People are always on the go that is why airports and terminals are one of the busiest places on the planet. But, do you ever wonder how it feels to travel the world with your bike? Well, you will not know if you don’t try! Traveling alone isn’t creepy and lonely as it seems and roaming the world with your bike can help you gain a lot of things. If you are a citizen of the world and a cyclist, here are the things you’ll learn when biking around the world!

Develop Intercultural Communication

Communication is your buddy when traveling the world. People from different countries are accustomed to unique ways that might differ from yours. You will be stunned that some people are willing to go beyond their ways just to help you, even if they do not understand your language. Koreans and Japanese are just some of the people I know that will even spare their precious time just to guide you. You will learn how kindness is your local language in the world. With biking, you will be more exposed to communicate, deal with locals, and learn how to treat them culturally. Cultural awareness is important, and you can use this once you go back and join races where other nationalities are invited!

Meet people from different cultures

Countries differ vastly in culture but this should not hinder you from biking around the world. You’ll be surprised at how biking can become a universal language, too! People across the globe enjoy bike rides and this common activity will help get your way in meeting people from different cultures. It is definitely an amazing experience when you have the chance to travel, meet locals from the place you are at, and bike with them as a form of bonding!

lessons from biking around the world

Tickle your taste buds

If you are biking around the world, be prepared to taste and appreciate each country’s cuisine. As you are about to continue your bike habits, you will need enough nutrients for each ride and your favorite burritos or pizzas might not be available in some areas. Be ready to try and taste other local food and delicacies. And hey, you are here for adventure — why not let your taste buds join the fun?

The adventure begins outside your safe zone

Truly, it’s difficult to just even bike around your neighborhood but biking outside the country? Really looks scary! To surpass this, try fixing small goals while biking in other countries such as how fast can you reach the local market? How long must you ride to reach the park? Are there any lakes that can be visited through biking? Such achievements might be small but it can greatly help you enjoy biking in the country you are in. You can also compare the weather, the citizens’ day to day living, and how their roads are. With these factors, you can enjoy biking and be independent in a foreign land without scaring yourself.

Enhance your navigation

They say English is the universal language but, not all humans on the planet speak the language. Many countries are dedicated to using their mother tongue and very few of their locals understand English. Added to this is the fact that signage, establishments, and even menus are in local languages so you really need to remember the places you’ve been in order to memorize your route (or cheat with a GPS system). Traveling in some of the countries where people are not fond of speaking the English language will help you gain navigational skills. The unfamiliarity of street names will make you remember and know your way when biking around the world.

Be more flexible and frugal

Since you are traveling on your bike, you won’t have to book the next train or bus to visit the neighboring city or province. Through biking, you’ll have the chance to explore without time limit and also save money because you are pedaling your way to it! The money you’ll save from biking can be used for buying supplies such as food, water, or toiletries.

Sleep anywhere you want

With your bike and an inflatable mattress on the go, you can definitely rest and stop during the ride. Just be sure to find a safe place to camp at, of course. There is nothing more convenient than having the liberty to sleep as you wish because your bike is carrying your very own accommodation!

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Gain better endurance and agility

If you are from a country with perfect roads and trails, well it is time to up the challenge and experiences the rest of the world. Some countries have severe traffic like Philippines, India, and Indonesia so biking your way in these countries can truly help you enhance your skills and body fitness. You will push yourself harder just to get to the destination. Some countries’ roads are not also well-made so you will have instant climbs to conquer, much different than what you are used to.

Live simply

If you are from a country and is living way more than what others have, traveling on your bike will help you see the reality of the world. You may find that your coffee cup in the US can buy a daily meal for a family or that your rent can actually equal someone’s whole monthly salary. Traveling will teach you how to live simply. Biking around the world can help you value the life you have back in your hometown.

Experience sunrise and sunsets from others’ perspective

Sunrise and sunsets are just the most beautiful phenomena that occur daily and are witnessed by everyone. With traveling, you will see the different faces and colors of Mr. Sun through the eyes of the locals. It is such a beautiful view from your own home country, but isn’t it mesmerizing to witness the sunrise and sunset while standing in a foreign land?

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page,” is a quote by St. Augustine that is being lived by many people in the 21st century. As a fan of traveling, I believe that biking across the globe is a unique investment — and one that you won’t regret.

Don’t have a bike? Here are some bikes you can take with you on your trip without breaking the bank!

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