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    How to Survive the City in a Bikeshare

    survive city in a bikeshare

    What is the bikeshare scheme? The bikeshare scheme goes by many names – the public bicycle system and bicycle-sharing system are two – but they are all straightforward. The word “bikeshare” itself already rids you of the urge to ask the question, “What is bikeshare?” Simply put, this is a system that allows people to […] More

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    The Best Biking Trails in Oregon

    best biking trails oregon

    Oregon is famous for its Crater Lake and most photographed lighthouses, and it’s a bike-friendly state, too! Oregon is overflowing with great bike paths, lanes, boulevards, and bridges. Oregon’s local government is also keen on improving bike systems and encouraging its people to walk and cycle. In fact, their government website has several articles about […] More

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    How to Prepare for Your First Bike Race

    bike race preparation tips

    “A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace” – Ovid Healthy competition is a great motivator – it keeps the passion for your craft alive. In the biking community, people regard it as a way to form a sense of togetherness. As for personal goals, a […] More

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    Best Bike Saddles You Should Buy for 2018

    Talking about comfort when riding, your bike saddle is arguably the most important component of your bike. If it’s doing what it supposed to do, then your biking experience is “awesome”! If not, “ouch!”. For most people, the stock saddle that comes with the bike they bought is fine for their needs. However, if it […] More

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    Best Bike Computers 2018

    best bike computer

    Bike computers are perfect for you, whether you want to explore new routes or prefer the simplicity of an analog watch. These devices use GPS satellites to track your location, determine your speed, and calculate your distance from your destination. Because there are no wires or magnets involved, you can rest assured that all the […] More

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    The Pros and Cons of Bike Sharing

    bike sharing pros and cons

    Not UBER! It’s the Bike Sharing System. Good news for cyclists, this revolutionary way of diminishing traffic and travel time is truly convenient. However, we are not in Utopia — all systems have their own flaws, and bike sharing is not an exemption. First, what is a Bike Share System, anyway? Bike Share Systems or bike […] More

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    Top 10 Road Biking Questions and Answers

    road biking questions

    Road biking might be complex for beginners but nothing is hard if one is eager to learn. You can make it easier by learning the basics and knowing the answers to most road cycling questions. Here are the top 10 most asked questions about road biking and the good thing is, we have the answers […] More

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    Bikepacking vs Bike Touring: What’s the Difference?

    bikepacking vs biketouring

    The terms bikepacking and touring may have been thrown around in place of each other, especially since bikepacking is a relatively new activity. Those who have been in the cycling community when bikepacking surfaced may argue the strict exclusivity of the two activities, but bikepacking and touring are not necessarily black-and-white. Some elements of each […] More

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    Get to Know Your Biking Personality

    biking personality types

    Not everyone believes in astrology or even the MBTI personality test, but it’s always a subject of intrigue to find out about yourself. This may not be a regular topic for cyclists, but personality type plays a big role in determining how you exercise and, consequently, how you ride. We want to help you identify […] More

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    10 Of The Best Bicycle Lights 2018

    best bike lights

    Whether you are bike commuting, mountain biking, or bikepacking, a bike light is a must-have biking accessory that you should own. Sometimes, biking at night is inevitable so owning one is not only a lifesaver but an absolute need. Bike lights are also useful when biking under heavy rain or fog. It increases your vision […] More

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    30 Bikepacking Lifehacks You Need to Learn Today

    bike packing lifehack

    Looking for tested and proven bikepacking lifehacks? Mountain biking is an awesome activity that everyone can enjoy but bikepacking is much more exciting! There are several reasons why bikepacking is thrilling. One, you will gain better relationships with friends or other bikers. Second, you will discover new places and third, learn a lot from experiencing […] More

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    Bikepacking Meal Ideas

    bikepacking meal

    For a person who drifts through expansive prairies and steep ascents, energy is a valuable currency. Compromise and meticulous planning are key to surviving the outback, and while there is no singular meal plan to fit everyone, it is crucial to stand by some rules of thumb with these bikepacking meal ideas. The best way […] More

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