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    5 Things To Do After Cycling in the Rain

    cycling in the rain

    Cycling in the rain can be a nuisance for some commuters, but for intrepid riders, this can be fun, exciting and satisfying. As liberating as that might sound, all the fun stops when you get home and realize the real mess you got yourself into. Riding your bike in the rain could potentially cause gear […]

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    Awesome Gifts for Mountain Bikers 2018

    gift guide for mountain bikers

    Christmas, birthday, graduation, anniversary — we all know how hard it is to pick gifts. This gift guide for mountain bikers is here to help you pick the perfect gift for your loved one. Mountain bikers are all about adventures. They love the adrenaline rush, the wind gushing on their face, and the rugged terrain […]

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    Weirdest Biking Events Around the World

    weirdest biking events

    People engage in cycling for exercise and leisure. Others join races… but there are people who just aren’t content with the norm. Check out these weirdest biking events around the world, ranked from kind-of-acceptable to downright odd! 10. Strider Cup World Championships Where: Varies Number 10 on our list of weirdest biking events is for […]

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    5 Tips on How to Improve Your Biking Endurance

    increase your biking endurance

    Your skill and mettle is not enough to win that bike race you’ve been dreaming of. Aside from having the right gear and accessories, stamina is also very important. The last thing you want is your body quitting on you halfway through the race. And we want you to win! That’s why we’ve compiled these […]

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    Leg Exercises To Improve Your Bike Skills

    leg exercises for biking

    Are you ready for a leg exercise? Training is important to almost everything we do. We train for work, hobbies like dancing, singing, and most for sports activities. It’s amazing how the human body can gain a lot of power just by maintaining a proper diet and having awesome training for a specified activity such […]

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    How to Start a Biking Culture

    start a biking culture

    Humans are social beings. Our culture defines us – how we talk, dress, approach people, and answer the difficult questions about life. In anthropology, culture is divided into two branches: the material and the non-material. The material aspect involves physical manifestations such as clothing and infrastructure. The non-material aspect includes communities and belief systems. When […]

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    The Best Urban Bikes to Get this 2018

    urban bike buying guide

    Ready to buy your first bike? Tired of the endless city traffic? How about the tightly packed subways? You’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s another mode of transportation that you can take to and from work — your bike. Urban bikes are now getting a lot of attention because of the endless benefits it offers and […]

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    Your Guide to the Best Carbon Road Bikes

    When Greg LeMond won the Tour de France in 1986 on his Look KG86, the prospect of a carbon road bike amazed the biking community. Sure, the bike industry has been toying with the idea since the 70s, but it was manufacturing giant Look that pioneered a functional version of the material. Together with TVT, […]

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    The Best Bike Locks 2018

    Do you have a bike lock? Bike theft is a serious concern in cities, big or small. It’s becoming increasingly rampant! In fact, in Seattle alone, studies show that bike theft cases rise an average of 18.3 percent for the past eight years. And it’s not easy to find a missing bike. Despite efforts of […]

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    How to Clean a Mountain Bike

    cleaning mountain bike

    In almost all sports and hobbies, skill and physical fitness aren’t the only things that require maintenance. Your tools, gear, and sportswear are all equally in need of constant care and attention, especially in a sport such as cycling, where the make and quality of your mountain bike are crucial to your performance. The most […]

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