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Bikes are expensive. And like your car, they deserve some love too. No matter what kind of biker you are, it is wise to invest in quality bike covers that offer protection against the wind, sun, rain, dust, and snow. With proper care and maintenance, your bike will serve you for a long time making it worth every penny you spent.

What’s the best bike cover? There are lots of choices out there. To help you save some time, we’ve compiled the best bike covers you can find right now. Read on!

The Best Bike Covers For 2020

Pro Bike Tool Bike Cover

Made from “Ripstop” Oxford Fabric with double stitched and heat-sealed seams, the Pro Bike Tool Bike Cover is sure crafted to withstand even the harshest elements. Offering top-class protection against wind, snow, heat, or rain, this bike cover is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Thanks to its waterproof construction and anti-UV material with PU coating.

The Pro Bike Tool Cover features a front-lock hole design for your bike locks. It also comes with a buckle strap and toggle for that secure and snug fit — even on windy days! This bike cover also boasts reflective safety loops so you can easily remove the cover at night.

This awesome bike cover works great with mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and 29ers. The Pro Bike Tool Bike Cover measures 77 L x 39 H x 25.5 W inches — generously large enough for any bike.

It comes in black with sizes from L to XXL.

There’s a refund or replacement warranty if you are not satisfied.

Puroma Bike Cover

The Puroma Bike Cover is made from high quality, waterproof polyester with PU and UV coating that protects your bike from water, dust, wind, and sun damage. This bike cover boasts a UV protection rating of 50+. 

Secure and practical, the Puroma Bike Cover features a double-stitched elastic hem with a specially designed buckle for that snug and perfect fit. It also comes it a front lock hole design for your bike lock. 

This bike cover is very convenient to carry and store. Thanks to its compact size and Velcro design that allows you to easily strap the cover on to your bike frame. The Puroma Bike Cover measures 78.7 L x 43.3 H x 27.5 W inches. It works with any bikes with wheels up to 29 inches. It can even fit most scooters and motorbikes!

It comes in black, camouflage, and silver and black.

iHomeGarden Bike Cover

The iHomeGarden Bike Cover is made from supreme quality 210D Oxford high-density polyester. This bike cover is stronger and more durable than your regular polyester cover. 

This mountain bike cover comes with two lock holes in the front. This special anti-theft design allows you to lock your bike using either cable, chain, or U locks. The iHomeGarden Bike Cover is waterproof. Its anti-UV coating also protects your bike from harsh sunshine. 

There are two buckle strips at the top and bottom of the cover that you can secure tightly for better protection against the wind. You can also use the top buckle for hanging. This bike cover also comes with a storage bag for easy transport or storage. 

The iHomeGarden Bike Cover is a great choice if you want a product that protects your precious bike from heat, rain, wind, dust, and scratches without breaking the bank. 

There are two options available: Large (78 L x 43 W 27 H inches) and Medium (76 L x 39 W x 27 H inches.)

The medium size can easily cover mountain bikes, city bikes, and electric bikes with wheels not exceeding 26 inches.  

Favoto Bike Cover 

The Favoto Bike Cover is wide enough to fit one 29 inches bike or two 26 inches bicycles. Made from high-density 210D Oxford Fabric, you are guaranteed that this bike cover is more durable than most covers out there. This cover is designed to protect your precious bike from rain, scratches, wind, dust, heat, etc.  

An aluminum alloy lock hole at the front means that you can secure your bike with any type of bike lock when not in use. Bike theft is rampant in the United States — so, this is a very welcome feature. The aluminum alloy construction ensures that the lock hole will withstand all kinds of abuse. 

Two elastic cords at the bottom allow you to secure your bike properly and make it more windproof. Besides, both front wheels and rear wheels have windproof buckles too. The Favoto Bike Cover comes with a storage bag for easy storage and transport. 

It comes in black and silver. 

Product dimensions are approximately 79 L x 30 W x 44 H inches. 

Eugo Bike Cover 

The Eugo Bike Cover provides excellent indoor and outdoor protection for your bikes. Made from durable, waterproof 210D Oxford fabric with anti-UV coating, you can rest assured that your precious bike is protected from heat, rain, dust, snow, scratches, and wind. 

This bike cover features elastic front, middle, and back hems and buckles for that snug fit during high winds. Worried about security? Don’t be. There are 2 lock holes at the front wheel section that you can use to secure your bike when not in use. 

Lightweight and easy to store, the Eugo Bike Cover comes with its drawstring storage that you can carry in your bag when biking.

It comes in black. The XL variant ( 79 L x 43 H x 28 W) is big enough for 2 bikes with wheels up to 26 inches or 1 29-inch wheeled bike. 

YardStash Bike Cover 

Made from heavy-duty “Ripstop” oxford fabric, the YardStash Bike Cover offers complete protection from rain, heat, snow, and dust. This bike cover is built from 210 and 600D polyester with Heat Shield and UV protection technology. It also comes with tapered, double-stitched heat-sealed seams for durability and added protection.  

Looking for a snug fit? Don’t worry! The YardStash Bike Cover has top and bottom drawstrings that you can use to tighten the fit during high winds. This cover also comes with reflective strips for added security at night. 

The YardStash Bike Cover is compact and comes with a free carrying bag. The manufacturers have a no-questions-asked replacement policy if ever you encounter problems with the product.  

Comes in XL (fits up to 2 bikes) and XXL (fits up to 3 bikes) variants that can easily fit 2 bikes. The XL variant has dimensions of approximately 82 L x 30 W x 44 H inches.

Rdffensy Bike Cover 

The Rdffensy Bike Cover is great for mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, hybrid bikes, and 29ers. Strong and durable, this bike cover is made from PU- and UV-coated 210D Oxford fabric with heat-sealed seams. The Rdffensy Bike Cover is designed to give your bike the ultimate protection from the sun, snow, scratches, dust, heat, and rain.  

For high winds, the Rdffensy Bike Cover has an elastic cord at the bottom and a windproof buckle that you can tighten for that snug and perfect fit. If you have extra bungees, that would be great too! 

The Rdffensy Bike Cover boasts a safe and lockable design. Thanks to its front lock hole that you use with your favorite bike lock. The hole is made from aluminum to make sure that it lasts longer.

This package comes with a storage bag that you can easily fold into a portable size when traveling. This bike cover comes in black with dimensions of approximately 79 L x 30 W x 44 H inches. 

Movtotop Bike Cover 

The Movtotop Bike Cover is a high-quality bike cover made from 210D Oxford fabric that offers great water resistance. On top of it is a UV coating that protects your precious bike from the sun’s harmful rays. 

This bike cover also has lock holes that you can use to secure your bike when not in use or when outside. With the prevailing cases of bike theft all around the US, this feature is a big plus. Also, the lock holes are made from rust-free metal that’s durable and will last for years.  

For wind protection, the Movtotop Bike Cover uses elastic hems and straps. They also work great against dust. This bike cover comes in one size only — 78.6 L x 43.3 W x 27.5 H — big enough to fit most bikes as long as their wheels don’t exceed 29 inches.  

The Movtotop Bike Cover comes with a 90-day free return and replacement warranty for your peace of mind. 

It comes in black. 

Protugere Premium Bike Cover

The Protugere Premium Bike Cover is made tear-proof nylon designed to protect your bike from dust, water, snow, wind, and heat. With double-stitched seams, you can rest assured that your cover will not get blown away by heaving wind. Highly reflective, this bike cover works great at night too.  

The bike cover also has front lock holes made from durable and rust-proof metal. Don’t have a lock? Don’t worry because the Protugere Premium Bike Cover comes with one — for free! This bike cover is cleverly designed to fit most types of bikes in its 76.25 L x 27.5 W x 39.5 H space.  

Aside from the lock, this purchase also comes with a free storage bag. The Protugere Premium Bike Cover comes is available in black. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rip-Stop Material? 

Most bike covers in this list are made from Rip-Stop. This material is a combination of polyester and extra-strong nylon threads that are woven together in a square pattern. This pattern and thread strength prevent any year from continuing past the first square. Hence the name, Rip-Stop. 

Don’t get me wrong though. This material is not indestructible. The special pattern and structure are designed to minimize the damage when the material is torn.

How do I choose the right bike cover?

You need to make sure that your bike cover perfectly fits the size of your bike. So, when choosing a bike cover, you must consider the size and type of your bike, the number of bikes you need to store, and how you are going to store them. 

How do I get the right fit? 

Make sure that you measure the entire bike storage setup. Get the width, length, and height. If you are using a bike rack, take into consideration how they are positioned as well. 

Can I use my bike cover when in transit? 

While it sounds pretty straightforward, I don’t recommend that you use bike covers in transit. Why? Because not all bike covers are designed for such a purpose. Bike covers also tend to block the taillights of your vehicle — a potential safety risk when driving at night. 

Except for some bike covers in this guide, most covers in the market lack reflective linings. This makes them hard to spot at night or in low visibility conditions. And lastly, most bike covers are not designed to stop the wind bellowing. Even the strongest polyester material won’t last against heavy wind bellowing overtime. 

If you don’t have a choice, make sure to secure your bike cover with bungee cords and if possible, don’t travel at night. If you have to, adding some reflective tape on your cover could reduce the risks of road accidents. 

I hope this guide was able to help you find the best cover for your bike. Remember, your bike is your best outdoor fitness equipment. Take care of it and it will take care of you too! 

Happy biking! 

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