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    The Best Bike Locks You Can Get in 2018

    Do you have a bike lock? Bike theft is a serious concern in cities, big or small. It’s becoming increasingly rampant! In fact, in Seattle alone, studies show that bike theft cases rise an average of 18.3 percent for the past eight years. And it’s not easy to find a missing bike. Despite efforts of […]

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    How to Clean a Mountain Bike

    cleaning mountain bike

    In almost all sports and hobbies, skill and physical fitness aren’t the only things that require maintenance. Your tools, gear, and sportswear are all equally in need of constant care and attention, especially in a sport such as cycling, where the make and quality of your mountain bike are crucial to your performance. The most […]

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    How to Teach a Child How to Ride a Balance Bike

    It is important to cultivate a culture of sports in children from a young age. It helps with social skills (like developing sportsmanship) and instills the importance of developing and maintaining physical fitness habits. Teaching your kids to bike is one way of achieving this. Getting them a balance bike is the best way to […]

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    Best Kids Bike 2018

    best kids bike 2018

    Good biking habits don’t form overnight. So, train your future bikers while they’re still young. Mastering the fundamentals of control and balance is important at this stage. That’s why most kids bike focuses on these. More importantly, teaching your kid how to bike at an early age develops their self-confidence. Biking is a perfect family […]

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    Toughest Cycling Ascents in the US

    toughest cycling ascents

    Are you ready to take on some of the toughest cycling ascents in the US? If you want to be considered as a “real cyclist”, then you mustn’t avoid or regret mountainous rides. Typical bike trails are totally cool, but the real deal and thrill are found in hill climbs. Jeff Louder, Axeon Hagens Berman […]

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    The Environmental Benefits of Cycling

    Cycling is the new green. In this era, a number of factors can contribute to the increased consumption of fuel such as high car demand. With the exception of climate and weather, all of these influences can be attributed directly to the driver. While the government is working toward higher fuel economy, the US remains […]

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    Training Tips for Better Bike Racing

    Joining a bike race is the milestone you take once you commit yourself to cycling. Your first bike race is just as important as your current one, because every race is an opportunity to improve yourself as a cyclist. Sure, it is hard to maintain a routine of back-to-back training and competing, but the adrenaline […]

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    Beginner Friendly US Century Rides

    Century bike races are yearly biking events popular with US cyclists. Its name is kind of cool, right? It sounds historical but it actually is a type of cycling activity that has specificities. Century ride means 100 miles (160.9 kilometers) of road cycling or more in a span of 12 hours. It is usually a […]

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    Is Bikesharing For You

    The bicycle revolution in 1965 spearheaded by the radical group Provo welcomed the concept, however raw and unpolished, of bikeshare to the world. The bikesharing scheme had to be postponed until 1995 when Bycyklen of Copenhagen docked bikes around the city for the public to use. Back then, access to the bikes was coin-operated, as […]

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