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Who says adult tricycles are old school? Compared to modern bikes, three-wheel adult tricycles may look a bit outdated — but that’s what makes them more special. Featuring a three-wheel design, adult trikes require little to no effort when riding. They are convenient and often come with ample storage space at the back for your groceries and supplies. Even if you have the best bike bags, you can’t carry all your stuff as comfortably as when you are riding a trike — even when you are sporting the best carbon bike in town.

9 Best Adult Tricycles for 2020

Slsy 7-Speed Adult Tricycle

The Slsy Adult Tricycle features a strong construction. Made from steel, this trike has a maximum capacity of up to 340 lbs. Because this is a tricycle, you can ride with confidence that the frame will stay steady all throughout. 

The Slsy Adult Tricycle also comes with a large rear basket that you can use to store your supplies, groceries, etc. You’ll love riding this adult tricycle around the city. Not only does its classic design capture attention — it also makes it perfect for that no sweat, afternoon cruise by the beach. Or maybe for your next Instagram photoshoot! 

This tricycle for adults comes with a 7-speed Shimano derailleur. It’s available in either 24″ or 26″ wheels and it comes with fenders to keep you clean and safe from splashes. The Slsy Adult Tricycle sports a soft padded saddle with a handy backrest that you can adjust easily for better riding experience. 

Slsy Single Speed Adult Tricycle

Another quality from Slsy, this single speed adult tricycle is made from high-quality steel. It’s stable and sturdy design allows it to support a rider up to 350 lbs. Thanks to its strong and capable frame, the Slsy Single Speed Adult Tricycle is guaranteed not to break, bend, or snap. 

A trademark of Slsy tricycles, the Slsy Single Speed Adult Tricycle comes with a large capacity basket at the rear which you can use to carry your groceries, supplies, tools, etc. This trike is suitable for all sorts of roads and surfaces. 

For your peace of mind, the Slsy Single Speed Adult Tricycle comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from its manufacturers. There’s also a one year warranty to all damaged or defective tricycle parts.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is a single speed trike that’s perfect for cruising around the park, beach, or trip to the store. It sports a single-speed drivetrain that’s easy to maintain and a frame that’s sturdy enough to support riders up to 300 lbs. 

This adult tricycle’s bike frame is made from aluminum which is lightweight and strong. The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle also comes with a rear basket that can haul up to 50 lbs of supplies, groceries, etc. 

Featuring wide swept-back cruiser handlebars, this tricycle offers a relaxed riding position. You can adjust these handlebars easily until you find the best configuration that suits your needs. This tricycle also comes with a large spring cruiser seat that is undoubtedly comfortable! 

To help keep you clean and dry on the road, the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle comes with fenders installed over all wheels. Braking power is supplied by linear-pull handbrakes in the front and back.

The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is the perfect daily hauler that allows you to ply the roads from your home to the shopping center in style. This adult tricycle comes in red, green, and periwinkle. You can also choose a single-speed, 3-speed, or 7-speed configuration.

Barbella Adult Tricycle

The Barbella Adult Tricycle is a three-wheeled classic bike that’s made from strong steel. Thanks to its sturdy construction, this bike can support up to 331 lbs of combined rider and cargo weight. The three-wheel design of this adult bike guarantees a more stable riding experience no matter the type of road or surface. 

Beautiful and functional, the Barbella Adult Tricycle comes with an iron basket at the rear. Its large capacity makes it ideal for hauling your shopping bags, supplies, or grocery items. It’s even roomy enough to fit your picnic basket too! 

This adult tricycle looks gorgeous with its three big 26″ wheels which come with fenders to keep you dry and clean. To keep the tricycle lightweight and your ride smooth, these big wheels come with light alloy rims with galvanized iron spokes. 

The Barbella Adult Tricycle sports a 7-speed Shimano derailleur while braking power is provided by front V-brakes. It comes in several colors. 

Vanell Adult Mountain Tricycle

The Vanell Adult Mountain Tricycle is one of a kind. Made from high-grade steel, this tricycle can carry a combined weight of up to 400 lbs (rider and cargo). It’s three-wheel design also provides unparalleled stability that allows you to make tight turns with ease. 

For your cargo, the Vanell Adult Mountain Tricycle comes with a large fold-down rear basket that can carry up to 60 lbs. This ample storage space is perfect for hauling your groceries, shopping bags, supplies, and even your picnic basket! This adult tricycle will surely turn many heads as you drive around the beach, park, or town. You have its classic look to thank for that! 

The Vanell Adult Mountain Tricycle comes with a 7-speed derailleur. Front and rear disc brakes provide crisp stopping power when you need it. 

Mophoto Adult Tricycle

Are you looking for a reliable adult tricycle? Look no further than the Mophoto Adult Tricycle. This trike features a low step-through frame for easy access and a large rear basket for hauling your goodies, groceries, and shopping bags!

Thanks to its sturdy steel construction and stable three-wheel design, the Mophoto Adult Tricycle can carry a maximum load of 330 lbs (rider and cargo). This adult tricycle comes with an adjustable seat with backrest, an adjustable handlebar with a bell, and a 7-speed derailleur.

Easy to maintain, this adult tricycle comes in several colors. You also have the option to choose between 24″ and 26: tires.

Hiram Adult Tricycle

The Hiram Adult Tricycle is a three-wheel marvel. Made from high quality steel, this adult tricycle sports a chassis that will not break, snap, or bend — making it great for elderlies who require extra mobility. The Hiram Adult Tricycle is best for trips down the grocery store, cruising around the beach, and riding around the bike park. 

This three-wheeled adult tricycle comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a premium bike. It sports a foldable basket for your groceries and other goods, a saddle with extra-soft cushion and elastic springs, and a swept back handlebar that allows you to ride in an upright position. And oh, did I mention it also comes with a bell, literally? 

You can choose between 24″ and 26″ wheels. Each wheels are covered with a fender to keep you dry and clean throughout your ride.

Unlike most offerings in this buying guide, the Hiram Adult Tricycle is single speed only. But don’t fret, this all-rounder trike is more than enough for your needs. 

H & ZT Adult Tricycle

The H & ZT Adult Tricycle features a three-wheel design. It’s made from high-tensile strength iron that’s sturdy enough to carry a maximum of 350 lbs (rider and cargo). Sporting a sleek and modern design, this trike has a low-step through frame that makes hopping in and out of the bike a breeze. 

The H & ZT Adult Tricycle is powered by a single-speed drivetrain that is easy to maintain and use. This adult trike comes with an adjustable bike seat with quick-release height and swept-back handlebars that allow you to ride in a more upright position. 

Like all adult tricycles in this guide, the H & ZT Adult Tricycle also comes with a large rear basket that is spacious enough to carry your groceries, supplies, and picnic basket!

It comes with 20″ wheels and is available in several colors. 

FVSTR Adult Tricycle

The FVSTR Adult Tricycle is a full-size aluminum tricycle that’s easy to hop in and hop out. Thanks to its low step-through design. This trike is powered by a 6-speed drivetrain and can fit a variety of riders. 

This trike comes with a swept-back handlebar which enables the rider to drive in a more upright position — reducing the pressure and strain on the back. It also comes with a well-cushioned, adjustable spring-type cruiser seat with a backrest. 

The FVSTR Adult Tricycle comes with a large fold-down basket for your groceries and supplies. This trike is perfect for those who want to experience the fun of cycling. It comes in yellow and black. Wheel size is 26 inches and suits adult riders up to 5’10” tall. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Tricycles

1. What are the advantages of adult tricycles over regular bikes?

Adult tricycles are great for running errands. Compared to regular bikes, you can carry more stuff on a trike. Thanks to its large-capacity storage basket at the back. Adult tricycles are also more convenient to drive around. Because of its three-wheel design, maintaining your balance will not be a problem. Trikes require little to no effort to operate making them perfect for those who just want to chill around and for those who need more physical mobility due to their condition. 

2. What should I look for when buying an adult tricycle?

So, you’re planning to get your very first adult tricycle? Good for you! We assure you that the trikes featured in this guide are the best adult tricycles around. 

When it comes to buying a trike, consider these factors: 

Comfort – your riding experience should be your first priority. Although comfort is relative, knowing that your adult tricycle comes with a well-cushioned seat, an ergonomic handlebar, and an adjustable backrest is great. You also need to consider the suspension — the better it is, the less bumpy your ride will be. 

Design – not all adult tricycles are the same. Some are bulky while some are light. There are also trikes that sport a modern, sleek look while others remained true to their humble and classic past. Design is a matter of preference. So, make sure to pick the one that you’ll be proud of! 

Material – rest assured, all the tricycles featured in this buying guide is made of high-quality materials. Most adult trikes are made from either steel or aluminum. These materials are resistant to rust and the elements. It’s best to pick a tricycle that’s light so you don’t have to drive around with too much weight.

Happy biking!

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