adjustable width can fit most bike frames as well. The Ibera Utility Bike Stand is the ideal choice for parking, storing, and displaying your bicycle. For your peace of mind, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year free replacement warranty from its manufacturers.  

1-3 Bike Hand Bicycle Stand

Another quality product from Bike Hand, the free-standing floor bike stand is the perfect choice when you are looking for flexibility. Compact and lightweight, you can easily move this stand around your garage, store, or room. The 1-3 Bike Hand Bicycle Stand’s patented design comes with 2 adjustable pulleys. It can fit any type of bikes with a wheel size between 24 and 29 inches. Very easy to use. Just slide the bike in and you’re all set! This bike stand can accommodate either the front or rear wheel of your bike. You don’t have to worry about scratches on your bike’s rims, frame, or disc as the stand only touches the tires while keeping your bike 100% stable. The 1-3 Bike Hand Bicycle Stand only weighs 4.35 lbs. It’s made from high-quality steel, powder-coated to resist rust and the elements. This bike rack is NOT recommended for outdoor use.

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand

The Bike Nook Bicycle Stand offers a brilliant way to easily store your bike at home. Thanks to its spacing-saving handstand configuration, the Bike Nook stand can save you up to 3.5 feet of floor space! Its upright design means that you don’t have to struggle to lift or hang your bikes anymore. This storage solution also keeps your bike from scratching or damaging walls, ceilings, cars, and more. The Bike Nook Bicycle Stand adjusts to various heights. It’s designed for bikes with 10-inch wheels and more. This means that this bike stand works perfectly with road bikes, mountain bikes, beach bikes, kids’ bikes, and more! This product comes with a connector when you buy 2 or more bike stands. 

Park Tool Bike Repair Stand

This bike stand can turn your room or garage into a professional bike repair station in no time. The Park Tool Bike Repair Stand is made from high-quality steel tubing that’s designed for heavy-duty use. It’s also powder finished for that sporty, long-lasting look.

This stand comes with a clamp that can rotate 360 degrees so you can easily access any part of your bike when doing repairs, cleaning mud, or adding lubricants. The Park Tool Bike Repair Stand can services a wide variety of bikes between 55 to 72 inches. Lastly, this bike stand comes with a four-point leg system that guarantees stability despite its heavy load.

Bike Hand Hub Mount Bike Stand

The Bike Hand Hub Mount Bike Stand comes with a stand out design. Made from one-piece steel, this bike rack is undeniably solid and stable. It comes with an 11-inch wide base with a weight of only 5 lbs. No more complicated steps. When using, just simply place the rear hub axle of your bike into the holder and you’re good to go! The Bike Hand Hub Mount Bike Stand is best for disc brake or non-disc brake bikes — as long as there’s enough space between the axle hub and the bike frame. The Bike Hand Hub Mount Bike Stand comes with a rubber-coated arm to protect your bike. This stand comes with a lifetime warranty from its manufacturers. If your bike is 29” or bigger, look for a bike stand with an adjustable holding arm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right bike stand?

A bike is easy to ride and doesn’t require much money to operate and maintain. If you’re tired of paying someone to perform repairs that you can do on your own, then maybe it’s high time to do it yourself. But first, you need the right tools and a bike stand to keep your bike upright. How do you choose the right bike stand? Here are some questions to consider:

  1. How many bikes will you be working on?

A bike stand with a single clamp is good enough for family or personal bikes. But if you want to go pro, then investing in bike stands with multiple clamps is worth it.

bike maintenance tips

  1. Are you doing minor or major repairs?

Bike stands with big floor stands can handle more torque that tripod style bicycle stands. So, if you’re just planning to make minor repairs like changing a tire or adjusting your brakes, then a tripod style bike stand will suffice

What are the advantages and disadvantages of portable bike racks?

Portable bike racks are foldable, therefore easy to store when not in use. They’re lighter and more convenient to carry too. Most portable bike stands come with fully adjustable heights and can fit most of your desired positions. On the flip side, portable bike racks lack a fixed work stand. They’re not as stable as wall-mounted or bench mounted stand. Portable bike racks are only limited to lighter bikes and they are not very good for replacing bottom brackets. 

We hope you find this guide useful! Let us know in the comments below in case we’ve missed something. 

Happy biking!

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