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Looking for the best bags for biking?

Cycling, either as a hobby or a professional pursuit, has a lot of benefits. Do you want to go on a bike tour? Do you want to join the latest tribe of bikepackers? Or do you just want to ride your bike to and from work?

Whatever you want to do, you almost always have to bring something with you. That’s why high-quality bags for biking are a must. From backpacks to panniers and saddle bags that fit onto your bike frame, Bike Hint have a lot of storage solutions to choose from!

16 Best Bags for Biking in 2020

BV Classic Bike Pannier Bag

The BV Classic Bike Pannier Bag is perfect for your everyday commuting needs. It comes with large zippered pockets, lined with reflective strips. It’s angled pocket design gives you ample space when pedalling while its 4 shelf straps keep the bag securely fastened to your pannier rack.

The BV Classic Bike Pannier Bag also comes with a handy carrying handle if you want to carry it around.

Ibera Bicycle Pannier Bag

The Ibera Bike Pannier Bag features a stylish design with multiple compartments to organize your kit. The top large pocket is zippered while 2 large pockets on the inside hold smaller items.

The Ibera Bicycle Pannier Bag can carry up to 20 pounds and come with a 3-point connection to keep the panniers from swinging while you ride. A clip-on system makes it easy to attach/detach the bags from the bike.

ArcEnCiel Bike Pannier Bag

The ArcEnCiel Bike Pannier Bag comes in two types of materials: canvas and a combination of polyester and PVC. All materials are rainproof, durable, and wear resistant. The ArcEnCiel Pannier Bag can carry as much as 130 pounds — thanks to its 50L capacity. The handle design top makes it easy to carry while magic tapes allow for quick attach/detach.

For safety, the ArcEnCiel Pannier Bag sports extra wide reflective leather at the side and back. 

Kolo Sports Bike Pannier Bag

This multifunctional bike bag doubles as an easy to carry travel bag. The Kolo Sports Pannier is made from waterproof, durable nylon and features 2 zippered pockets for your stuff. Strong velcro prevents the bag from shifting as you ride; it also allows for quick detach/attach.

The Kolo Sports Bike Pannier also sports a side water bottle case with elastic drawstrings to keep your water bottle in place.

Tourbon Canvas Pannier Bag

The Tourbon Canvas Pannier Bag is made of high-quality waxed waterproof canvas. The design includes 2 large compartments and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. The sides can be rolled up easily when not in use.

Bell Stowaway Handlebar Bag

The Bell Stowaway Handlebar Bag has a lot of room for your essentials. It is compatible with any bike handlebar styles and comes with reflective stripes for security. The Bell Stowaway Handlebar Bag is made from high-quality materials that are durable and can handle the elements. 

Roswheel Bicycle Handlebar Bag

The Roswheel Bicycle Handlebar Bag is made from 600D, water-resistant polyester. It weighs approx. 320 grams and has a 4L capacity. For quick detach/attach, the Roswheel Bicycle Handlebar Bag sports D-type buckles on both sides which double as a shoulder strap when you carry it around.

The Roswheel Bicycle Handlebar Bag is great for cell phone, camera, and other personal goods storage.

Durango Bushwhacker Bike Handlebar Bag

The Durango Bushwhacker Bike Handlebar Bag can handle any type of weather and rugged use. Made from heavy duty 600D polyester, this bike bag has a total volume of 3.8L. Covered zippers keep your stuff secure and dry while its reflective trim provides better visibility at night,

The Durango Bushwhacker Bike Handlebar Bag attaches/detaches using a 3-point mounting system. 

Sireck Bicycle Bag

The Sireck Bicycle Bag is a phone mount and bike bag at one. This bag comes with a high sensitivity TPU film that allows you to control your phone easily while on the ride. 

The bag is completely waterproof, making it a great choice when riding in the rain. It also comes with high-light reflective edge on both sides so you are more visible at night.

The Sireck bike bag can carry many other small things such as your wallet, key, mini pump, tools, gloves, power bank and so on.

Ibera Bike Handlebar Bag

The Ibera Bike Handlebar Bag also sports a removable, clear map sleeve. It features multiple compartments for your camera, phone, and other personal things. The padded interior keeps your belongings secure while riding.

The Ibera Bike Handlebar Bag also comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying and an all-weather rain cover to keep your stuff dry. 

Lezyne Caddy Saddlebag

Perfect for adventure riding, the Lezyne Caddy Saddlebag sports one large rear opening. The interior has several pockets for your hand pump, tire repair, multi-tool, and many more. Quick access is provided by 2 external zippered pockets.

Quick attach/detach is provided by straps and a strong velcro system. The Lezyne Caddy Saddlebag is designed for all types of weather.

BV Bicycle Saddlebag

The BV Bicycle Saddlebag comes in three sizes: small (0.4L), medium (1L), or large (1.5L). This saddlebag fits most bicycle seats and posts. Straps mounting allow for quick attach/detach while a 3M reflective trim provides visibility when driving at night.

The BV Bicycle Saddlebag also features a tail light hanger for your bike light.

Topeak Bike Saddlebag

The Topeak Bike Saddlebag features a sleek, aero shape wedge design. It has plenty of room for your wallet, maps, keys, mini pump, spare tubes, and more. A traditional strap mount allows quick attach/detach while expandable compartments provide more storage in seconds when needed.

The Topeak Bike Saddlebag is weather resistant. A 3M reflective strip provides better visibility when riding at night. This saddlebag also sports a fitting for your tail light.

Locallion Cycling Rucksack

The Locallion Cycling Rucksack features a mesh EVA design on the back for maximum airflow. Made from high-quality, tear-resistant, and ultralight nylon fabric, this rucksack sports an ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

Adjustable chest and waist straps hold the bag in place while riding. While a detachable pouch is perfect for your keys, wallets, and cellphone. The Locallion Cycling Rucksack also sports a water pipe channel for drinking water (bladder sold separately). The back of the bag and front straps are lined with reflective strips for safe riding at night.

Waterfly Small Crossbody Backpack

The Waterfly Small Crossbody Sling bag is made from 100% premium cotton linen. It features an anti-theft design and burglar-proof zipper enclosure. 

This bike bag has enough space to store an iPad mini, notebook, powerband, and other small items. There’s also a hidden earphone hole on the side that provides easy access to your favorite playlist while riding. 

The Waterfly Small Crossbody Sling bag is 2.4″ wide and 16.1″ high. 

Lizard Skins Micro Cache Saddle Bag

True to its name, the Lizard Skins Micro Cache Saddle Bag is small enough to fit under your saddle. It’s made from water-resistant 1000D material with YKK zipper. This bike bag comes with a hook-and-loop strap that attaches to your bike’s seat rails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What feature should I look for in a biking bag?


The best bike bags come with expandable collars or compression straps. These features allow you to carry various loads without worrying about the load shifting as you ride.

Easy Access

When it comes to ease of access, handlebar bags are the winner. If you want a different type of bike bag, consider questions like:

How many opening are there?

Are the openings secured by zippers or flaps?

Are there small pockets so I can organize my kit better?

Water Resistance

Do you ride no matter the weather? Then go and find a bike bag that’s rated “waterproof”. These bags are made from a rubberized material that keeps the contents of your bag dry even in a downpour.

Attachment Features

You don’t want to leave your pack in a public place, don’t you? If so, then make sure that your bag comes with easy attachment/detachment options, and get a strong bike lock to secure your bike. Pannier bags attached to racks often come with clips, bungee cords, or spring-loaded hooks that are easy to connect/disconnect.

Saddlebags often come with quick-release mounting brackets. There are also some that come with buckles or straps.


The best bags for biking are made with your safety in mind. Aside from quick attach/detach mechanisms that keep your bag secure while riding, look for bags that feature reflective strips as well. This will make you more visible when riding at night or on a foggy day.

What are the benefits of pannier bags?

Pannier bags offer the highest weight and volume capacity versus other bag types. They’re usually made from sturdy materials to protect your things.

What are the benefits of rucksacks?

Rucksacks put the weight on your body instead of your bike. This results in better bike handling. And the high-capacity hydration pack feature is a big bonus! No wonder its a favorite among mountain bikers.

What are the benefits of saddlebags?

Saddlebags are small. And since they’re usually tucked away, they have a very little effect on the bike’s handling. Its small size, however, puts a limit on what you can carry with you during the ride. Most bikers use it for emergency tools.

Should I care about a bike basket?

Bike baskets are elegant! And cute! They can carry a variety of items —from groceries to tall loads. Despite the artsy and nostalgia, bike baskets have a couple of downsides. The biggest issue with bike baskets is that they’re open, making them only suitable on a bright sunny day.

Baskets are also not as flexible as the other biking bags featured in this list. If you ever saw someone mountain biking with a basket, let us know!

Different Types of Bags for Biking

There are many types of bike bags to choose from. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Pannier Bags

Pannier racks are a must for pannier bags. These racks are made of lightweight stainless steel or aluminum and directly fits onto your bike frame. Pannier racks can be installed in the front fork of your bike or over the rear wheel. Pannier bags are then attached to the racks for storage.

Depending on what you need, pannier bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Large panniers are ideal for long distance travel while commuter panniers are designed to hold a laptop, folders, and office stuff.

Most pannier bags are made from water-resistant fabric. They often come in bright colors or with reflective panels for increased visibility at night.

Handlebar Bags

As the name implies, handle bar bags clip onto your bike’s handlebar. This type of storage solution is ideal for things that you need quick access to such as phone, sunblock, wallet, etc. Most handlebar bags come with quick attach and detach features.


Saddlebags fit snugly under your bike’s saddle. This positioning makes saddlebags aerodynamic that’s why many bikers use it for long bike trips or conquering mountain trails.


Don’t want to fit a bag onto your bike? Buy a rucksack instead. Biking rucksacks are specially designed to adapt to your body’s movements when riding. They also come with useful side pockets for things that you need quick access to.

Going for a long ride? Some rucksacks come with a water reservoir too!

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