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Panniers are bags that you can install at the back rack of your bike. They’re designed to carry lots of weight without affecting your steering, balance, and overall riding experience. If you find yourself constantly bringing a lot of stuff in your bike commute or going to bikepacking adventures, then you’ll definitely need one of these best bike panniers.

The Top 5 Best Bike Panniers You Can Get in 2020

Rhinowalk Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag

The Rhinowalk Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag is your perfect companion for bike commuting. This durable bike bag can take a beating. It has anti-tear, anti-wear, and heat resistant properties. Fully waterproof, this bike pannier is designed to protect your valuable items whatever the weather. Comes in black and green. The total weight of the bag is 2 lbs. 

Features of the Rhinowalk Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag

Waterproof Materials – This pannier bag is made from 1000D PVC layer on both sides. 

Large Capacity – the Rhinowalk Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag has a total capacity of 25-27 liters when fully expanded. 

Easy Installation – this bike bag can be installed on the rear seat trunk rack of your bike. It also comes with a quick-release system so you can easily take it off your bike when you need to. Lastly, this pannier bag comes with a carry handle. 

For more security, the Rhinowalk Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag also comes with a nylon shoulder strap that locks on both sides of the back. You can use this strap to secure your items or if you want to carry the bag on your shoulders. 

Reflective Strips – for your safety when biking at night, this pannier bag also comes with three reflective strips so you are more visible on the road. 

What Others Say About the Rhinowalk Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag 

I love my purchase! 

The Rhinowalk Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag is my best purchase ever. Its large capacity makes it perfect for bikepacking or when you have to run some errands. This bag can fit enough clothes for a weekend ride with multiple compartments for organizing your stuff. Been using this bike pannier bag for a while now and I’m amazed by its quality and durability. The waterproof materials are definitely a big plus! 

Ibera PakRak Pannier Bag

The Ibera PakRak Pannier Bag is compatible with most standard bike pannier racks. This pannier bag sports a stylish design that you can be proud of. Aside from the main storage space, this pannier comes with multiple compartments so you can easily organize your things. With raving reviews in Amazon, this product is a must-have!

This multipurpose bag is perfect for your adventures — biking, hunting, picnics, pool parties, going to the beach, field trips, camping, and many more! You can also use this as a grocery bag or a bike bag for your everyday commute to work.

The total weight of the bags (pair) is 2 lbs. Color is black with orange accents.

Features of the Ibera PakRak Pannier Bag

Durable Material – this pannier bag is made from water-resistant 1690D nylon.

Lots of Storage Space – the Ibera PakRak Pannier Bag comes with a top zippered pocket and two large inside compartments for your storage needs. Need more space? It also comes with a drawstring pouch! Overall, the Ibera PakRak Pannier Bag can carry up to 20 liters.

Quick Release System – this pannier bag comes with quick-release, clip-on system. Installation is very easy and no straps are required! It also sports a hand carry strap for when you need to bring the bag inside.

Designed to Keep You and Your Belongings Safe – the Ibera PakRak Pannier Bag comes with an all-weather rain cover to keep your stuff clean and dry while on the road. It also sports a reflective trim so you are more visible to other motorists at night or under a heavy fog.

What Others Say About the Ibera PakRak Pannier Bag

Perfect for my needs!

I needed to go camping so I was looking for a pannier bag to carry my stuff. I’m glad I found the Ibera PakRak Pannier Bag. I love its design and there’s a lot of space to carry every I need for the camping trip — from my clothes and toiletries to my snacks and gadgets. I’m impressed with how easy it is to get off and on the bike rack. Definitely a winner in my book!

Roswheel Pannier Bag

Are you preparing for your next ride? Are you looking for your perfect everyday storage companion? The Roswheel Pannier Bag will make sure you have everything packed and ready for your trip. This amazing pannier bag has a lot of storage space for your bike tools, clothes, gadgets, accessories, and food. Compatible with most mountain bikes, the Roswheel Pannier Bag comes in black and army green. Its total carrying capacity is 37 liters.

Features of the Roswheel Pannier Bag

Angled Design – the Roswheel Pannier Bag comes with a unique angled pocket design to make sure that your heel will not hit the bag when pedaling.

Lots of Storage – this bike pannier has two side bags and a top bag that provides up to 37 liters of space. You can easily remove the top bag and turn it into a shoulder bag using the included strap.

Designed with Your Safety in Mind – with its safety-first approach, the Roswheel Pannier Bag comes with a reflective Roswheel logo and handle so motorists on the road can easily spot you at night or during low light conditions.

Easy to Install – you can easily mount the Roswheel Pannier Bag on to your pannier rack using three buckles with adjustable straps. The bag also comes with two Velcro straps for more security.

Waterproof – the Roswheel Pannier Bag is made of canvas material that is waterproof, durable, and solid. You can carry all your stuff under the rain without worries.

What Others Say About the Roswheel Pannier Bag

A great set of pannier bags for cyclists!

If you are looking for a pannier bag that’s durable and has a lot of storage space, the Roswheel Pannier Bag will be perfect for your needs. I use this daily for my commute and so far, this bag has never failed me. I love how easy it is to install. The detachable top bag which doubles as a shoulder bag is a great addition too. The Roswheel Pannier Bag comes with several pockets for organizing all your things inside.

Timbuk 2 Tandem Pannier Bag

The Timbuk 2 Tandem Pannier Bag is perfect for long haul rides or your everyday commute. This bike pannier bag comes with large storage space as well as a front zip pocket for storing your small valuables. The Timbuk 2 Tandem Pannier Bag has a total capacity of 30 liters. The bag weighs 2.9 lbs and it comes in jet black, intensity, and surplus colors.

Features of the Timbuk 2 Tandem Pannier Bag

Crafted from High-Quality Materials – the Timbuk 2 Tandem Pannier Bag is made from 600D Poly Non-P PVC material that is durable, water-resistant, and tear-resistant.

Convertible – need to bring your bag inside? This pannier bag easily transforms from a bike bag to a shoulder bag. The Timbuk 2 Tandem Pannier Bag comes with built-in magnets that hide the “pannier look” when you carry it over your shoulders or by the top handle.

Ample Storage Space for You Needs – this pannier bag has twin internal sleeves that can carry up to 15” laptops. This makes the Timbuk 2 Tandem Pannier Bag perfect for work! In total, this bike bag can carry a maximum of 30 liters.

Waterproof Materials – this cycling bag is waterproof. Riding in a downpour? Don’t worry. The Timbuk 2 Tandem Pannier Bag will make sure that your valuable items remain dry even while being exposed under the rain for several hours.

What Others Say About the Timbuk 2 Tandem Pannier Bag

So practical and awesome!

The Timbuk 2 Tandem Pannier Bag is very practical to use. I bike to work approximately 10 miles each way, every day and this pannier bag has been my hauler for a couple of months now. I’m amazed by the quality of this product. There’s a great amount of space and I love how the bike bag transforms seamlessly into a stylish tote bag when I take it from the bike. Riding-wise, this bike bag doesn’t get away nor does it move a lot to affect my riding experience. Solid product! Get yours now!

Rockbros Bike Pannier

The Rockbros Bike Pannier offers a lot of storage space for your needs. Made from high-quality material that is both durable and waterproof, this cycling pannier bag is perfect for everyday hauling. The multipurpose Rockbros Bike Pannier is ideal for picnics, camping, bike packing, shopping, and daily bike commuting. With a total capacity of 27 liters when expanded (20 liters when not), this bike pannier has enough space to carry your clothes, shoes, bike tools, food, and laptop.

Features of the Rockbros Bike Pannier

Reliable Roll Top Opening – no zippers that break, the Rockbros Bike Pannier comes with a roll-top opening that’s locked on to place by a durable buckle.

Easy to Clean – muds? Dirt? This bike bag is made from a waterproof material that is easy to clean and is super durable. Just wipe away all the grime with a damp towel and your pannier will look brand new again!

Easy to Install – the Rockbros Bike Pannier comes with a rotatable bracket and two movable buckles that allow you to install and adjust the bag so it sits perfectly on your pannier rack. No tools needed! This quick release system also enables you to quickly attach/detach the bag on the go.

Designed for the Outdoors – this bike pannier sports a camouflage design. It has a comfortable rubber and nylon handle in case you want to carry it. The Rockbros Bike Pannier also has a reflective logo to make you more visible at night.

What Others Say About the Rockbros Bike Pannier

Easy to install and perfect for everyday use

I love the outdoors and the Rockbros Bike Pannier complements my style perfectly! I’m amazed at how durable this bag is. And the amount of weight it can carry is just amazing. Easy to install and waterproof, I put this pannier bag to a test when I tackled one of the toughest cycling terrains in the US. And the bag held up!

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Bike Panniers

Can you install panniers on any bike?

Ideally, yes. Most bikes come with eyelets on the frame to install racks that will hold your pannier. So whether you have a mountain bike, road bike, or even a carbon bike, the best bike panniers we’ve listed above should fit perfectly. 

choose bike panniers

What features should I look for in buying a bike pannier?

When picking a pannier, consider these questions below:

1. Do you want a single or dual-sided pannier bag?

Obviously, picking a dual-sided pannier will give you double the storage capacity of a single pannier. But it’s not always ideal. Dual-sided panniers weight twice as much and it widens your bike profile so you have to be more attentive on the road.

Single panniers, on the other hand, offer less storage space but they create a balance issue because of the extra weight on one side of your bike.

2. What storage capacity do you need?

Most bike panniers have an average capacity of 30 liters. Some can go as low as 20L while others can be as high as 50L. Get the pannier size that’s right for your needs. Remember that the bigger the pannier is, the more extra weight you have to pedal around even when it is empty.

3. Do you need extra pockets?

Extra pockets or compartments in a pannier is always a welcome treat. These pockets are great at helping you organize your stuff.

There you have it! I hope this best bike pannier guide will help you pick the right pannier for your next bikepacking trip!

Happy biking!

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