Do you find it hard to encourage your kids to ride a bike? Biking is a good and healthy habit for the whole family. Having available parks and bike lanes attract a family to go on and explore with their bikes. So for you to start motivating your children to ride bikes, here are some awesome ideas!

Bikehint 1: Visit a bike park

There is nothing more exciting than a kid visiting a bike park. It not just amazes them but also kindles their biking interests. If there is one available in your area, try to visit it during peak hours. Most bike parks have child-sized skills area and pump track. The great thing about bike parks is that it’s all about playing on a bike and not to train or exercise. They will also see not just adults, but kids alike enjoying their biking habits. They will gain skills, confidence, friends and fun, fun, fun! J

Bikehint 2: Choose a quality bike that fits

If you want to ride good bikes, then as a parent, you should aim to provide one for the kids. Yes, it might seem expensive as they will soon grow taller but, it is better to let them experience it, first class. It doesn’t have to be overpriced. Again, you must consider different factors in buying a bike. If a bike is too heavy or too big for a child, they won’t find the experience awesome. Even adults have to pick a bike that fits their size, so do this in choosing your child’s bike.

Bikehint 3: Pair their bikes with fun, cool gears!

If you want your family to continue riding bikes, then always remember that safety is a must and that gears can actually entice kids to ride often. Biking gets much exciting when they wear a piece or two. Wearing cool gears such as helmet, biking clothes, hydration pack, and even awesome bike tumblers can make them feel great while cycling! So, if want you them to develop bike habits, start it complete. By giving them cool gears, you are not just inviting them to ride bikes- you are also teaching them to ride safely!

We have some cool bike helmets for kids here!

Bikehint 4: Select a Point B

There are several bike paths available for weekly family biking but hey, you must choose a real destination! This might be a playground, an ice cream or pizza shop, a park where other kids gather or a perfect picnic spot. This hack is highly effective to boost their energy when they start to get tired during the ride. This also teaches them to pursue their ride! Simple yet brilliant motivation!

Bikehint 5: Make it Fun

Making the ride fun for kids can be hard, but you can always try with the basics. Attach a bike bell and tell them to ring it when they see someone they know or to each other. You can also play games like who will reach the destination first, sing together or attach little speakers to have some music when riding. Small things like these keep kids entertained for long rides.

kids biking

Bikehint 6: Provide choices

Kids are challenging to convince, and you need several ways to do it. Let your kids ride on their own, then ask them to hop in a Weehoo when they get tired. There is also a tool called Trail Gator, which attaches your kid’s bike to your own while riding. This will help them build their connection with you, and rest when they get tired. Ask your kid how they would want to bike to the destination. Like, do they want to ride a Weehoo or the Chariot?  Or a balance or pedal bike? Do you want to ride on your own, or with Mom or Dad? Giving them freedom on how they would want to spend their bike ride makes them feel in control and more likely to continue biking on a regular basis.

Bikehint 7: Bring Snacks They Love

Food is everything, even for kids! Kids can get tired and hungry when riding a long trail. Plan on having a snack stop in every ride and take breaks. Resting once in a while is helpful to kids who are just starting to ride. Train them to eat snacks that are healthy such as granola bars, fruits, crackers and drink plenty of water.

Bikehint 8: Let Them Witness the Action

Kids tend to get motivated when they watch a sports game with dads, and cycling events can increase your child’s interest in biking. Take your child to a mountain bike race, or to a local criterium. The drive and passion bike races can give to kids is highly effective to keep them riding. If there aren’t available races near you, try watching online. Kids love the internet and letting them watch biking videos can get them entertained and interested in biking.

first bike race

Bikehint 9: Entice Them

This is a usual thing for kids like when you want them to get the remote for you or a glass of water, you bribe them with candies. You can also do this with your kids to get them hopping on their bikes. You can tell them that there is a sweet surprise waiting for them when they finish biking to the destination. Know what your kids love and use it as prizes or surprise to keep them pedaling!

Bikehint 10: Sign Them Up in Bike Camps or Training

Biking might look easy, but if you want them to ride until adulthood, you must train them early. Sports clinic are everywhere and bike camps are also available. Older kids can gain lots of motivation in biking development programs with kid-friendly distances that children can enjoy. Racing can also be a choice if your kid is more adventurous and enroll them in summer camps and development programs if they prefer social activities.

If nothing still works from the above list, you can try to talk them out and set as a good example to them. Make sure to be a good role model to them. Ride the bike lanes, wear right gears, and eat healthily. You can also ask them to ride with kids their age. And if they are teens like the Ghostbusters team from Stranger Things, you can also ask them to watch the Netflix series so they can see how awesome a biking adventure is when spent with friends!

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