Do you love biking? Why not spice up your biking experience with these amazing bike accessories!

Whether you’re just enjoying the beautiful view of the canyon or braving the heavy downtown traffic, bikes offer a healthier, greener and cheaper means of transportation. Bikes look great out of the box. But if you want to be more prepared for your daily commute or weekend ride, then these bike accessories are a must have.

Bike Accessories You Need Today

1. Helmets

Number one in our must have bike accessories are helmets. They can be real life savers. Every seasoned biker knows that you will eventually fall off, sooner or later.

Fatigue can affect your judgment after a very long ride. A car can cut you off causing you to lose balance. Little kitty might run under your wheels and you frantically jump off to save the poor thing. You can also run over a pothole on a trail. Point is, anything can happen and it’s better to be prepared than sorry.

Fortunately, helmets no longer look like bowls today. Different models and styles are available and many offer aerodynamic designs — boasting classy looks without compromising your safety.

Check out this Schwinn Thrasher Helmet, recommended by thousands of bikers in the country.

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet

2. Lights

Even if you don’t plan on riding your bike at night, bicycle headlights are still crucial. You’ll never know when you have to ride after sunset. We recommend that you have at least two lights installed on your bike. One in the front so you can see your way and one in the rear so other vehicles and cyclists can see you.

Lights are great bike accessories. But they are practically useless when they don’t pack enough juice to last your ride. Make sure to consider battery capacity when choosing your bike lights. On the average, most front and rear lights on the market today run for 2-3 hours.

To save yourself the hassle, why not give Blitzu Gator 320 a try. It’s super bright at 320 lumens and comes in 4 modes: flashing, low, medium, and high. It’s USB rechargeable too — pretty handy if you have a power bank on hand. Grab this deal now while they are still handing out FREE tail lights!

blitzu rechargeable

3. Phone Mounts

Warning: We strongly discourage playing Pokémon Go or Candy Crush on the road.

Phones have come a long way since it was first introduced to consumers. Smartphone apps like Google Maps and Waze come very handy for bikers who don’t know how to navigate around a big city. Aside from GPS, there are also several apps designed to help bikers monitor their performance. Phone mounts are fixed to your bicycle’s handlebars so as not to distract your view.

Because we depend so much on technology for our daily activities, it is fair enough for phone mounts to earn their place in our must have bike accessories.

Not sure what phone mount to get? Grab this Ipow Universal Phone Mount instead. It fits most smartphones while its 2 silicone butterfly bands keep your phone from falling, no matter how bumpy your ride is.


4. CO­2 Inflator

Do you know what’s the bane of most bikers? A flat tire! It can easily ruin your day! When the inevitable comes, you better be prepared. And I don’t mean carrying a foot-long bicycle pump on your back (who wants to do that anyway?). There are also compact ones but man, they take forever to inflate a tire!

The solution? A Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator! The manufacturers claim that their patented 1-turn valve system can inflate a tire in seconds. This handy bike accessory is small enough to fit in your jersey pocket. Built to last with aluminum alloy, PRO Bike’s CO2 Inflator comes with two valve threads. So whether your bike’s sporting a Presta or a Schrader valve, you can rest assured that this little tool can handle them all.

5. Panniers

Sitting at the fifth spot of our must have bike accessories are pannier packs. While they may not be the most visually appealing, pannier bike bags offer the practicality and storage space needed by those who are biking to work.

Pannier packs come in various sizes. This best seller comes with adjustable hooks, a carrying handle, and large zippered pockets. As a bonus, the BV Bike Bag features a 3M reflective trim to make sure those who are driving behind can see you at night.

6. Bells

I know. You think it’s ridiculous but hey, a “Crinnggg, criinnng” sounds way better than “Hey, watch out!”

Next time an unwary pedestrian crosses your way, alert them with this brass bike bell. If you want to add a more drooling accessory that’ll surely turn heads, get this. Thank me later ;).

brass bike bell

7. Emergency Tools

No matter how careful you are with your bike, inevitable accidents will still happen. And I don’t think ringing on-call mechanics to fix a broken bike will get a lot of attention. So better be prepared than carrying your bike home.

Is there a Swiss Army knife for bikes?

Actually, there is! The Alien II Multi Tool packs 26 highly-durable hardened steel tools in one versatile body. A truly out of this world design, the Alien II holds all the tools you need — from wrenches to tire levers —- to take your bike apart and to assemble it back again.

alien 2 multi tool

Bonus Must Have Bike Accessories. You’ll Love This!

Beer Caddy

Nothing beats ice cold beer after a long and exhausting day at the office. So why not take some with you on the way home? This awesome leather beer caddy can carry a 6-pack so you can enjoy your Netflix to the fullest!

beer caddy

Wine Rack

If you prefer more class or if you are looking forward for an awesome romantic dinner when you get home, this wine rack can easily carry your favorite vintage!

wine rack

Cycling is a great way to stay fit while going to work. And today, hundreds of professionals and hobbyists join the biking revolution every day. While a bike looks great out of the box, it surely doesn’t hurt to spice up your ride a bit with these must have bike accessories.

Keep riding my friend!

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