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Do you want to continue your biking routine indoors when the weather is not cooperating? Do you want to keep developing your core muscles, endurance, pedaling efficiency, and balance while inside the four corners of your room? Then you’ve come to the right place. Bike rollers are designed to give you a natural riding experience while helping you develop a smoother ride inside the comfort of your home. There are a lot of indoor bike rollers in the market, so, we’ve rounded up the best bike rollers available to make the purchase a lot easier for you. Read on! 

The 5 Best Bike Rollers that You Can Buy in 2020

Rocks Bros Bike Rollers

The Rocks Bros Bike Rollers is a best seller. This bike roller is designed with your safety in mind. Made from durable and high-strength aluminum alloy, this roller bicycle trainer has parabolic rollers that are more stable than your traditional flat cycling rollers. They come in black and white. 

Features of the Rocks Bros Bike Rollers 

Adjustable and Space Saving – The Rocks Bros Bike Rollers is made from three aluminum rollers mounted on a sturdy, adjustable frame. The frame will hold your bike steady as you ride. This trainer is foldable too making it easy to store and transport. 

Smooth Operation – this trainer roller is extremely smooth. Thanks to its sealed bearing design. 

Lightweight – the Rocks Bros Bike Rollers weighs only 14.3 lbs per pair. The rollers fold flat making them easier to carry. 

Compatibility – this bike roller comes with adjustment holes at the front that can adapt to any bicycle wheel. The Rocks Bros Bike Rollers is best suited for mountain bikes, folding bikes between 16 to 29 inches, and 700c road bikes. 

What Others Say About Rocks Bros Bike Rollers 

Awesome value! 

The Rocks Bros Bike Rollers is decent enough for the price. There’s no difference in terms of quality and performance when you compare this indoor bike trainer roller to more expensive brands. Very pleased with my purchase. The Rocks Bros Bike Rollers come in the box fully assembled.

Masvis Indoor Bike Roller Trainer

The Masvis Indoor Bike Roller Trainer is your perfect companion for getting fit indoors. This bike roller can help improve your bike routine whether it is raining, fogging, or snowing outside. No more excuses! This bike roller trainer will provide you a solid workout — training your core strength, balance, endurance, and rhythm.

Features of the Masvis Indoor Bike Roller Trainer

Quality and Compatibility – Made from very durable aluminum alloy, the Masvis Indoor Bike Roller Trainer comes with an adjustable front drum that accommodates bikes with wheels between 38.2 and 42.9 inches — making them perfect for 700c road bikes, folding bikes, and mountain bikes. 

Smooth and Silent – the Masvis Indoor Bike Roller Trainer features three rollers with sealed bearings mounted on a stable steel frame and driven by a durable, high-quality rubber belt. All these features combined make this indoor cycling trainer roller smooth to operate. It runs silently too so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your roommates or neighbors. 

Designed With Your Safety in Mind – with a safety-first approach in design, the Masvis Indoor Bike Roller Trainer comes with a non-slip pedal or footrest so you can easily get on and off your bike without worries. 

Compact and Light – easy to store and carry, this roller trainer only weights 15 lbs. It folds three times too! 

What Others Say About Masvis Indoor Bike Roller Trainer 

Awesome quality! 

I love how sturdy this bike roller trainer is. The moment you hop on to your bike, you can tell right away that the Masvis Indoor Bike Roller Trainer is well-crafted and superbly designed. I can now ride on hazy days and rainy days! This roller is very convenient and easy to use.

Soozier Adjustable Bike Roller Trainer

The Soozier Adjustable Bike Roller Trainer is designed to give you the same feeling of riding outdoors despite being inside the four walls of your room. Perfect for rainy, snowy, or hazy days, this bike trainer can help you develop your handling skills, balance, core strength, pedal efficiency, endurance, and overall fitness. Comes in black and orange. 

Features of the Soozier Adjustable Bike Roller Trainer 

Universal Compatability – are you worried about compatibility? Don’t be. This bike roller comes with an adjustable front drum that can fit most bikes between 24 to 29 inches as well as 700c ones. 

Quiet Operation – thanks to its three dynamically balanced HDPE rollers with sealed bearings, the Soozier Adjustable Bike Roller Trainer operates quietly and smoothly. Add to that its durable nylon belt that provides a consistent and quiet drive. 

Lightweight and Sturdy – The Soozier Adjustable Bike Roller Trainer only weights 17.5 lbs. making it perfect for traveling and storage. Despite its relatively low weight, this bike roller trainer has a maximum capacity of 265 lbs. This indoor cycle roller is made from high-quality aluminum and steel. 

Designed for You – this bike roller has elevated footings for increased comfort and stability. It also comes with anti-slip pedals. 

What Others Say About Soozier Adjustable Bike Roller Trainer

Great Rollers! 

After spending several months on a regular trainer, I decided to give the Soozier Adjustable Bike Roller Trainer a try. And wow, I’m amazed by the overall quality of the product. Assembly is fairly easy and the tool you need is already included in the box. I love the level of workout I get from this roller! Very worth the money! 

Elite Arion Indoor Bike Rollers

The Elite Arion Indoor Bike Rollers is very light but sturdy. This training roller is loved by many pro and beginner cyclists because of its high reliability, great performance, and ease of use. Very easy to transport and store, the Elite Arion Indoor Bike Rollers folds easily with one simple movement to about 50 percent of its original size. 

Features of the Elite Arion Indoor Bike Rollers 

Universal Fit – the Elite Arion Indoor Bike Rollers is compatible with most standard mountain bike wheels and road bike wheels. The front drum roller can be adjusted to 10 different positions — giving you as many choices as possible in adjusting the roller to the size of your bike frame. 

Parabolic Rollers – compared to regular trainers rollers, parabolic rollers are safer and gives you much better workout experience. The rollers which are 85 mm in diameter at the center and 100 mm wide on both ends provides the best balance you can get from bike rollers. This orientation constantly rolls the wheels of your bike towards the center making it easier for you to pedal. 

High-capacity – despite its weight and compact design, the Elite Arion Indoor Bike Rollers can carry as much as 253 lbs. 

What Others Say About Elite Arion Indoor Bike Rollers 

My Best Purchase Ever! 

I’ve been using the Elite Arion Indoor Bike Rollers for a couple of weeks now and I’m very happy with my purchase decision. The bike comes with increment adjustments on the front drum so I don’t have any problems finding the right fit for my bike. The rollers are quiet and smooth and installation is a breeze! It took me a while to get familiar with the balance but as soon as I get the hang of it, I’ve been biking like a pro!

Saris Cycle Ops Bike Roller

Adding the Saris Cycle Ops Bike Roller to your indoor bike accessories will be the best decision you’ll ever make. This bike roller is designed to run silent and will help you train your core muscles, legs, balance, pedaling efficiency, and stamina for that century ride you’ve been wanting to join in. 

Features of the Saris Cycle Ops Bike Roller 

Your Perfect Workout Partner – the Saris Cycle Ops Bike Roller will help you ride in a straight line better. What does this mean? This means that you pedal more efficiently (like a pro) and you last longer on the road. No matter your pace, you are guaranteed to get an amazing workout with this bike roller. 

High-Quality Construction – the Saris Cycle Ops Bike Roller is crafted from light and sturdy alloy. The drums are made from high-quality aluminum which helps them run smoothly and quietly. 

Easy to Store – this indoor bike roller folds flat making it easy to store and transport. 

Compatible with Most Bikes – the Saris Cycle Ops Bike Roller comes with an adjustable front drum that you can adjust incrementally until you find that perfect fit. 

What Others Say About the Saris Cycle Ops Bike Roller 

Works as Advertised! 

I bought the Saris Cycle Ops Bike Roller to use during the winter because I figured that riding a bike roller is more interesting than running on a treadmill. And yes, it’s the best purchase I ever made! This roller works as advertised. It’s sturdy yet lightweight. I’m a large guy and at first, I’m worried about it not being able to support my weight. But I was wrong. The rollers do a great job and are very smooth to ride. Get this one and you’ll never regret it! 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Bike Rollers

What's the difference between a bike roller and a bike trainer?

In bike trainers, your bike clamps on to the trainer giving you a more stable and safer ride. On bike rollers, on the other hand, you balance your bike on top of rolling drums. Bike rollers are no doubt, more entertaining and challenging. But they require a higher level of practice and skill for you to completely enjoy it. 

What are bike rollers for?

Bike rollers help develop your core muscles, leg power, and endurance. On top of that, it helps you develop a smoother, more consistent, and more powerful pedal stroke. If your pedaling is bad, you’ll bounce on the roller like a rubber ball. This natural feedback is essential to help you pedal smoothly every time. 

Are bike rollers noisy?

Compared to bike trainers, bike rollers are relatively quiet. 

What are the different types of bike rollers? 

There are at least four common types of bike rollers in the market today. These are: 

Standard rollers – simple bike rollers that are made of three drums (one at the front and two at the back. These rollers usually come fully assembled and all you have to do is adjust the length to fit your bike and then you’re good to go! 

Resistance rollers – these rollers come with variable resistance which is perfect if you are planning to optimize your training and to develop your muscles and endurance even further. Design-wise, resistance rollers look quite the same as standard rollers (one adjustable drum at the front and two drums at the back). These rollers are easy to store and usually come fully assembled. 

Smart rollers – from the name itself, these rollers can be linked to your computer or smartphone using Bluetooth or ANT+. Smart rollers are perfect for those who use data to optimize their indoor training. Moreover, you can use smart rollers with apps like Zwift if you want an immersive virtual riding experience indoors. 

Hybrid rollers – these rollers follow the same design as standard and resistance rollers with two rotating drums at the back. The biggest difference is that the front is stationary and you will have to remove the front wheel of your bike to fix the front fork on the equipment. Hybrid rollers are great for those who find it difficult to balance on standard bike rollers. They are also great for those who are looking for a more intense workout. 

There you have it. I hope you find this best bike rollers’ guide helpful. Happy biking!

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